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  1. BlackBuzzard

    JP GMR15 mags

    Doesn't Canada severely restrict mag capacity to 5 or 10? So get Canada legal Glock brand pistol mags. Sadly you dont have the same choices as much of your southern neighbors.
  2. BlackBuzzard

    How common are broken AR9mm firing pins

    Whose gonna be first to put up an impressive youtube of a bolt change on the clock? With some practice, I bet it could be easily done in 7 seconds on a JP15.
  3. BlackBuzzard

    Max won the Lucas Oil PCC match !

    Maybe poker chips at 35 yds next yr? Just a matter of time before only the flattest ammo and magnification is needed in pcc, at matches like this.
  4. BlackBuzzard

    Firing pin compatibility

    all I do is a bit of clp or your fav cleaning stuff for overall bolt. then I take turns blasting FP channel both directions with compressed air. In fact I blow out everything everywhere on the pcc with compressed air.......in addition the normal cleaning/lubing. I never lube the FP or channel directly, but i'm sure there's always a bit of oil film going on in there. my fp broke at about 5000 with the JP pcc and ran fine until I noticed it when cleaning.
  5. There is no rule violation in this practice is there?
  6. BlackBuzzard

    PCC loads....fast/light vs. heavy/slow

    There's a lot to said for 115 factory ammo, like Blazer Brass. It recoils harder than my 147 3.2Titegroup, but the dot return to point of aim is quicker and my groups are tighter, but not by much. And PCC cycles faster. At $0.18 per round for Blazer, I can skip all the brass collecting, cleaning, sorting , reloading and case gauging. This is almost the same as what it costs to make my own 147's. With PCC its not like open or production where ammo choice can be very very important.
  7. BlackBuzzard

    Case Separation

    One of these now stays in range bag ever since it happened to me. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0031EQQDC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Dont forget a super long squib rod too, which I leave in the truck since its use is very rare.
  8. BlackBuzzard

    JP jumps on the short stroke bandwagon

    What's your 57 round mag setup?
  9. Nowhere can I find the START TIME for the Sunday Aug. 5 2018 - PCC match.
  10. BlackBuzzard

    Case head separation with factory ammo

    As others say, its firing out of battery. Either that or a chunk of your chamber is missing (doubtful).
  11. BlackBuzzard

    PCC Power Factor

    where in rulebook is it a violation to have two sets of ammo, both making power factor, and one set extra hot?
  12. BlackBuzzard

    PCC Power Factor

    Am I the only one that keeps a small stash of higher than normal PF ammo (150+) in range bag, for those stages where previous production shooters failed to down troublesome steel? We've all see this before. Shoot, steel doesn't fall, maybe calibrate?, adjust and reshoot, same outcome. Why not just hit it extra hard when you're up?
  13. BlackBuzzard

    What laser for your PCC

    In two years of PCC I only used laser twice. And on one of those occasions I screwed up with it anyway. today i took off laser and the short rail from fore-grip, and stowed laser in range bag for future use if stage walkthrough reveals a need for it. Up here in northeast stages are mostly lame anyway, with no pcc challenge.
  14. BlackBuzzard

    Pcc popple holes

    There's not much gas velocity going on with my jp gmr15 at the comp.........3.2 TG 147's. Fired it with comp touching cardboard sideways-like. All it did was leave a bit of soot on cardboard. Whereas my open pistol shreds the cardboard......major loads autocomp. And if somehow my finger was touching the open pistol comp (hypothetical), I suspect there would be some real damage.
  15. BlackBuzzard

    Using small rifle primers in PCC/Minor?

    True......even my Dillon 650 will set them off.