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  1. I recently got into the pcc game and am having more fun than ever, but along with a new hobby come a million questions. I have been reading extensively about compensators and the process of cleaning them and keeping them clean. From what I can gather most shooters in pcc and a lot of open shooters suggest shooting JHP bullets so that lead doesn't build up on the compensator. I currently do not reload and won't be able to for the foreseeable future. So I was looking online and found that most commercial ammo is fmj, which leaves an exposed lead base that will eventually start fouling. Can anyone point me in the direction of some factory ammo that's jhp that would be good for pcc shooting? I don't have a problem paying more for quality ammo. So far I have taken the advice I saw in a few threads about spraying dillon case lube on the comp before shooting to provide a barrier and slow fouling, and it has helped a lot. So far I have about 2000 rounds of various ammo, most of it federal syntech pcc and haven't noticed any significant build up. But if I can avoid any headaches by using a different ammo I am game. I know I am probably over thinking this, but reading all the threads on here of comp woes got me thinking. I would just soak the comp in a cleaner and pick the mess out but all of my barrels are 14.5 pin and welded so soaking would be more of a pain. So, like I said, any suggestions of good jhp ammo would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Just for info, I don't believe stoeger actually has that in stock. I tried to order one right before Thanksgiving and when you try to add it to your cart it will pop up saying they don't have sufficient inventory to fulfill the request.
  3. What are most people's preferences when it comes to weight on their pcc? I know a lot of it comes down to personal preference, but on other long gun games most people seem to prefer a slightly heavier rifle in the 8-9lb range. However, in pcc I am seeing a lot of people going for the lightest build possible. Why is that? Is it because the 9mm recoils that much differently than 223 so the weight doesn't help much? Or am I missing something? My gmr-15 is running about 8lbs right now and at my local club it is by far the heaviest one. So it got me wondering what are the advantages one way or another? Just looking to see what others have found and try to build on that knowledge.
  4. Thanks for all the replies! It's a new "3rd" gen mpx PCC which people have reported not being very finicky so hopefully all will be well. I will definitely try to run it wet with fp10 or slip 2000 before I try the grease to see how it works out.
  5. I recently picked up a new MPX pcc and have a question about lubrication. I've read a lot on here about running the bolt wet to ensure proper cycling, but I was wondering if anyone was running grease on the bolt and rails, or should I stick with oil such as slip 2000? Just looking for advice for what has worked with others.
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