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Found 11 results

  1. Good morning. Looking for some direction on what I need to purchase. I have many 9mm barrels at home and have been reloading for several years with over 40k 9mm reloads. My reloads plunk test fine in all but 1 brand barrel. It's a tight chamber issue and not a oal issue. All of my rounds are within SAAMI spec. I unfortunately have fixed this issue in the past with my dremel BUT would like to purchase the right tool for the job. Is it a particular brand reamer I'm looking for? Any help is appreciated, thanks. Oh and my oal is 1.085 because I build all my reloads for my CZ pistols.
  2. At the 2021 Golden Bullet Championship this Memorial Day weekend we had the following happen: Can you spot the offense and cite the rule number? I share this video at the request of the owner so that other's may learn from his mistake. It took out his whole match and up to that point, he was shooting well.
  3. Here is my chronograph testing on a Palmetto State Armory PSA Gen4 16 inch barrel. All using Tightgroup and CCI 500 primers fired at 10 feet from chronograph. Loading this for my Niece for USPSA, Minimum power factor of 125 is minimal power factor. What are your loads for USPSA PCC? I think I like the 3.1 115 grain Berry plated round nose. 3.0 grain Tightgroup. OAL 1.140 FPS 1098.67 x 115 = 126.34 power factor. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 115 grain Berry plated round nose. 3.1 grain Tightgroup. OAL 1.140 FPS 1131.67 x 115 = 130.14 power factor. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 115 grain Berry plated round nose. 3.2 grain Tightgroup. OAL 1.140 FPS 1175.00 x 115 = 135.12 power factor.
  4. Has anyone bought one and shot? Anyone have any input? https://www.classicfirearms.com/fx9-semi-auto-9mm-rifle-glock-mag-compatible
  5. I have used the Taccom a bit has anyone used anything else and what where your thoughts on any and all of them?
  6. I would like to announce the 2020 Panamerican Extreme Open IPSC match. MATCH BASIC INFO Range: Volusia Count Shooting Club Location: Florida, USA Match IPSC Level: III, Stages: 30, Rounds: 550 Main match capacity: 480 competitors, 8 shooter per squad October 6-7, 2020 – prematch, 2 days of competition (2 full days of shooting) October 7, 2020 – registration to Main Match, guncheck / equipment check October 8-10, 2020 – 3 days of competition (3 half days of shooting) October 11, 2020 – Supersix (10:00) and Awarding Ceremony (12:00) Match info: https://www.worldextremecup.com/panamerican-extreme-open/basic-info/ Registration: https://www.worldextremecup.com/panamerican-extreme-open/registration/ Registered shooters: https://www.worldextremecup.com/panamerican-extreme-open/registered-shooters/
  7. The reason for this post is this seems to be a slightly gray area. Competitor comes to the line with a cased rimfire rifle or a PCC and the case is zipped closed. They place the cased gun on the table / barrel next to the shooting box. It is understood that 5.1.2 and 5.1.3 deal with casing / uncasing and they state: 5.1.2 "When casing or uncasing any firearm at the firing position, the muzzle of the firearm must always be pointed downrange." 5.1.3 "The on-deck competitor, if shooting a Rimfire Rifle or PCC, may unbag or remove their firearm from the 3-gun cart or case into a side berm or staging area provided the bay being used has sufficient side-berm space to permit this practice. Once the firearm is removed from the case or cart the muzzle must remain pointed reasonably vertical (up or down), at all times, with a chamber flag inserted, until the Make Ready command is issued." Appendix G / Glossary Gun Case/Bag A carrying device that does not allow access to, or manipulation of, the trigger while fully encasing the firearm. Handling (As in “handling a firearm”) The act of manipulating, holding, or gripping a firearm while the trigger is functionally accessible. Note exceptions for casing/uncasing PCC and rimfire. Appendix H7 - Rimfire Pistol Division 11 Handling requirements: Handgun to be transported in closed case or holstered at all times until the Make Ready command is given. Appendix H8 - Rimfire Rifle Division 11 Handling requirements: Rifle to be transported in a closed case, scabbard, or “3-gun” cart. Chamber flag must be used regardless of method of transport. Appendix H9 - Pistol Caliber Carbine Division 13 Handling requirements: Rifle to be transported in a closed case, scabbard, or “3-gun” cart. Chamber flags must be used regardless of method of transport. Exactly when can the competitor unzip their rimfire rifle / PCC case? It is clearly described in Appendix H7 for rimfire pistol as the Make Ready command, but what is meant by "Note exceptions for casing/uncasing PCC and rimfire." Is unzipping the case considered "handling" the firearm and the competitor must wait until until the "Make Ready" command which is the start of the course of fire? If they do unzip before "Make Ready" is that Unsafe Gun Handling and a trip to the Dairy Queen? What if they come to the line with an unzipped case? Regards, BC
  8. Let me kickoff by just saying that BEnos has been an amazing resource that I've utilized over the years. I've learned an immense amount from the wealth of knowledge in the threads on this board, as well as in-person from many of the participating members. Additionally, I've collected my share of lumps as I've grown both in the sport and as an individual, gathering information about what works and what doesn't, "on and off the field". In my quest to better myself further and share what I've learned with others in this community, I've decided to finally go ahead and post here in the "range diary" section. Forgive the length of this first post, but I believe it's important to understanding my journey as a shooter, where I'm at today and what I hope to achieve. For starters, I'll kickoff with a history of my shooting background, and where I'm at today: I shot a firearm for the first time in 2009. Later that year, I joined the Baylor Marksmanship Association (an on-campus firearms club started by a now, close friend) and shot my first competition, a 3 gun match at Tac Pro Shooting Center. I had no quality gear, no skill and basically just flopped around like a fish out of water for the duration of the match. I can also say that it was one of the most fun experiences I've had, and I was immediately hooked on competing. Over the course 2010 I began to shoot as many 3 gun matches as I could (that meant about one a month or so), still flopping around mostly, until a friend and I discovered Magpul Dynamics. Yup, you read that correctly; the "tactical-Magpul-porn" was the first time I was able to actually understand some of the basic mechanics of recoil control and increasing shooting speed. At the same time, I was fortunate enough to meet some extremely skilled shooters (locally) who introduced me to this forum, and for all effective purposes, began to mentor me in all things related to our sport. Throughout 2011 and into 2012, I did a deep dive into understanding the best gear and parts, and shot as much as my college budget would allow, even having some moderate success with 3 gun - always in the running to win at my local area matches, and even doing decently (a relative term) at the 2 or 3 majors I had the opportunity to shoot. At the time, if I were to average/combine my shooting skills across the 3 different firearms platforms into an overall rating, my rifle would have been above my skill average, my shotgun loading would have been above my skill average with the shooting being about at my average, and my handgun would have been far below my overall average (that last part is important for where I'm at today). In the summer of 2012, I was involved in a serious accident that required some major hardware to be installed into me left leg, along with some otherwise invasive surgery. At that time, I basically hung up the shooting rig. I shot maybe 2 matches from 2012 up to 2016, mostly because friends asked me to, with a collective 200-300 additional rounds fired at an indoor range (static shooting) to practice for concealed carry or make sure the firearms were still sighted in, etc. In the summer of 2016, my wife encouraged me to begin shooting again, and I decided to start back into shooting with USPSA. I felt that my overall performance was always hampered by my ability to shoot handgun, and as such, I felt if I was going to improve, I might as well focus on this one area to start with. I got myself a production gun (CZ Shadow) and started shooting about twice a month for the remainder of 2016. At the time, I decided my #1 Goal was to make Master. I classified initially as an A in production, and at the time of posting, am sitting at about an 83% classification. At the kickoff to 2017 I decided I was going to pick up a PCC, immediately violating every reason that I had decided to go back to shoot USPSA, but come on...I love shooting rifle at things up close and with speed, so I figured I'd grab one and mess around for a bit, then go back to handgun...This picture really sums up what was going on inside my head: I made initial classification as Master on the PCC and was encouraged by many of my local match directors and coordinators to shoot some majors with the PCC in the 2017 season. Without drawing out this post, I figure that's a good place to stop. I plan to post up my AARs or Postmortems or whatever we want to call them, for the next few major matches I shot with PCC, and then link all of that information back up my ultimate goal of improving with my handgun. I appreciate any feedback you might have and look forward to utilizing this tool to keep myself honest respective to my growth and practice regimens, and again, hopefully share some knowledge with my fellow shooters.
  9. Hey Guys, Well, I haven't been here in forever... Anyway, our State Match is up on Practiscore and USPSA but the last time I looked, I don't think Troy had approved our Level II status. Ten stages plus chrono, two days in half-day shooting format. I believe we're doing trophies and perhaps modest prizes and that's mostly because we in VISSC all suck at asking for prizes. I noticed another (closed) thread about traveling here from a potential entrant and I won't deny that the registration process is a little annoying, but I'm pretty sure that those who've come to shoot it in past years will tell you they had a good time. And it is Maui, after all. You can take what HI5-0 said as most accurate. The place you go from the airport is 55 Mahalani Street, Wailuku HI 96793. Park in the lot, go in the glass doors facing the flagpole and turn right. At the windows to Records, inform the person who's there that you need to register your gun(s). Have an appropriate photo ID: driver's license or passport. You will also need proof of citizenship, like a birth certificate (yes, I KNOW). The $42.00 FBI Rapback fee has to be in a certifiable form like a cashier's check or cash. The person will give you a form to fill out with the gun's info: caliber, barrel length, S/N, etc. or she may just ask you to open the case and take it herself as she gets the S/N. Once you're through, you don't ever have to re-register that gun or pay the fee again...good if you DO have a good time and wanna come back sometime. As of right now, the match is full, and we're wait-listing people, but only about two-thirds have paid so I expect there to be slots if you want to get in. If you REALLY want to come shoot with us, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. Any other questions, same thing. Aloha, Skye p.s. Any questions about that signature, especially if you remember me differently, just ask.
  10. How do you determine the best length of pull for an AR9 PCC rifle? I'm 6'3" tall with long arms, so I pulled my stock all the way out when I first built my PCC rifle... I've continued to shoot it that way without much thought... Now I'm wondering if I should go shorter or longer?
  11. Dear shooters, I would like to invite you to the legendary match in Europe - Extreme Euro Open 2019. Registration is open. Moore than 500 shooters during 8 hours registered... Jakub Heglas stagedesigner BASIC INFORMATION OF MATCH Date: June 16. - 18. 2019 ( 3 days Prematch ), June 20. - 22. 2019 ( 3 days - Main match ), Level: III. Stages: 30, Rounds: 580 Main match capacity: 648 competitors Registration fee: 250 EUR / 6500 CZK ; ( Juniors 150 EUR / 4000 CZK ) Divisions: Open, Standard, Production, Revolver, Classic, Production Optics, Pistol Caliber Carbine Categories: Regular, Lady, Junior, Senior, Supersenior https://2019.extremeeuroopen.eu/index.php
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