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  1. LSI Outlaw SS Grip...Glenn is making them with custom dimensions to fit different frames aswell. Lonestar Innovations dot com
  2. I use mine for hard weekside leans and weekside/shoulder shots.Especially classifiers.
  3. This............And Rowdy , shooting while moving is very different as stated above.
  4. Boretech......soak for a few hours or overnight.Works better than Kroil
  5. My flag has a small karabiner attached to it.....at " make ready " it gets attached to a zip tie that I have on my belt.
  6. Glocks are not " cocked " when carried.The trigger bar , when trigger is squeezed " , moves the striker rearward ( ie: cocking ) , then releases the striker to the primer.
  7. I used to clean my MBX comp after every session till I discovered Bore Tech Carbon Remover.I now clean after about 3-4 sessions.Fill comp with solvent and let soak for 3-6hrs or overnite.QTip and dental pick and shes clean. Stuff is amazing at dissolving build up.
  8. What Rowdy said. Recoil impulse is a personal preference . I myself like a short stroke faster impulse feeling. Kinda....more AR carbine like.There for the 100 grainer moving 1310 FPS.
  9. Over 5k trouble free rounds though my MBX now :) Im running a 100grn projectile moving 1310 FPS ( 131 PF ) w/ the Blue recoil spring in the MBX System.Dot barely moves.I know my loads are on the short side and I dont have any issues. I will get measurement when I get home in the morning.
  10. This.....except I use a zip tie instead of a steel ring.
  11. MBX Pro Series......ultra reliable......just a tad heavier than a Sig....not by much.
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