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  1. Changed the one on my MBX to a Fortis K1.....no issues
  2. Best PCC magazines......Factory Glock with TF Extensions......MBX w/MBX Extensions.......Presently running the MBX mags with zero issues.My MBX Pro Series PCC has 2 .5 years on it with ZERO malfunctions...oh , non ramped MBX Utlralight Match barrel
  3. Mine is 3# on the digital gauge. 100% reliable
  4. It's real easy.....uncase pointing into berm...carry muzzle up/down.....wait for MR command.....extend stock , adjust dot( get sight pic ) , remove flag...load round......wait for BEEP !!! Go Fast Don't Suck
  5. Only stating a fact about the time a RO ran me , not ever seeing a Fang.In NO way bashing someone volunteering their time to RO.And yes...I have RO'd before.
  6. picture of start at Area4.....notice Fang resting on top of belt.....RO thought I didn't have " buttstock " on belt....lol
  7. So...does that mean stage 12 or 13 ( can't exactly, remember ) at Area 4 was not a legal stage ? Stock on belt , strong hand wrist below belt......not exact wording but pretty dang close.
  8. Love my Fang ! It has advantages.I'll try n get video from Area4 posted. Placed 1st in Master and 5th Overall
  9. Pew Pew Muthafuka……….put that SRO on it
  10. MSA Sordin Pro Xtreme.....can wear all day with no issues.
  11. Been running a MBX Pro Series for 1.5 years with ZERO issues.It just keeps on keeping on
  12. Rudy Project Rydon Performance Kit for glasses and Sordin Extreme Pro w/gel cups for ears.
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