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  1. On another note, I have two AR15 AERO lowers that I've converted to 9mm Glock by installing Sylvan conversion blocks and they have been 100% reliable. The Sylvan block is a solid, robust component that requires ZERO tweaking to get them to work-in fact, the simplicity of the piece is such that there isn't anything to "tweak". You need to look at their site and see the piece to understand it's construction and installation. I've shot the heck out of them and they just work. I'm a Lefty and love the ambidextrous design of the mag release-it's in front of the magwell and works perfec
  2. Couple of quick things that I just went through myself...... First off, remember that if you purchase a lower that has a "rifle" buttstock on it, you can NOT use it to build a "pistol" as the form 4473 will have it listed as a "rifle" and it can not be converted to a "pistol" AR unless you want to go through the hassle of registering it as a SBR. If you use either a stripped or completed lower that did not come with a stock installed, they will be listed as "other" on the form 4473 and you can do what you want with them. If the lower came as a "pistol" lower, obviously no issue
  3. If there is ANY spring that needs to be replaced IMMEDIATELY, it's the striker spring as it is ridiculously overpowered. The pistol was designed to pass NATO requirements for reliability and accuracy up to 60,000 rounds and the ability to "ignite" NATO spec sub machine gun ammo (obviously part of the NATO specs) and in this discussion means that the striker spring is WAAAAAY stronger than needed. If you change the spring, aim it at an interior wall when you remove it from the striker because if it gets away from you, it will be easy to find as it will probably be found embedded in
  4. That is one awesome looking pistol!!!
  5. I'm confused-been loading 9mm, 380, 45 ACP, 38 Special and 357 mag using Dillon dies exclusively in 550's for over 40 years and have NEVER had an issue with them over God knows how many thousands upon thousands of rounds.
  6. Yeah, that's a little confusing....... we all know that a gas driven should chuck them about 4 o'clock.... with your response I don't know if you're giving examples for AR15's or AR9's but thanks anyway as I know were AR 15's should eject-the question is AR9's.....
  7. Did you put the Blitzkrieg weight at the front of the recoil assembly or did you put it at the bottom? I have he HD Blitzkrieg buffer installed in my AR's.
  8. What recoil spring and buffer are you using????
  9. Don't know who the question is for but myAR 9's all have CMC pcc triggers.
  10. I have CMC triggers in all of my AR9's and they all will shoot magnum small rifle primers.... The Canik TP9SFI have is significantly modded and it won't shoot the mag rifle primers reliably but shoots the rifle primers just fine.
  11. Interesting-I was thinking that bolt speed would be the determining factor as to the "direction" that the empties would be thrown from the rifle. I do need to add that the rifles are 100% reliable-I was just assuming that the ejection pattern would illustrate the same "issues" with both rifles. In the AR15 it has to do with bolt speed so I assumed it would be the same for the 9mm..... I was thinking that some more "tuning" would smooth out the guns and improve my split times.........
  12. I know that a properly "tuned" AR 10 and 15 throws empties between 3 and 4 o'clock and I was curious if a properly tuned AR-9 should do the same thing with the correct balance of recoil spring, buffer and ammo..... My current AR-9's throw empties at around 2 o'clock......
  13. I have CMC 9mm 3.5lb triggers in four different lowers and uppers and I can swap them through all the combinations and no issues whatsoever. I do have the Blitzkrieg 9mm buffers in all of them...
  14. Just to let you know, I installed a reduced power plunger spring that I picked up for 5 bucks at Cajun Gun Works and believe it or not, it had a VERY SIGNIFICANT impact on the trigger pull and thats even with the Freedom trigger installed.... I also did polish up the plunger itself as it had a very little bit of "drag" when pushed up and down in its mounting hole so I'm sure that helped alot too. I did do the polishing first and noticed a significant decrease in trigger pull after installing the spring.
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