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  1. www.Titanrocket.com you can get it customized with name or phrase, color, and lifetime warranty
  2. Use code "Blimline" at check out for 15% off on their website
  3. most barrel companies are running a pretty short chamber. I know that Tactical Kinetics is working on 9mm barrels that have a chamber that is sized off glock mag max length loaded 147 gr loads. this should run any PCC load without the problem of stuck rounds when clearing the rifle.
  4. we would be happy to help anyone interested in helping with making a magwell for what ever lower they have if at possible with our designs
  5. TitanRocket.com sells one for the M&P 22 and you can get it in custom colors and text on it if you want
  6. QC10 adjustable buffer with the heaviest weights in, and a 308 rifle length flat spring in a carbine buffer tube. Will lock open last round and will save wear and tear on your bolt catch
  7. My QC10's will do that when I have the silver springs in. I now run the yellow springs for all my matches in my PCCs and haven't had a single problem since
  8. Also there is a holiday sale (25% off entire order) going on right now till midnight Christmas Day coupon code NORAD
  9. Hey Cecil, Sorry that you have fallen through the cracks on our customer service. i will look into that and fix that problem ASAP! Also as of right now we are working on Stag PCC models, i don't have a time line of when they will be released but We are planning on doing a big new product release of a bunch of items for PCC, long range and rifle stuff, and even some shotgun items. so keep an eye out and check out the email list if you are not signed up and our social media pages. Also PM me and I will get you a discount for the whole customer service mess up!
  10. We took them down until we could get the Billet PSA model finished because we had so many people ordering the forged and having the billet model. they will be back up shortly or you can hit the contact button on our website and we can get you fixed up with a forged model Intel6!
  11. A bit of news For now till the end of Fathers Day weekend you can use code ROCKETMAN for 15% off and we are finalizing the PSA PA-X9 magwells and we are also releasing some other accessories www.titanrocket.com
  12. Just like 2alphas said you have the billet PA-X9 not the forged lower PA-9. It states on the website that they are for the forged models only. We are curently trying to finalize the design for the PA-X9 and will have it avalible soon. If you would contact us through the contact link in the website we will try to take care of you
  13. Each one is designed specifically for the model listed. Some that are just rebranded under other names will work. Looking at black creek it looks like they use a forged lower but it being a colt mag the hole would be in a different location than the PSA Glock magwell offered
  14. QC10 Colt models are available but not on the site yet. in the next few days we should have up Qc10 Colt, Forged AR-15, MP-1522 magwells and a shotgun mounted shot shell holder, if you need one of those before we get them on the site just email us on the contact link on the website
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