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  1. In my experience, even though no or very little over-travel FEELS nice, it can actually be negative for practical precision. I've found that I shoot more accurately with some over-travel after the break, compared to when overtravel has been completely removed. I tested this in a pistol with adjustable overtravel. I think that the trigger can disturb the pistol/hold by hitting the frame with too little or no overtravel. Just saying, some over-travel can be a good thing too.
  2. It was coated over the chrome, seems to hold up well. Just a little wear around the nose, from the holster.
  3. I round off or hold between the hash marks. For A-zones inside 400 yards that is close enough for me, but I like to keep it simple. I'd dial if I was shooting golf balls or +400 yards. I played around with the MRAD reticle and Strelok+. For my rifle and ammo, I think I would use a 65 meter zero with this reticle. Then it would shoot about two inches low from 5 to 15 meters and at most 0,6" high out to 150. Really no need to compensate from 40 to ~180 meters. Hold for A-mark/shoulder on target for 200 (where it shoots 1.8" low,) use start of lower hash cross for 250. Then 300, 400, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700 meters line up quite close with the full hash marks, the half hash marks are usable for the distances in between.
  4. This is my Stock 2 AU that I've been running for almost five years now, the latest three in Limited. It used to be in chrome, now it is ceracoted in Cobolt and Armor Black. This pic was taken when it was just back from the paint job, haven't even the front sight in place. Since then I've swapped out the Unica mag release for a custom one to avoid accidental mag ejections.
  5. Sorry, it is one of a kind, a friend helped me make it as a favor. He milled the top off an original mag release and welded an oversized piece of metal on it. I cut it to my liking myself with a dremel, kept grinding it down until I didn't get accidental ejections anymore while I could still reach the mag release without shifting my grip. You can see in the pic how it turned out. (I know, I should have it ceracoted flat black to match.) Even if I could have one more made, I could not ship it. I'm in Europe and shipping weapon parts to or from the US is a barrel full of red tape. I'm normally having the opposite problem, wanting custom parts from the US, such as the Overwatch Precision trigger for the PPQ, but being unable to get them here. I can advise using a stiff magazine release spring helps some with the Unica.
  6. It extends more rearward and is higher/more out from the grip. Too much out, even, at least for me. When I had it I sometimes ejected the magazine unintentionally by gripping hard. I have a custom made extended mag release now that is not as big and it works without such mishaps. I wish they made it so it only extended rearward without being higher. Also a little smaller would be good.
  7. I shoot a lot indoors too and I think that with well-lit targets and varying light where you shoot, it is even more valuable to have a fiber optic front sight. I generally have an easier time to focus on the FO sight, the light and contrast helps me a lot. When the targets are well lit it actually makes it harder for me to focus on the sight - especially if it is black, and even more so if there is poor light above/behind the shooting position. With good lightning above and behind me, so the back of the front sight gets lit up, I can manage with a black front sight. But in poor light, as is often the case, the FO helps.
  8. Yeah, don't compete with untested stuff. Also, freebore can vary between individual barrels. You need to plunk test every new load/bullet with your chambers to find out what OAL you can use. Did you?
  9. Yeah, lots of buffer tubes (even more expensive ones), are not smooth inside and that makes for a lot of noise. I got a Bravo Company tube in the end that was really smooth. I tried Brownells and ALG tubes before and they were far from smooth. On top of that you can polish the outside of the spring, but you need a smooth tube first. Some grease on the spring also helps to quiet it down, not too much though. But beware that grease attracts dust and dirt, not for duty use.
  10. For us who'd rather read about the best 3-gun scopes, could you please make the discount requests in PM instead of the thread?
  11. mrd


    I have a 16" and it seems to like ammo in the 145-160 PF range., at least in regard to accuracy. I have no feeding issues with any loads, but the rifle have only run about 1500 rounds.
  12. Sounds great! I understand it's hard to cram everything into one review. I just think those I mentioned are the best LPVO's currently, even though they are SFP, and the ones I want to see the Vortex compared to. Totally agree on the March. They should make a reticle where only the center dot illuminates.
  13. Great review! Only thing I missed was a comparison to the other actual top contenders of LPVO's: Swarovski, Kahles and Zeiss (all 1-8x variety) - while being SFP scopes these do have better FOV than the Vortex. It would also have been interesting to see how it stacks up against the March 1-10x, thought that is a bit different beast with parallax adjustment etc.
  14. +1 on all accounts. Would also be interested to hear the specs of Maxamundo's rifle, the buffer system in particular - if he doesn't mind sharing of course.
  15. I have mine setup the same way. Setting a zero distance so the highest point of the trajectory is only about 0,5-10" higher (something within the error of margin for our shooting) than where I zero will provide for a wider range around the zero distance where you don't have to compensate. Then you will have two zeros and a negligible hold-under in between.
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