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  1. Thanks you, gentlemen, that was very helpful indeed!
  2. Hi Ya'll! I shoot IDPA SSP with a 3rd gen. G34. I'd love to get my hands on a Gen 5 but even if I found one here in California, it be around $2,000 easily, plus two potentially long road trips to do the transfer paperwork. What intrigues me about the 5th gen. G34 is the "Marksman" barrel it comes stock with. Do you think this barrel alone allows for tighter, more precise groups, and, if so, would purchasing an aftermarket barrel make sense for that same reason?
  3. New member from California here. My EDC since roughly 2017 is a Sig P238 most of the time. Occasionally I carry a S&W 442. My competition gun for SSP in IDPA is a Glock 34.
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