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  1. Some of us don't have the rule book memorized or right in front of us on on a phone. Personally, as long as there is sufficient shooter slots, then what does it matter. It wouldn't be right to bump another shooter out if the slots were limited, but otherwise, pffft! The club would be more than happy to have another entrant and his fee, so as long as a shooter pays two fees it's the same in my book. And squads can be balanced just fine at registration by counting the number of guns on a squad instead of people.
  2. Yeah, no one to hold your hand telling you which way to shoot the targets---that's what makes it fun. You'll like it I'm sure.
  3. No, I shoot fmj from Rocky Mtn. Reloading. I know fmj is supposed to be more buildup, but....
  4. I've got maybe 2-3K through my new JP now. I never cleaned my comp on my last pcc (Taccom), but someone pointed out buildup on my comp this morning, so the question. I searched around and found a solution of peroxide and vinegar would do the job, mostly. I've got mine soaking now. But I wonder how often most people clean theirs.
  5. I'll admit I had to do a little smoothing on the inside of mine, but no big deal. I'm not at a level where a half second or so on a mag change is going to cause me to lose anything so.... And I'm cheap!
  6. Well, I'm going against the grain and I use a Titan Rocket. It's not as "Pretty" as the TF or the one jp sells (I forget the name), but it works, and for about half the price. Other than classifiers how often do you need to change mags anyway?
  7. Congrats! I was following your threads while making a decision on mine also. i ended up with a jp. Are you still getting both? Man, you have a lot of patience. I know it's necessary because of your location, but still..... Hope you like it.
  8. I think you need to ask yourself what is your goal with your shooting. Are you going to be competitive right off the bat and plan to win most of the time, or do you just want to have fun while doing reasonably well and shooting mostly against yourself. I believe you're right in that production would be cheaper, but you don't have to have a .40 and all those other "goodies" to still have fun and do reasonably well with limited minor.
  9. Does it matter if the slot lines up with the scs assembly?
  10. At the bottom of the buffer tube there is a thin washer (for lack of a better name) with a slot in it. The slot appears to line up with the bottom of the scs system. It is not attached to anything and it looks like maybe grease is what holds it onto the scs. What is this for and is it supposed to be attached to something? Thanks
  11. Amen, rip. Reply to Steve's post.
  12. OK, here's one for all you math geeks out there. How many possibilities are there considering 5 steel weights, coupled with up to 5 tungsten weights, coupled with 8 different springs, and then with (let's say 12 just to put a finite number on it) powder combinations? And that's with only one bullet weight. We won't even go with all 3 popular bullet weights.
  13. egd5

    where is the rule?

    OK, thank you. That's the kind of info I wanted.
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