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  1. http://blackdogmachinellc.net/ Hoping this will prove reliable and good for PCC. Higher capacity without having 20 inches of magazine sticking out of the gun would be great!
  2. My screw is long gone. I glue the sight in place with epoxy. Need to heat the sight to remove it, but it doesn't come loose unless I want it to.
  3. No, the z8i 1-8x is SFP. I have one, with BRT reticle.
  4. Aimpoint ACRO is the new kid on the block. Possibly the new king of reliability, time will tell... I'm getting one for my Walther Q4.
  5. tomv, that doesn't look like any magpul grip i can find in their catalog. Can you double check what it is exactly? It looks nice and I'd be interested to buy and try. https://www.magpul.com/firearms-accessories/grips/see-all
  6. On my CMMG with Hiperfire trigger, the hammer resets way before the bolt has traveled enough to be able to load the next round, so check this also. I set mine so the bolt can travel past the magazine and then some.
  7. The rifle below is my PCC, a 16" CMMG MkGs Resolute 200 that I have upgraded and made to be as similar as my AR15 (above) as possible. Upgrades include Hiperfire Eclipse trigger, Taccom ULW compensator, Aero S-one handguard, Magpul MOE SL stock, BCM carbine buffer tube, Magpul MOE K2 grip, Kynshot 5004 buffer and JP 308 carbine spring. Short-stroked, of course. Shots soft, fast and reliably. Quite unimpressed about the tolerances in the CMMG reciever and lower, though. Needed JP oversize takedown pins and a rubber thingamajig to be quiet from rattle.
  8. AFAIK, B5 and Umbrella corp is the same grip with different names. I tried the B5 but settled on Magpul MOE-K2 grip. The ergonomics of K2 fit my hand better, personal preference. It is quite straight at 17 degrees. B5 is like 2 degrees straighter than K2 and probably at 15 degrees (not specified by them from what I can find). Between K2 and B5, the difference in angle is not noticable, but the B5 is a bigger grip, too big for me. Even though I think I'd prefer an even straighter grip angle than the K2, I haven't found anyting better for me yet. I run my stock (MOE-SL Carbine) one notch from fully collapsed.
  9. When running the red dot sight at standard height, 1.50 inches from rail to center of optics, I have no problems with the stock hitting my ear muffs (thin MSA Sordin Pro-X). Large muffs might be a problem. I also tried running scope/red dot lower to get a tighter cheek weld, but then I got problems with my ear muffs hitting the stock.
  10. 6 quarters is not much, you can do a lot more before the stroke is too short with a normal carbine buffer and buffer tube. And a 308 carbine spring should have no trouble cycling factory ammo as well as +130 PF loads. I think it sounds like something is wrong with your rifle, like you are not getting constistent blowback or something is obstructing the cycling. Check for wear marks on the carrier, buffer and in the reciever and buffer tube. Also check the bolt lugs and how it fits in the barrel lugs. I don't think it's your ammo. If it was, you should have found something that worked by now and factory ammo should work. OAL is easily determined by plunk test.
  11. If you haven't already, short stroke it. Build with quarters in the end of you buffer tube behind the spring, until it doesn't cycle, then remove some. And a 308 carbine spring as cecil said. The short stroking will speed it up significantly. I'd put the weights back in the buffer too, maybe even running a heavier buffer.
  12. Cool. Not so in Sweden, unfortunately. Only 0,5 kg of N330 here. My bad, I thought it was global.
  13. Biggest drawback of N330 IMHO is that it is not available in big 2 kg containers, making it significantly more expensive than N320 and N340. Even though I agree it is the superior burn rate for 9mm minor, I run either N320 and N340 for economic reasons.
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