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  1. I load 124 rn to 1.120, mainly so they're under the 1.125 recommended by Taylor Freelance so they work better in their mag extensions.
  2. OH, if it has a top that can be closed then yeah, that's a good idea. I couldn't tell that from the pic.
  3. Why?? What's the advantage? Looks like just making it easier to get dirt/junk in the action.
  4. egd5


    I'll have to agree with GrumpyOne. DQ without cause is just as bad . If that's ok, then what next, DQ for the wrong political hat, or gun brand hat?
  5. That match looked like an agility test as much as a shooting test.
  6. I've wondered about a way to clean out that channel also. Whenever I do a good cleaning on my pcc, which isn't that often, I take the firing pin out and spray cleaner through it. I use Ballistol- doubt that it matters- but .... I also take a wooden toothpick and carefully work it around in the hole the pin comes out of to strike the primer. Sounds like you just had a buildup of gunk. A sonic cleaner should definitely get it all out.
  7. I would suspect that often times people don't realize any difference whether they sign up as U or X. And the sign-up desk people don't catch it. At least in a local match for sure, not sure about higher level.
  8. I have a load with 231 at 4.2 gr, 124 fmj rn from rmr at 1.125 oal. This works out to about 135 pf in my gun. I don't shoot this currently, but it's a powder you have listed.
  9. Are these the Walker Razor X you all are talking about. Another guy at the last shoot had them and liked them. I'm thinking of getting some for the summer months.
  10. Humm, how many guys are reaching for a pencil and their gun now???
  11. For me--God would have to intervene very generously with a lot of talent.
  12. OK, yeah, I can see the advantage in prone position or something like that. I just couldn't think of any advantage in the games we play.
  13. Not trying to be smart alec, but what's the advantage of a side charging handle? And wouldn't it need to be on the left side for a right handed shooter and visa versa for left hander?
  14. 171 since Jan. 2016 I didn't know you could do that-cool.
  15. Wrong BoyGlock, My gun is a lot better than me. It just needs a more capable operator.
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