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  1. Wiland Carolina Crusher Gen2 comp is what I have been using on both my RFPO and RFRO. I tried a number of different comps and wound up liking this one.
  2. It was a good choice for me. I was fortunate enough to be able to try multiple volquartsen pistols at local matches prior to deciding on the scorpion with the target angle and volthane grip. Maybe there are some folks at your local matches that will let you use a gun for a full match. good luck on your choice.
  3. I think they are. First I do a slo-mo video with and without the comp against a background that I can see what is actually happening with the gun. In my experience I usually see a very minuscule positive affect dampening muzzle rise. With the little affect the comps have on actual muzzle rise, for me it comes down to perceived recoil. When using a comp I feel that the dot is more stable and easier for me to track.
  4. Went to a larger away match with friends one time and was told to sign up for a specific squad / stage. (obviously to also shoot together) When I looked at the match we were starting on Accelerator. At the time, I asked one of the top shooters in our group why are we starting there? Is that your best stage ? His response was; No, we will be closer to the parking lot when the match is over. What stage do you like to start on and why, Does it even matter ? Are you throw off if the match director changes the squads and starting stage when you get there ?
  5. The recoil spring does multiple things, it absorbs recoil after the cartridge is detonated, but also must have enough stored energy after being compressed to overcome the magazine spring tension to strip the next cartridge out of the magazine returning the firearm to battery. Sometime finding that balance is tricky. There are probably some guys in the gunsmith section who have tuned Glocks to work with 100 power factor loads. Hope you get it running !
  6. Hoops, When I started with the TacSol Vantage, I only did a small amount at a time also, but each time I made a change I took it to the range and shot a few stages to see how it really felt before saying it was good enough to finish. Now after shooting it for 6 months I am ready to tweak it a bit more. Pete
  7. After a number of hours of sanding and refinishing, this was the outcome.
  8. Someone at my local club was selling a PWS Raptor, so since I like to try different stocks to try and gain that minimal edge, I purchased it since they are no longer manufactured. This is what it looked like before I noticed it was a laminated stock.
  9. Wow, It appears that the pins are shearing off. I am interested to see what Springers reply is. I have no experience mounting a DOT on a reciprocating slide, the ones I use are on a fixed portion of a firearm, and I have not heard anyone locally having problems with CO mounted DOTS. I would have gone with the direct mount Romeo 1 Pro, But a 6 MOA dot is a little small for me. Good luck with the Outer Impact and let us know how it works out.
  10. I was looking at the Springer plate because I like the RTS2 and it has the same footprint. I would not think there would have been a problem with the Springer product. Are they standing behind it with a replacement or refund ? Also can you post a photo ? A friend told me about, and just ordered an Outer Impact adapter plate for himself. I am waiting till he gets it to see how it is.
  11. Hoops, I did not reduce the LOP. I just sanded the pad down a little for a better feel. I am currently experimenting with a different pad and canting the angle. I would Think a fine tooth band would work. Good Luck. Pete
  12. A couple of reasons I used a Vantage stock was that I picked one up used for half the price of new, and the comb is very large so it gives a lot of opportunity to sand for fit, and some cast on, like the shotgun guys have on some of their stocks. Good luck with your project, and Post some pictures.
  13. I have tried a few different stocks and like you wanted a little something different to fit the dimensions of my hand. I broke out a saw and the belt sander to make the adjustments I felt were good for me. I would rather just have an off the shelf product for repeatability, but just wanted a different feel. Trying different butt pads also can make a great difference. The top stock is an unmodified Vantage RS and the bottom was the outcome. Good luck.
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