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  1. you can go here..... www.tacticalpoppins.com
  2. Gerrit....bring your rifle to the night shoot on the 16th...I"m in your squad....been looking at building a Steel Challenge rifle aswell.....looking at all Kidd parts and a chassis system......if you need any ammo from the shop , hit me up. Scott
  3. I run a C-More Slideride as primary and a Vortex Venom at 1 Oclock on a Daniels Defense mount.
  4. Definitely shoot one if you get a chance. I shot Lan's and was impressed.AK platform is not my cup of tea.....but the rifle ran super smooth.Lan's trigger was so good that it almost was like shooting a full auto. :)
  5. Lan and Mike have AK tuning down to a science.Their guns run....and run well.
  6. It felt about the same as a JP..... heavier than my MBX Pro Series though.
  7. I have shot this gun at a match with Lan.......for a AK platform PCC....it is sweet.It shoots VERY nice.Trigger is awesome aswell.Only downside I see, are the mags are proprietary.
  8. LSI Outlaw SS Grip...Glenn is making them with custom dimensions to fit different frames aswell. Lonestar Innovations dot com
  9. I use mine for hard weekside leans and weekside/shoulder shots.Especially classifiers.
  10. This............And Rowdy , shooting while moving is very different as stated above.
  11. Boretech......soak for a few hours or overnight.Works better than Kroil
  12. My flag has a small karabiner attached to it.....at " make ready " it gets attached to a zip tie that I have on my belt.
  13. Glocks are not " cocked " when carried.The trigger bar , when trigger is squeezed " , moves the striker rearward ( ie: cocking ) , then releases the striker to the primer.
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