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  1. Haha, B to M, yeah, I used to think that too. Funny how that didn't work out like I thought. Yeah, I've picked up a few rounds too. I'm guessing you have an investment in Colt mags by now, but I'd still recommend glock.
  2. fedupflyer--I used to have a Colt 6951 pcc before my JP. I would highly recommend going with glock mags. The colt mags are just a PITA to reload, finicky to get good working ones, and expensive. IMO, anyway.
  3. Ditto on the posts above re the dissipator, etc. At the time I ordered mine they didn't have the m-lock handguard. I thought my gun was too front heavy so I splurged and bought a Smoke Composites carbon fiber handguard. It is WAY lighter than the JP one and makes my rifle feel much more balanced. I have the 5 steel in mine but I shoot my reloads at about 133 PF. If you're shooting factory ammo I think the 3T 2S would be a good choice. And I just have the standard competition trigger and it works great.
  4. I'm still on my original o rings and I've had it a year and a half, probably with 12-15 K rounds.
  5. JP has various drop in triggers. If my original ever went kaput that's what I'd buy,
  6. I have a rocket 3-d printed magwell. About half the price of the others and works fine for the few times a mag reload is needed. I use the scs 5 steel with about 135 PF ammo. 124 RMR in house fmj rn.
  7. Yeah, like rishii, I have used it on shooting under walls instead of squatting or kneeling. Forgot about that.
  8. As you say they are good for hard left leans if the target is close. I have the Crimson Trace 206. It's kinda expensive but definitely the one to go with. It's really not that often I use it, but when I do it is worth it. Like a lot of this stuff there's different opinions and no right or wrong answer.
  9. Do you mean ream it to make it bigger or just to clean it? To clean mine, rarely, I just use a wooden toothpick and rotate it around. I wouldn't make it bigger IMO.
  10. I own a JP but I think any of those 3 would be a good choice. I think MPX is just as good but the proprietary mags and the extra cleaning (or so I've read) is a turnoff for me. I've only known a couple of guys that had MBX but they really did like them.
  11. Have you opened it up? Perhaps there is a tiny piece of gravel in there at the bottom. Just a guess....
  12. I have tried to wear mine but they are just too narrow. If you have a wide foot--beware. I guess I'll give them to Goodwill and chalk up the $57 loss to experience. I won't order shoes on line again.
  13. While I never had any mags de-form like yours, I did notice that as I was unloading semi-full mags after a match that occasionally a bullet case would slightly catch on the edge of the mag as I was pushing out the bullet. This got me thinking that if this happened during firing it could cause a mis feed. So in effect pretty much the same problem as you I think, just not to the extreme as yours. I solved it by just slightly filing down (beveling) the angle of that metal piece in the mag so the bullet moved more smoothly across it.
  14. Good luck Rowdy. Knowing you, I know it's there, it just has to show up at the right time.
  15. Hey Ben 53, I am 70 and I know what you mean.... If you haven't seen one already, go to home depot and get a fan that operates on their (Ryobi) 18 volt system. It is a life saver. Puts out plenty of air and batteries run forever. Set it on a barrel or something and let it cool you while waiting around. Of course you need some kind of cart to haul it and all your stuff around (bag, fan, cooler with drinks, chair) but it really helps make the day go better. Forgot--they have two models. You want the smaller one. It's about 10 inches diameter.
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