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  1. The two I bought early on still work fine and drop free. FYI
  2. I just grab it where it's comfortable. I can't believe all those contorted looking positions I see some use are any better. Point your finger if you think it helps, but I don't.
  3. Function in the gun is great, but don't drop a full mag. It sprays bullets out all over. At least it did it to me a few times.
  4. When I ran a Colt I didn't find any difference in top round right or left. I downloaded maybe 2-3 rounds, that's all. Mainly i just had to give the mag a good slap on the bottom to make sure it seated.
  5. I don't see shooting pcc with one hand as unsafe either. I may not be able to hit much with it, but it's not unsafe.
  6. Another pcc hater heard from. Keep a good stock of cheese to go with your whine. But Sarge and others are right. We aren't shooting against pistol shooters so I don't give a hoot what you design for a stage as long as it is safe and actually doable with a rifle. Although most of all that carry around stuff, etc. sounds more like idpa to me.
  7. I put a Smoke Composites CF handguard on mine and decreased the front end weight to make the gun feel more balanced to me. Worth the money IMO.
  8. Interesting questions. I'll add one. Can the competitor ask for a cadence, something like- can you count to 1 thousand 2 before beeping?
  9. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've always considered lrbho and being able to lock back the bolt with the bolt catch (whether the mag was empty or not) as two different things. While true, having a short stroke setup can make locking the bolt back a little more difficult, you can still usually do that even though your gun is ss and lrbho does not function.
  10. Well, I'd have to agree about the delayed release of the handguard. How hard can that be? There's more than one aftermarket ones to buy so you'd think they could make one just as easily. I broke down and put a Smoke Composites carbon fiber one on mine. Kinda expensive, but worth it I think.
  11. I just googled what a bad lever is and I agree with SM. I don't see how it would interfere with anything. I have the extended mag release on mine (which I recommend) so I don't think I'd want a bad lever because it would be too much "stuff" right there together. Plus, and I'm guessing, running around during a uspsa competition there would be more likelihood of hitting the wrong thing at the wrong time. Murphy's law would surely kick in.
  12. So for my understanding, If you don't want anyone to shoot through a barrel at a target you must state in the wsb that all barrels are hard cover?
  13. No, not an issue. Besides, after a few shots it's kinda darkened with blowback crap anyway.
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