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  1. Picked up a couple bricks of Win small pistol primers on sale the other day....... The priming compound is bright red and I've found that to be a great benefit with these primers. When I started loading these primers on the primer tray I noticed some of the primers on the tray had little to any "red" showing in the cups and I immediately culled those. after loading around 500 of these primers, I've had to cull between 5 and 10 primers per hundred from each box. The primers culled had none to less than half the amount of priming compound in the cups as compared to the majority of the primers. I normally use CCI primers for, well, everything and was wondering if anyone else has seen this with Winchester primers?
  2. Rainier 147 gr FP with 3.2 grns SP loaded to 1.15 in my SFX. Had 3 bullets left and wanted to verify the Venom 6MOA adjustment. I shot off a bag for a .55 inch group with two of the bullets making about a 40 cal hole. Walked to the target to check-thought I missed the damned target with one of the shots. Shot at 15 yards. Same load has done .9 to 1.18 inch groups for five shots at 25 yards-off bags, of course!
  3. What I think you're missing about the Unique Tek micrometer kit is that the threading on the shaft is much finer than the "stock" shaft that you would be putting one of those knobs on. The knob is easy to get your fingers on and I do have two mrdials on my pistol die-sets (they're far superior to the factory setup) but it's still the normal "coarse" adjustment and not the fine adjustment that's afforded by using the Unique Tek micrometer. It's WAY easier to get precise powder settings than using anything else-I have three on my 550B rifle toolheads. Installation is super easy-the hardest part is waiting overnight for the Loctite to dry!!!
  4. I'm curious-is not the "old" small frame Witness the same frame as the TZ-75 Series 88? I own 7 of them and CZ grips don't fit mine.
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