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  1. Another thing to remember is that whatever nuances in feel that the top shooters can tell will probably be lost on average shmoes like me. But I won't know until I play with it.
  2. Well, imo, you don't need a definition for weak shoulder. "mounted to the shoulder on the weak side of the body". Unless someones body has more than one shoulder on one side of their body no further explanation is needed. Plain ole common sense tells me that.
  3. Because that's what I've been running in my current pcc. That's the PLAN, but plans change. I will do some experimenting. That's why I started the thread.
  4. Has anyone ran a box or so of factory ammo through their new gun first or just started in with their reloads?
  5. OK, that's fine, I agree with that. It kinda sounded like something else at first, like uspsa wasn't safe. That as my point earlier also.
  6. pskys2, what do you mean by "no restriction on safe techniques'?
  7. I ordered the standard SS system with 5 steel. I plan on shooting light loads, about 130 PF.
  8. To me it boils down to IDPA mostly requires that you shoot abc targets from 1st position, def from second position, etc., etc. USPSA says shoot the targets as they become visible. You figure out what to shoot from where.
  9. Well, I ordered a JP today. I'll report back in a couple of months.
  10. How much are the bmiller magwells?
  11. Yeah Lowspeed. some idea of which weights with which bullet/power factor set-up was what I was hoping for. Something like with X bullet at x PF 3 steel and 2 tungston work better, but with Y bullet at Y PF 4 steel and 1 T work better. ETC. ETC. Maybe people just haven't done that much testing with several weight combos.
  12. Humm, I thought there'd be a lot of responses by now. Maybe most people don't play with the weights like I thought.
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