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  1. Memphis, I do not. I agree to clean every few thousand rounds. I just always made sure to keep the crown of my firearms clean. When I miss, I know it was not the equipment. Thank you all for the input.
  2. I am just curious how most people with a pinned compensator go about cleaning them and the barrel crown. Even with jacketed or plated ammunition compensators need to be cleaned, when they are pinned you just can't unscrew them and put a new one on. Just want to hear how people are getting this accomplished.
  3. I currently also use an Alchin comp on an X-Ring rifle and was recently loaned a Volquartsen forward blow comp which also produces good results.
  4. 14.5" barrel with pinned comp or 16" with any comp for Steel Challenge?
  5. I had a similar experience with accuracy on a compensated AR rifle. After researching a number of forums for help I came across the topic about a false crown that develops due to a buildup of fouling on the crown of the barrel. Also that it should usually pop right off in one piece while unscrewing the brake. Sure enough when I removed the brake I was able to see scratch marks that resembled a damaged crown in the buildup that was present, and mine only partially chipped off. After completely removing the fouling the groups were restored to where they were before. I have also just started to use a compensator similar to the TacSol on a rimfire rifle and I cleaned it after 500 rounds not due to accuracy issues, Just because it is new to me. Soaked it in Hoppe's No. 9 and just pushed a pin that matches the diameter of holes through it, The fouling cam out easily in chunks. It seems a false crown can develop with compensator usage on any type of gun. If it is uniform there will be no issue with accuracy and you will not even know it there unless you are looking for it. Otherwise a simple cleaning of the crown restores the accuracy.
  6. Geissele S3G, it is amazing. I have two. One in an AR and another installed in a 15-22 for Steel Challenge.
  7. I do not own any, but have used two different complete JP's and tried one with a JP; bolt, buffer, and adjustable gas block and they were all very comfortable to shoot. I have also tried their GMR-15 PCC. Since my primary competitive sport is steel challenge, there will be a GMR-15 in my future. Also buying a complete rifle give you a guarantee where a parts build may need some time to get the bugs worked out. I see that a lot with the home assembled PCC's. Good luck and as they say. "Buy once, Cry once"
  8. Ming, thank you for reminding me to just keep it simple! LOL. I am in the process of switching platforms from an M&P 15-22 to a KIDD 10/22 and just wanted to hear some input on peoples zero preference.
  9. I know this topic has been talked about a lot, but I am curious what everyone likes to use for their zero in Steel Challenge. Be specific of what type of firearm you are using. RFRO, PCCO, Open, etc.
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