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  1. I'm very happy with a recently bought (new production) Mossberg 930 JM Pro with all the OR3GUN upgrade parts installed (their competition bundle with the blue parts). Runs excellent with various Walmart/Academy discount shells, but you still have to clean it. Nice setup for the $'s. FYI, mine came from factory with good shell stop (didn't need any filing/polishing). There's plenty of posts on-line about this shotgun's earlier problems (seemed like mostly some cheap parts and QC issues from the factory), but I think it's been worked out by folks like OR3GUN and others, I hope...
  2. I bulk buy REM 124 HP and 125 FMJ. They have always run excellent in PCC and various pistols, even seated a bit short. I like the HPs and full jacket too.
  3. 1. 16" Faxon, no brake or comp, NFA upper/lower, JP SCS-bolt-trigger 2. 115gr JHP Rem, .355 3. 4.0 HP-38 (chrono broke so not sure PF) 4. Various primers 5. ~1.110-1.115 OAL (runs extended Glock mags fine) 6. 99.99% at couple thousand rounds plus 7. Very tight at 17 yards off rest 8. OK, probably could do better with more tuning or better shooter (I get pretty sloppy in hoser mode)
  4. My limited experience with the heavier factory 9mm PCC buffer/spring combo (i.e. the spring/buff that came with Lone Wolfe and NFA lower) is they would bump fire sometimes in matches when in hoser mode (a couple time per match). As discussed else where here, some folks like and practice it. I couldn't get it to occur on command very well, though didn't try real hard. When I first installed the JP SCS system with the 110% 308 spring it came with, I still had few bump fires. Lightening the weights in the SCS and using a 100% 223 spring seems to have eliminate it (with mouse fart 115 load). FYI: There was also more felt recoil and dot bounce with the heavier spring/buff combos for me. There's a lot of variables here to ponder.
  5. What advantage are you seeing pre-loading the recoil spring that much?
  6. I tried 4.8gr of Loud-shot/Longshot (load from JP article) with 115 FMJ-HP and 124 FMJ and tried many different spring/buffer combos (no muzzle device). It always felt like more recoil & bounce no matter what configuration as compared to my WIN231 minor load (same projectiles), which has bit of recoil but very little bounce (also switched to JP's SCS). Thinking of leaving the thread protector on for now, kind-a like the light muzzle end with 10" ALG for quickness .
  7. Does anyone use a 9mm PCC muzzle brake that they think actually works (i.e. recoil/bounce control from gas porting) rather than being a barrel weight? I see some really large ports in brakes being used. Seems like a smaller port might better utilize the smaller amount of gas available? Anyone using open pistol type brakes on their PCC? I'm looking for something to screw onto a 16" Faxon which has 1/2" 28 threads. I guess the question is what is the best purpose built 9mm PCC brake, if such a thing exists?
  8. For a couple matches I've been running two steel and two Tungsten with 100% AR15 spring (no color spring from 5 pack), with JP bolt and no wave washer. It works pretty good with my mouse fart 115gr load. Very good on steel challenge stages. Plan to try your wave washer setup at some point. Thanks for your input!
  9. Little off topic, but was just finishing up loading for match tomorrow (9mm PPC) and the carbide seizer ring pulled out of the sizing die. Dillon of course has replacement die on the way. Luckily had enough ammo loaded. Never know what will happen next...
  10. I've experience it a couple times with a JP trigger group that's setup with fairly short reset. Not totally sure, but it seems the way these 9mm carbines recoil it could be contusive to bump firing if the operator is hanging on the trigger a bit (pardon my poor descriptive nomenclature).
  11. Do you know which spring comes with the 9mm SCS? Is it the no color 100 or maybe one of the 308 springs? 100 mean 100%, correct? Just received a couple more steel weights and the 5 spring kit, so ready to try and tune a bit more (TBD). I've change loads prior to the coming spring/weight testing, went from Longshot powder to WIN 231, which seemed to have a bit less bounce (doubles a little better). Thought the slower Longshot might do better with a 16" barrel, but it didn't. I have tried various projectiles from 115 JHP (.355 rem), 124 FMJ (.355 rem), 124 Berry THB (.356), 135 lead RN (Magnus .356). The 115 JHP with 231 seemed to be best so far bounce wise. Haven't tried anything heaver yet or chrono'd.
  12. Nick, did you buy the extra steel weights directly from JP or one of the retailers? Midwayusa lists the 5 spring kit but only shows the tungsten weighs (no steel). Brownells shows only Tungsten weights too, including a gen 2 version which might be for the 5 weight SCS.
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