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  1. At Orr Tactical Custom Ammo , we make a USPSA only PCC load ( 131 PF ), that runs a 100 grainer at 1310 FPS out of my 14.5" MBX Ultralight Match Barrel.We found that the lighter projectile gives less dot movement.
  2. My MBX Pro Series has run flawless with right at 10k rounds through her.
  3. Get a used G35...pour the weight to it and have fun.
  4. What Rowdy said......except my main and 45 are zeroed at 15.Distance on zero is a personal preference thing.
  5. Boretech Carbon remover is the best stuff on the market ! Soak overnight for best results.
  6. This is the best stuff on the market.IMHO
  7. I guess I should have stated it the way you did......." easier and faster to get your eyes behind " I shoot booth eyes open and find a less obtrusive optic faster.You are very correct on having the optic height set for a proper cheek weld.
  8. hmmmm.....For me , it's field of view around the optic.Not through it.Cmore Slideride gives me more field of view ( target focus, and next target ) than a big bulky unit. Just me though.
  9. Rowdy....where is this class being held ? Kita Busse is putting on a movement class in our area ( Eagle Lake ) next February.
  10. I'm running a 100 grainer out of a 14.5" MBX Pro Series and getting 1310 FPS and 131PF.Custom loaded by Orr Tactical.Not sure on powder load but I do know it is Hodgdon CFE.
  11. With the MBX Pro Series.....you get all the goodies from the get go.....for less than a JP Going on a solid year with zero malfunctions.
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