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  1. I sent you an email from my .gov email. OPENB reached out to me.
  2. Thanks. I went ahead and ordered one for my 1919. I’ll update this when I run some rounds through it. Hoping it works well.
  3. Anyone had a chance to put one of these through its paces? Thinking about getting one for the upcoming FB3G.
  4. Got my PC9 back in less than 2 weeks. According to the paperwork they replaced a bunch of parts related to the lock assembly. Ran some rounds through it and so far so good.
  5. Can’t. It’s on its way back to Ruger
  6. I got to thinking, can someone post a pic of the bottom of forearm where the locking lever is? I don’t think mine was going far enough forward.
  7. I’ve done the whole barrel tightening thing. Still does it. Already called Ruger. They’re gonna take care of it. At least I have it on video so they cant say it isn’t happening. Hopefully they get it squared away.
  8. Apparently it’s a thing. Happened to me today. Ruger PC9 unlocked itself cliff notes version - shooting fast resulted in the quick detach, detaching on its own. And yes, the nut was checked. Did this repeatedly.
  9. xpd54

    Q5 recoil springs

    Thanks for the info.
  10. xpd54

    Q5 recoil springs

    Thanks. Tried searching and musta missed that one.
  11. xpd54

    Q5 recoil springs

    Just got a Q5 and was curious what you guys are running spring wise if you’re using a SS or tungsten guide rod. I don’t see springs listed on the ISMI or Wolff websites. What brand are you guys using? On my CZ and Sig CO pistols I’ve run between a 12 and 14 pound spring.
  12. I emailed Mark at L&M last night about CZ slides. A shield RMSc can probably be milled in and used w factory sights. No suppressor sights needed. He’s gonna verify that and update his website to reflect this.
  13. Very nice. Been thinking about a project like that.
  14. Awesome match. I don’t know how, but I got the clay bird pistol shot. Can’t wait for next year.
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