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  1. I totally missed that chart right there in plain sight. But I'm glad I did. According to it I should wear a 12. That would have been way too small.
  2. I couldn't find a measuring chart for shoes. I usually wear either 12 or 13 so I ordered a 12 1/2. It's a little snug. I wish I had ordered a 13, but maybe it will loosen up a little after a while. They certainly have fast shipping. I ordered on Sunday and received today-Thursday.
  3. Use a 50/50 solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and stick the comp end of the barrel down in it and let it work. It may take a while if you have a big buildup but it will do the job. When done dip in baking soda and water then rinse with hot water.
  4. I shot my first uspsa match Sunday with the 6 moa. I like it better.
  5. Might depend on how far you toss it.....
  6. It has occurred to me that bullet length may be a factor here also. A RN bullet is usually about the longest style. If those MG 124 cmj's are a lot shorter ( I have no knowledge of them) then at the same oal as me you would have less bullet inside the case and would need more powder to get the same PF. Yes, it's been a while but about 1050 to 1100.
  7. Always wondered about the name? Is it pronounced like "get the lead out" or "take the lead" ???
  8. In my gmr 15 with 14.5 barrel + comp I use 4.2 wsf with the RMR 124 rn fmj bullet at 1.115 to 1.120 oal. I have the scs short stroke with 5 steel also. I would think you could back off of 4.9 a good amount unless you just like them a little hotter, which is fine. ETA, My friend shoots the same gun with a similar power factor load and he has the 2 tungston,3 steel setup. He likes it but it doesn't feel good to me. It's like I can feel the weights moving back and forth in his gun. But it's just personal preference imo.
  9. Like I said, SOME running is good, just not too much. As long as practically every stage is not a mini obstacle course, I'm fine. A good mix is what is desired, IMO. I'm not trying to make the sports all alike. But they don't have to be polar opposites either.
  10. I have used the Magpul ACS-L (might have mixed up the letters there?) on two PCCs including the JP. It works very well but I recently decided I wanted something with a higher cheek weld. After looking around at adjustable stocks all I saw was WAY too expensive. So I bought some kydex for $12 and just added it to my stock. Taped some wood scraps to the stock then used a heat gun to soften the kydex and form it around the raised stock. Fastened it with small screws. Works like a charm. Had to buy a riser for my c-more and now I'm a lot more comfortable without my head so bent over.
  11. I'm 70 and still lucky enough to move around, just not as fast. Some movement is good. It's challenging and keeps us healthy too. But too much running and having to get real low, etc. will just force a good number of people to IDPA where you do very little moving and shooting.
  12. I have a smoke on my JP and love it.
  13. I've been shooting an 8moa, but just changed to a 6. Haven't shot a match yet, but I think it will be better.
  14. She shoots at our club and I will add that she is an extremely nice person too. At one match she spent a lot of time talking to and guiding some new shooters. She is an asset to our sport.
  15. I don't have a +30, but my +20 on a glock 31 mag is 12" oal. The only reason I have one is I got a deal on a used one. Unless you're shooting PCC only competitions where they have long stages They really aren't necessary, IMO. The 41s hold just fine unless you plan on driving nails or something. haha I recommend a couple of the ETS 40 round mags. I have two and they work perfectly. Much cheaper.
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