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  1. Win at Nationals Oh, wait.... You said goals, not dreams.
  2. Neither one. Order it and get exactly what you want. The wait is worth it. And if you watch for people selling certs and get a discount code from one of the shooters here you can save a nice chunk of money. I did.
  3. 7 spaces down in this forum is a thread about this very thing. Just scroll down a little, it will have some answers for you.
  4. I too think a lot is personal preference. Memphis pretty well sums it up too. IMO balance plays a big part in maneuverability. As long as it's not too front heavy overall weight isn't as important.
  5. Being a photographer also I can attest that a 1/1000 second exposure of that instant in time will show many things that the human eye cannot see. Especially when you crop out a small section of the original picture.
  6. Really, unless you plan on going to some pcc shoot with 50-60 round stages (like Lucas) are you ever going to need that many mags on your belt? Especially big ones? Unless it's a stage with a mandatory reload we rarely need an extra mag anyway.
  7. Just a few days ago I saw an ad for a deeper pouch for the long mags. I don't remember where though, but they do exist.
  8. I'm going to chime in again about lunch. You young studs who don't need a lunch can go and do pushups or whatever to keep your juices flowing if you want. But us old farts need a break. It's not going to hurt you if you do take a break, but not having a break can and will hurt many others (as RadarTech said).
  9. About as embarrassing as not knowing that steel challenge is not only a pistol match. Sorry--couldn't resist.
  10. Peltor tactical 300 for me. All I shoot is pcc.
  11. Do you plan on a separate load for the pcc? If not I'd just use whatever is the shortest you need. More than likely you will need to run what you need for your mags. I have a TF Goliath and they say no longer than 1.125. I use 1.120 for my oal.
  12. It seems most of you have shot several majors. I just shot my first L2 this year, so my perspective may be different. I'll start with price. For me (and I'm a cheapo guy) $150 is approaching too much unless it's something a LOT bigger and better than the local matches I can shoot. I can shoot ten matches for that $150 with usually 6 stages each. Of course I shoot for the fun and against myself, so that's to be considered too. I think cold water is an absolute must for ANY match, local on up. That's just common sense to me. And a safety issue. Being an old fart, if it's 10 stages or so some kind of a small lunch is really nice. Not only for the nourishment, but just to sit down for a rest. I have no opinion about plaques since I'm not likely to win one anyway. I like random drawings, and don't care about the cash winnings. Again, not likely to win. If there's a shirt, as mentioned above, something nice I could wear to somewhere besides another shooting event. But that's related to entry price, I understand.
  13. This age old argument of whether it's worth it to reload because of cost misses the point entirely. It's not the fact that it saves money per round, it's the fact that it disguises how much we spend on ammo. For us if we reload and keep a stockpile we just grab some each time we go shoot. When we only buy (supplies) occasionally in bulk it doesn't SEEM like we're spending money every time we shoot. And most importantly if the CFO of the household says something about the credit card bill, we can say, "But Honey that jug of powder will last me for months". ETA-supplies
  14. Was this comstock or virginia count? If comstock I think rm was correct. Just to throw a wrench into the works, what if he had done the reload then engaged the paper targets and THEN picked up that last popper?
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