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  1. Hm, I'm also right handed with left dominant eye. However I think this is pretty optimal with a red dot. I pick up the dot with my right eye but focus on the targets with my left. I thought that was how it supposed to work. Works with both rifle and pistol with red dot. Isn't this how it's supposed to work - to pick up the dot with the indirect vision and focus on the targets? With iron sights I have to squint my left eye on rifle and on pistol I position the gun so the sights line up with my left eye.
  2. When I checked the weight it was over 20 oz, though.
  3. All the input has made me come to the conclusion that the best for now will be to stay with my single scope 1-8x Swaro Z8i. I might upgrade to a 1-10x sometime in the future, when there is something on the market that doesn't give anything up compared to my Swaro. The present offerings in the 1-10x variety, like those from March or Ior, have lower field of view at 1x or other disadvantages. Thanks to everyone for contributing.
  4. At that price, why not go with the Aimpoint H2? It's another 2 oz lighter and I don't see any downside. Serious question.
  5. I'm thinking that if I develop an accuracy load and then tune the recoil/buffer system to that load, then difference in dot bounce will be quite insignificant compared to a softer load. It is a rifle, after all. At least after some getting used to it, I'm hoping the benefit from higher accuracy will more than compensate for the recoil.
  6. If I were to shoot rifle matches with my PCC rig, I'd start developing a load for accuracy on the hot side and build everything else around that load, including confirming actual hold-overs - not just estimate or calculate. Actually, that's what I'm starting to do anyway...
  7. Well, if you trust your feeling better than the government and a laser security officer, then go right ahead. Do what you want as long as there is just yourself around, but don't jeopardize the safety of other people.
  8. I also like this build the best, apart from some personal preference concerning the furniture. I had the CMMG ripstock on my CMMG Resolute 200, but I quickly exchanged it. It was not comfortable for me, it's quite sharp towards the chest and my beard got snagged by it more than once. Also, I like a slightly heavier stock for a more rearward balance point. I don't see a comp/muzzle brake in your list. Look for something with upwards ports rather than side ports, at least if you prefer low dot movement over soft recoil. I bought the CMMG complete rifle, but ended up changing all the furniture, trigger (Hiperfire Eclipse), comp , etc... Only original parts left are the barrel, bolt, upper and lower. Not the smartest way around, but on the other hand it runs 100%. Not a single glitch/misfire/FTF/anything! If I'd do it all over I'd go with the qc10 too, they have a lot better fit and finish. Hard to choose between CMMG and Taccom delayed systems - haven't compared them.
  9. Thanks, good input. I think in the end I might end up trying both setups and see what I like the best. But as someone pointed out, I might be overthinking this. I have a good setup and it would probably be to leave it as is and just shoot. But it's also fun to try out different setups! Sorry if this is nitpicking, my understanding of the terms is that eye box refers to the space where you can position your eye and still see the whole picture in the scope - a generous eye box makes head placement less critical, good when leaning and shooting different position, weak shoulder etc. As I understand eye relief it refers to the mean distance from eye to ocular on the scope while being able to see the entire image. Thus eye relief has more to do with how to mount your scope at the proper distance from the shooter whereas eye box is more about how forgiving the scope is to head placement. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I also think you mean eye box, not eye relief, but you are answering a question that I did not ask. know this, that's why I presently run the Swaro Z8i 1-8x24 BRT on my rifle. It seems to be among the best for the single optic setup and I'm very happy with it. But I'm always looking for ways to improve my setup. Perhaps you can read my posts again and see if you have any input on what I actually ask?
  11. Now it's probably been about 20K rounds since I took the diamond file to the hammer hooks and the sear. The hammer still runs very well but I changed the sear last year, the trigger pull got too light with the old one.
  12. Thanks for your feedback. I'm already shooting in Open division so that's not an issue. I think you misinterpret my reasons for asking - I'm not trying to solve a problem, I know I dont NEED more than 8x power. I'm just thinking about what is the most optimal setup. I'm thinking that with a dual setup, 1x with red dot is always at hand with a tilt of the rifle, should be faster than backing off the power with the lever. Or in reverse, tilt from red dot to the pre-set magnification on the scope suitable for the long range targets on the stage. So less need to run the power lever during stage. Also, I would like to have higher magnification at hand, just a general personal preference and it would be nice for the recreational long range precision shooting I sometimes do. But maybe no-one is doing this and for good reason? Still I see shooters running off-set red dots with their scopes. What are their reasons for this? Why not take the concept one step further and run a higher magnification scope with the red dot?
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