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  1. I talked to the owner of CMC and he made me a 2.5 pound, straight trigger for my PCC and it is AWESOME! No reset issues and have not had any kind of failure of the rifle in over 700 rounds of all KINDS of ammo. I have a 3.5 lb CMC in my other PCC and it has been exactly the same-no reset issues, works every time I pull the trigger. The 3.5 lb trigger is in a left hand Stag and the 2.5 lb trigger is in a gun I built myself using an inexpensive ABC upper and bolt and a FM9 lower. Couldn't be happier with CMC.
  2. Was the new chamber cut deeper? What was their excuse?
  3. I have an aftermarket light mounted on my Dillon 550B and if I double charge with my current light load it will fit in the case but just barely so it's pretty easy to see if something is wrong.
  4. HAH! That's hilarious!!!! We ALL know there are an unbelievable number of clueless MORONS out there but COME ON--I find it hard to believe this one!!!!
  5. Wow! That HAS to be a barrel manufacturer demonstrating how "tough" his barrels are and if actually fired rounds, must be REALLY light! Cool marketing idea if that's the case.
  6. THREE bullets in the barrel???????????? YIKES!!!!!!!! Would love to know what load your friend was using when he blew up his Glock.....
  7. Without alittle more info this doesn't help much. Was it because he had a squib load and fired another round behind it? I saw a clip of a guy shooting a Glockin a USPSA match and got caught up in the stage and put another round down the tube after a squib-blew the hell out of the pistol.
  8. Sounds good. The 2.8 gr load hits steel at 100 yards with a 6 inch hold over so I'm sure I won't have to worry about one not making it out of the barrel. I think I'll chrono it tomorro and see what it's doing. Thanks for the reply!.
  9. First off-HAH!!! I've been reloading up a storm lately and have put together a bunch of.223, .224 Valkyrie and 6mm Creedmoor ammo using BERGER bullets. I use BERRY bullets for my pistol reloading! The burn chart came from /loaddata.com/Article/burnratecharts/powder-burn-rate-chart. Good chart that had all of my powders listed EXCEPT for IMR 4451. It's one of the powders I use in the 6 Creedmoor. That's OK, it's on my old chart and it falls right between IMR 4350 and Hodgdon H 4350. The chart follows your input as it has Select at 19, SP at 21 and Green Dot as 24....
  10. Update-I found the info! Sport Pistol is number 21 on the chart and H110/296 is 87 and 88 so I guess SP is pretty fast.. Thanks for the info!!!
  11. Yeah, I don't know where Sport Pistol falls into the fast-slow powder burn charts......the last one I printed didn't even have Sport Pistol on it and it wasn't that long ago. Update-I found the info! Sport Pistol is number 21 on the chart and H110/296 is 87 and 88 so I guess SP is pretty fast.. Thanks for the info!!!
  12. Has anyone heard of any issues with really light PCC 9mm loads that "blew up" instead of igniting properly? I'm loading 2.8 grains of Sport Pistol with 115 grain Bergers and they function in both of my PCC rifles just fine, shooting about two inch groups at 25 yards and throwing the empties about four feet. I don't know of anyone that experienced it but I've read about it over the years and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. I'll admit there's not alot of powder in the case and I'm not even sure if it's something that can happen with modern smokeless powder... From what I remember hearing was that it had to do with the primer flash hole not being completely covered with powder when the primer ignites but it's been a while since I've heard anything about it..
  13. Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated! I've been shooting Berry bullets and have used Everglades bullets in the past so I have no problem with their stuff. If they are cheaper than Berry, that's where I'll go!
  14. Thanks for the info! Does changing the seating depth have a noticeable impact on the velocity of the loaded round and is it the norm for the rifles to shoot the lighter bullets more accurately? I'm currently loading on a Dillon 550 and using Winchester small primers-got a crapload of them at a good price a while ago! Thanks for the replies!
  15. I wonder what the grain equivalent of Sport Pistol would be for 3.8 grains of Titegroup-I have a bunch of that!
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