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Found 54 results

  1. How do you determine the best length of pull for an AR9 PCC rifle? I'm 6'3" tall with long arms, so I pulled my stock all the way out when I first built my PCC rifle... I've continued to shoot it that way without much thought... Now I'm wondering if I should go shorter or longer?
  2. South East Idaho Practical Shooters is hosting the Inaugural Idaho PCC Championship. Two PCC matches in one, you can shoot under USPSA rules or IDPA rules. Six to 8 stages depending upon attendance, the match fee is $40 and includes lunch. This is a trophy match, recognizing only PCC. Other divisions are welcome to shoot but be aware that there will be some distance shots, and stages geared for the PCC. Registration is online at practiscore.com, or the following link: https://practiscore.com/inaugural-idaho-pcc-championship-uspsa/register Match is saturday, September 29, 2018 at Idaho Falls, ID
  3. South East Idaho Practical Shooters is hosting the Inaugural Idaho PCC Championship. Two PCC matches in one, you can shoot under USPSA rules or IDPA rules. Six to 8 stages depending upon attendance, the match fee is $40 and includes lunch. This is a trophy match, recognizing only PCC. Other divisions are welcome to shoot but be aware that there will be some distance shots, and stages geared for the PCC. Registration is online at practiscore.com, or the following link: https://practiscore.com/inaugural-idaho-pcc-championship-idpa/register Match is Sept 29, 2018 at Idaho Falls, ID, starting at 12:30pm.
  4. Critique my reloads. I've been shooting PCC for about a month. Here's my reloads. Timer set at 1.10 Seconds. I haven't shot in the last year (don't ask) Currently classed "C" 54% in PCC I only have 4 classifiers in. I decided to really try and dry fire for 10-15 minutes a day 6-7 days a week. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R_HWbk4zqZa4ioUYK5GaeoJz2WSwrbsj/view?usp=sharing
  5. Kmarsh1966

    PCC Mag Pouch

    I have recently acquired a new PCC. It uses Colt SMG Magazines. I don't know what I need to order to use as a Mag Pouch. I shoot an XDM and it is too big for that. Thanks for any info Kyle
  6. I resurrected an old AR-15 soft case to use for my new PCC rifle... It's good for carrying an AR rifle to the range and back, but not so good for bagging and unbagging a rifle at each stage... The rifle gets caught in the soft padding and is cumbersom to take out and put away after shooting a stage. Any of you all have an AR-9 range case that you like for competitions?
  7. S&W627shooter

    CMC Trigger for AR-9 PCC?

    I have a CMC trigger that I would like to put into my New Frontier 9mm lower. I have a New frontier upper with a Kaw Valley Precision standard 9mm bolt and KVP match barrel. Will the CMC trigger work on this gun? I have heard that certain drop-in triggers don't function properly on 9mm AR PCC gun. Thank you, Chris
  8. Let me kickoff by just saying that BEnos has been an amazing resource that I've utilized over the years. I've learned an immense amount from the wealth of knowledge in the threads on this board, as well as in-person from many of the participating members. Additionally, I've collected my share of lumps as I've grown both in the sport and as an individual, gathering information about what works and what doesn't, "on and off the field". In my quest to better myself further and share what I've learned with others in this community, I've decided to finally go ahead and post here in the "range diary" section. Forgive the length of this first post, but I believe it's important to understanding my journey as a shooter, where I'm at today and what I hope to achieve. For starters, I'll kickoff with a history of my shooting background, and where I'm at today: I shot a firearm for the first time in 2009. Later that year, I joined the Baylor Marksmanship Association (an on-campus firearms club started by a now, close friend) and shot my first competition, a 3 gun match at Tac Pro Shooting Center. I had no quality gear, no skill and basically just flopped around like a fish out of water for the duration of the match. I can also say that it was one of the most fun experiences I've had, and I was immediately hooked on competing. Over the course 2010 I began to shoot as many 3 gun matches as I could (that meant about one a month or so), still flopping around mostly, until a friend and I discovered Magpul Dynamics. Yup, you read that correctly; the "tactical-Magpul-porn" was the first time I was able to actually understand some of the basic mechanics of recoil control and increasing shooting speed. At the same time, I was fortunate enough to meet some extremely skilled shooters (locally) who introduced me to this forum, and for all effective purposes, began to mentor me in all things related to our sport. Throughout 2011 and into 2012, I did a deep dive into understanding the best gear and parts, and shot as much as my college budget would allow, even having some moderate success with 3 gun - always in the running to win at my local area matches, and even doing decently (a relative term) at the 2 or 3 majors I had the opportunity to shoot. At the time, if I were to average/combine my shooting skills across the 3 different firearms platforms into an overall rating, my rifle would have been above my skill average, my shotgun loading would have been above my skill average with the shooting being about at my average, and my handgun would have been far below my overall average (that last part is important for where I'm at today). In the summer of 2012, I was involved in a serious accident that required some major hardware to be installed into me left leg, along with some otherwise invasive surgery. At that time, I basically hung up the shooting rig. I shot maybe 2 matches from 2012 up to 2016, mostly because friends asked me to, with a collective 200-300 additional rounds fired at an indoor range (static shooting) to practice for concealed carry or make sure the firearms were still sighted in, etc. In the summer of 2016, my wife encouraged me to begin shooting again, and I decided to start back into shooting with USPSA. I felt that my overall performance was always hampered by my ability to shoot handgun, and as such, I felt if I was going to improve, I might as well focus on this one area to start with. I got myself a production gun (CZ Shadow) and started shooting about twice a month for the remainder of 2016. At the time, I decided my #1 Goal was to make Master. I classified initially as an A in production, and at the time of posting, am sitting at about an 83% classification. At the kickoff to 2017 I decided I was going to pick up a PCC, immediately violating every reason that I had decided to go back to shoot USPSA, but come on...I love shooting rifle at things up close and with speed, so I figured I'd grab one and mess around for a bit, then go back to handgun...This picture really sums up what was going on inside my head: I made initial classification as Master on the PCC and was encouraged by many of my local match directors and coordinators to shoot some majors with the PCC in the 2017 season. Without drawing out this post, I figure that's a good place to stop. I plan to post up my AARs or Postmortems or whatever we want to call them, for the next few major matches I shot with PCC, and then link all of that information back up my ultimate goal of improving with my handgun. I appreciate any feedback you might have and look forward to utilizing this tool to keep myself honest respective to my growth and practice regimens, and again, hopefully share some knowledge with my fellow shooters.
  9. Im starting to peice together a PCC. One thing I'm stuck on is the upper recover. I see lots of people say QC10 is the best, but is it really that much better than the Taccom? I already have a QC10 glock lower, if it matters.
  10. Not exactly sure how to ask this question. I guess it's a multi part question so lets see. First I'll say that I shoot Steel Challenge and USPSA. I have recently lightened my PCC by adding the CODA 13.5" carbon fiber hand guard and Smoke Composites C.F. stock. The gun feels amazing to me and as far as what I'm used to it's perfect.....or is it? Its current weight is 5lbs. 11.5oz. QC10 upper and lower(glock mag) Faxon 16" barrel(thread protector) Taccom extreme 9mm BCG(weight removed) .223 spring 8oz. buffer Elftmann AR10 trigger Holosun HS510C dot Total BCG/buffer weight is just under 20oz. I am considering going with the Taccom ULW barrel which would really lighten the gun overall. My concerns are: Will it be too light? As in, will it be too light to absorb recoil resulting in unwanted dot movement? Will the recoil be "different"? I keep hearing that the ULW barrel produces a different feeling all together. The good thing is that the ULW barrel is fairly inexpensive overall. I know I will have to alter my PCC loads with the much shorter barrel. I also shoot production with a CZ SP-01 so I have plenty of load data for it. Soooo....what's your feedback on the barrel and my situation? Thanks.
  11. Hello, I'm interested in building a 9 mm AR for PCC using a 5.56 lower and Glock mags. I've looked at the Stern Defense MAG-AD9 and the CMMG Guard bolt and barrel kit, have anyone tested if they are compatible? And before anyone mentions it, yes I would have have loved to just get the CMMG Guard lower for simplicity, but due to our gun laws in this country it is not feasible to get anything other than mil-spec 5.56 lowers. Cheers from Europe
  12. Clay99

    Pcc recoil

    Hey can anyone help me, I am wanting to try a mbx recoil reduction system in my Nordic components pcc rifle,does anyone know if it will work with the Nordic?
  13. GrumpyOne

    Freedom Ordnance FX-9

    Has anyone bought one and shot? Anyone have any input? https://www.classicfirearms.com/fx9-semi-auto-9mm-rifle-glock-mag-compatible
  14. Rolex

    Laser sight

    Who is using a laser sight on their PCC? Good or bad. Useful or not. Distance it's good for in uspsa. Makes and prices.
  15. Blackacres

    PCC FTF after kaboom

    Hello, first post! I started having FTF issues in my PCC after trying some hollow points. On the hollow point the round did feed, but a sloppy feed at that. That round did kaboom, and I’m suspecting that the bullet hit the ramp in such a way as the push the bullet further into the case. I did inspect the firearm further and didn’t see any cracks or signs of further wear. However, ever since then the gun hasn’t been able to load anything, even fml ball ammo. I did install the taccom ramp and still having issues. Im wondering if it’s necessary to get a whole new barrel and bolt combo? Also the only mod to the gun is a 308 carbine buffer, but beyond that the gun is as is. (It’s an ATI milsport). Thank you for your time!
  16. outdoorjake

    Magwells for PCC?

    I have used the Taccom a bit has anyone used anything else and what where your thoughts on any and all of them?
  17. Love my GMR-15 but have always felt it had too much weight out over the barrel for me. So I change the barrel to a BSF tension barrel and the hand guard to a ICGW (Mark Isler) carbon fiber hand guard. I saved 8 oz on the barrel and another 6 oz on the hand guard. Very please with how it turned out and it is still a nail driver. Here a couple of photos of my rig.
  18. I have a 6moa aluminum railway on my PCC. I went to practice yesterday (Live in Florida) at my outdoor range. I turn on my C-more and the dot is very dull (Almost non existent) I know the Florida sun is bright, so I installed my Guga Ribas cover and Arrendondo Dot module Hood Cover. No Change! I couldn't see the dot. I installed 2 new Energizer 357 batteries and the dot is still dull. I did start to notice the dot issue at my last USPSA match. Depending on the bay position and the Florida sun the dot is brighter or duller depending on the previous mentioned factors. Anyone have any ideas. I ended up shooting 10 rounds with the rifle before putting it away. I spent the ammo practicing with my M&P with Vortex Venom installed. I had no problems seeing the 6moa dot on my venom.
  19. Trying to achieve maximum quality, reliability and practicality, I've decided to implement some "Project Management" techniques in order to build myself a birthday present from scratch in the form of a 9mm PCC gun; with new (or slightly used) parts, for under 1500 $, and before the end of February 2018. The timeframe should be enough to evaluate the different part options and select those expected to best meet the criteria when assembled together (quality, reliability and practicality). Below is a breakdown of the parts to build the gun. I would really appreciate any experience, advise, technical recommendation or even offer of parts you would like to make to support this project. The gun will be built and tested: -Matching Upper & Lower (compatible with Glock Magazines) -Charging Handle -Bolt Carrier -Trigger -Safeties -Small Parts Kit -Stock -Buffer Spring Set-up -Buffer Tube -Barrel -Muzzle Break -Hand Guard -Scope -Magazines (Glock for 31 rounds) -Magazine Extension (Extension to 41 rounds) Hopefully the community will provide some good feedback! Thanks!!
  20. Hi, Extreme Euro Open 2018 registration website is open (today is over than 400 competitors registered) https://2018.extremeeuroopen.eu/index.php/the-match/shooter-s-zone/registration Jakub Few stages here: https://www.facebook...xtremeeuroopen/ Date: June 15. - 17. 2018 ( 3 days Prematch ), June 19. - 23. 2018 ( 5 days - Main match ), Level: III. Stages: 30, Rounds: 560 Main match – capacity: 1000 competitors Registration fee: 300,- Euro ( Juniors 200,- Euro) Registration fee teams: 100,- Euro Divisions: Open, Standard, Production, Revolver, Classic, Production Optics, Pistol Caliber Carbine Categories: Regular, Lady, Junior, Senior, Supersenior
  21. GorillaTactical

    2017 Oilfield Classic, PCC Win

    Had a great time at this match - extremely well run, smooth, and awesome food post-match! I made some mistakes with respect to footwork on a few stages and a few issues with hesitation as I picked up the wrong target a few times, compared to my plan. None the less, a good match with the division win.
  22. Lucas Oil PCC Championship September 1st - 3rd 2017 www.pccchampionship.com
  23. MKitzmiller

    Vihtavuori PCC Loads

    Is anyone on the forums running a Viht powder PCC load? Looking for a 121 MG load. Thanks!!!
  24. Very excited to be one of the two founder's of the Navy's new Action Shooting Team!!!! Will be posting lots of videos on youtube at the below link...! Been 5 years in the making and it is finally a reality!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdR_YjajU3YccWzLUOHEXWg?view_as=subscriber
  25. Flatland Shooter

    Anyone using a laser?

    Item 13 of Appendix D8 allows flashlights and laser on PCC. https://uspsa.org/document_library/rules/2016/PCC Appendix D8_Sep2016.pdf Does anyone use a laser in "daylight" competition. Bill