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  1. I think it's worth the wait to get it just the way you want it. I didn't order a whole lot extra on mine, but it's just right for me now.
  2. I really think most people understand cancelling a match. It's closing down an outdoor range where there's plenty of room to spread out that seems overkill.
  3. In other words--the voodoo science of pcc tuning.
  4. I have heard before about undercharges possibly being dangerous, but I don't understand how. It would seem to me that the danger would be just causing a squib, then firing a quick second round without realizing the squib. What am I missing? How could it blow up a barrel?
  5. From shooting pcc for a few years now, and reading tons of info and peoples thoughts/results, I believe the results are dependent on the PF of the ammo shot being in tune with the buffer system of the rifle, not so much the bullet weight. Great results are obtained by different people shooting a variety of bullet weights. Of course good technique must be used in all cases.
  6. I had the same issue with a Timney in my previous pcc. I called them and they told me I had the wrong trigger for a pcc. I don't remember what was the wrong one, it was the difference between a single stage and a two stage trigger. But call them and they can sort it out for you. They exchanged mine at no cost I believe, but it's been a few years.
  7. I have both Taylor Freelance and 40 rd ETS. I like them both.
  8. The FMJs from Rocky Mountain Reloading are very reasonable, even cheap, and are excellent quality and consistency. They have plated also, but their FMJ are made in-house and are about the same price.
  9. The handguard was supposed to be available last year when I ordered mine. We're still waiting. I put a Smoke Composites handguard on mine and I love it, WAY lighter than the standard jp handguard and looks better too. When you order tell jp you want a barrel nut tool. It's free, but you have to ask for it. My stainless comp works just fine too.
  10. That's how it should be, no disagreement there. I think anyone who thinks enough of an organizations activities to participate a lot should support them. As I was typing Glockster's reply came through about scsa and publishing info. That does put things in a different light.
  11. It's not about the money for everyone.
  12. I used unethical because I couldn't think of a more appropriate word. However you want to say it, that's how I feel. And I believe there are people who care. But as I ended, YMMV.
  13. No you don't have to join. I shoot maybe 3-4 idpa shoots per year and I do not belong. But if I shot some every month I would join. I shoot usually 2 a month uspsa and I belong. I think that is the ethical thing to do. They provide a set of rules and structure to the game we enjoy. Everyone has their own set of values and sense of fairness. Mine says if I partake of something I should support it. I try to help set-up at matches even when it's not my club. I want to be considered as more than just a taker who doesn't give back. YMMV
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