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  1. FYI......some super soft loads, 122 PF, will not cycle the JP GMR15. About one in 40 rounds will not fully cycle the gun. So if yer wondering how low you can go......
  2. Not all that happy with magwell choices out there for pcc. Going to make one out of black Delrin.......should look ugly. What I want is a really huge mouth .
  3. Skip to 7:50 ......What handguard is this? I dont see it offered by JP yet.
  4. Sort of related to this topic...... Is there any significant use of 9mm PCC in law enforcement? . Not that I have any decent information, but my guess is its very low and not growing. Just wondering since PCC makers will make to the expected needs of the market
  5. I thinks thats just "copy and paste" from their AR15 equipment manuals. Still I did it.
  6. More specs would be nice. They dont list much. 16 in barrel with removable comp I assume?
  7. Little Loctite will fix it up real good.
  8. 122 PF out a stock JP GMR15 would fail to cycle about one in fifty.
  9. Its that donut of buildup right at the barrel crown that gets me. I just leave alone. Dont want to scratch things up picking at it with tools. PCC still hits steel plates at 100yds all day long.
  10. Doesn't Canada severely restrict mag capacity to 5 or 10? So get Canada legal Glock brand pistol mags. Sadly you dont have the same choices as much of your southern neighbors.
  11. Whose gonna be first to put up an impressive youtube of a bolt change on the clock? With some practice, I bet it could be easily done in 7 seconds on a JP15.
  12. Maybe poker chips at 35 yds next yr? Just a matter of time before only the flattest ammo and magnification is needed in pcc, at matches like this.
  13. all I do is a bit of clp or your fav cleaning stuff for overall bolt. then I take turns blasting FP channel both directions with compressed air. In fact I blow out everything everywhere on the pcc with compressed air.......in addition the normal cleaning/lubing. I never lube the FP or channel directly, but i'm sure there's always a bit of oil film going on in there. my fp broke at about 5000 with the JP pcc and ran fine until I noticed it when cleaning.
  14. There is no rule violation in this practice is there?
  15. There's a lot to said for 115 factory ammo, like Blazer Brass. It recoils harder than my 147 3.2Titegroup, but the dot return to point of aim is quicker and my groups are tighter, but not by much. And PCC cycles faster. At $0.18 per round for Blazer, I can skip all the brass collecting, cleaning, sorting , reloading and case gauging. This is almost the same as what it costs to make my own 147's. With PCC its not like open or production where ammo choice can be very very important.
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