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  1. While I don't run a Velocity in my PCC.....I have 3 of their triggers in my AR's with ZERO issues.
  2. I have the PxI 1x-4x24 on a AR and the T5X 5x25x56 FFP on a custom 300 Win Mag......awesome scopes ! Plan on replacing everything with Steiner at one point in time.
  3. FWIW.....News from a reliable source that's in the industry.....Nikon is getting out of the scope business. Take a look at Steiner also.
  4. Been running 100 grainers for a year now.Pushing them at 1400 fps out of 14.5" MBX barrel. Love em ! First batch ran 1310fps.Very little difference between the 2 loads.
  5. Great video ! Like you , I get trigger freeze w/ triggers that have light resets. I'm running a POF in my MBX Pro Series.I'll get weights at a later date.
  6. Your personal reason for switching to 100 grainers ? I've been running them from the time I started PCC...I like the faster cycling feel , plus less dot movement. Thanks in advance for your response.
  7. Question....I have the CZ 18 rounders....what basepads and springs n followers should I get to be CO legal ? Really don't feel like buying new magazines if I don't have to. Thanks
  8. I get excellent accuracy out of my 14.7" MBX barrel. I'm running 100 grainers at 1310 fps.
  9. Over 15k rounds through mine with ZERO issues or malfunctions.
  10. Update : I have about 1500 rounds though the Goliath extension with 100% reliability.So far so good.
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