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  1. Yep--revenue. I bet soon after several guns get out to the public you'll see all the factory type shooters exclaim how much better their gun shoots with xyz locking piece.
  2. walking through Bass Pro the other day I noticed little "childrens" 4-wheelers, 90 cc??. I think I could still sit on it and drive it and tow a cart. I thought of this thread when I saw it.
  3. Couldn't resist.... Yeah, JP putting on the squeeze to everyone with that price. I can't talk much though, I have two gmr-15's, although I did buy one used for a bargain.
  4. For those prices does that include someone to push it for you??
  5. Just curiosity, but are the ones who are worst at all the repeated draws, etc., etc. the ones who only think they're fast and wouldn't make the top 20 anyway? That'd be my guess.
  6. Are the lips of the mag worn down just enough to let another round sit just a little too high? and maybe just the variance in diameter of the casings let a slightly undersized one slip upward that tiny amount.
  7. Sounds like you also think idpa is real world practice to be taken with the utmost reverence. Now THAT"S a real shooting sport....
  8. Depends on the shape of the female....
  9. That sounds to me like you're over analyzing it. IDK, but I just don't think that the designers of those stages said, "let's see, what can we design a stage to test this time". I think it was more like "hey, let's try this". But they all, except one, are stand and shoot 5 plates as fast as you can. Why just that one? And even if they do test those different skills, why do we need to test movement. As has been said, there are plenty of other places to test that. IMO.
  10. Yes, gmr 15 all the way. And look around for someone selling their backup gun to pay for the jp5. That's what I did. And ZZT has it right. The gmr with 16" barrel if front heavy for me. I put a Smoke composites handguard on both of mine and they balance nicely now.
  11. Exactly. It would be SOO simple just to eliminate the movement from OL. Adding new stages-ok with me but not a priority.
  12. IMO, flat nose are the worst to feed in anything and round nose is the best. I'd sell it.
  13. All of this discussion of OL is not about changing the outcomes of the top, or even probably middle, class shooters. They will win regardless. It is about opening the sport up to more people and leveling the field for physically impaired (even slightly by age or bad knees).
  14. I have the factory trigger. I recently measured it and the pull is right at 3 lbs +/-. I also shoot the same setup for uspsa with 124 bullets 130-135 PF.
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