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  1. j1b


    Life is soooo.... life. My how life has changed for us. My last post here was April 30th 2018. I'd just shot a match in the Pittsburgh area. I had actually shot several matches to start the season and I was confident that my shooting year was going to be a good one. Consistent participation, consistent shooting, growing, getting back into the game, and competing. And then life happened. I left my job. It was the right thing to do for us, it was time. I wouldn't have said though that it was expected. My wife and I spent the summer in Colorado where I actually intended to shoot quite a lot. No job, why not shoot right? Thing is ... time off wasn't good for me. Anxiety became an issue and I just was ... unsettled. Right, wrong, or indifferent the reality is that I just could not be comfortable not having that purpose. I didn't shoot. At all. I didn't touch a gun. The summer in Colorado was epic. We will cherish it until we are there for good. Three months in that special place was unbelievable but always under the surface was knowing I had to get going on a new career. Now? My how life has changed ... We no longer live in Pittsburgh. It was a great run, but obviously it came to an end. After Colorado I got a job in the New England area and so now we live in New Hampshire near the coast. Back in the grind, back in the hustle. Working hard. I am once again hopeful that 2019 will start with some shooting and that maybe I'll play again this year. I was so close to getting things going in 2018 ... really, really close. And then life happened. It's a funny thing that life thing. Is it my crutch for not shooting? My excuse? I don't know. But I do know it happens (life that is) and I could have never anticipated in April of 2018 that we'd be in such a different place, such a different situation. Fun stuff. Let the new adventures begin. Hopefully with some matches in my near future. Once again figuring out the shooting situation in a new area.... J
  2. j1b

    How Many Points Down?

    With the new rule of one second added per point down I've found you literally can't shoot fast enough to drop points. In a classifier or otherwise. One second is a TON of time, it's very punative, and by virtue of that I have needed to learn to get my points no matter what and improve speed only to the level that I can still get those points. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I like how the new rule has forced me at least to change my discipline when shooting a match. That's been a cool learning experience and I personally think I'm a better shooter for it. J
  3. j1b

    Shooting a match with your EDC rig

    Yep, you all get it. The goal it is to experience the EDC gun under some pressure and shoot it in unique ways that I wouldn't normally do on a flat range. While I value the experience that competitions gives me in potentially helping me should (God forbid) a situation ever come up it is clear that matches are for fun. They aren't training. I never perceive them as anything more than a different way to shoot the gun. I'll be honest though... If by a wild stroke of luck I do happen to win ... I mean ... that'd be cool! Jack
  4. So I've been kicking this around for some time now and I think I'm at the point where I'm going to do it. I carry. I carry everyday. I carry everywhere I am legally allowed to carry. I shoot my carry gun ... occasionally. Actually, I get some rounds through it somewhat frequently. Just last weekend I shot my new carry gun to insure it's all dialed in. I was shooting it out to 20 yards and was doing ok. Reality is I was shooting about 7 inch groups or so with the new carry gun at 20 yards. Probably 5 inches consistent with the flyer or two that would grow it to 7 or 8 inches. Anyhow, it just got me to thinking, I should shoot a match with my EDC rig. Now, I carry appendix and that won't fly but everything else should work. I could do my IWB holster (4:00 position) and IWB mag pouch and just have the second mag in my pocket JIC. I wouldn't do this consistently - I like the competition side of things too much - but I think occasionally running the EDC rig better covers me for if I every do need to use it. Just wondering if anyone has shot a few matches with their true EDC rig and what the experiences were like. I'm shooting my new Sig P365 and the ten round capacity is actually pretty beneficial for this situation alone. Thanks in advance! Jack
  5. j1b


    Alright, a quick update on the match. The goals were: Have a game plan for every stage: I'd say broadly, pretty successful. Having thoughts around every component of every stage was there. Shoot points - better, but still not where I need to be. Avoiding the millisecond gaps: There was less of this by my observation though I can't say with certainty that progress was made. Be good with the fundamentals: Eh, just ok. Draws were ok. Reloads were a challenge but for different reasons. The match was four stages. Stage one was the 5X5 quick classifier or whatever they call it. So it was April 29th, and it was snowing. Not hard, but snow was in the air. So it was cold. And for some reason, it just felt damn cold. Lord knows I've gripped enough about the cold and yesterday was no different. The first string was ok. No points down. Strong hand was ok, I think 1 second down. The thrid string - believe it or not I simply could not get to the mag release button. My hands were just damn cold. I don't know the time - I think it was like 6.4 seconds, but easily could have been quicker. It was a rough run with another second dropped. The final string was fine. Two points down in total with a raw time of 15.43 and a real time of 17.43. According to the sheet they had this made me master, though I didn't feel very master. My guess is this drill is down in the low 12 seconds pretty ordinarily. Stage three (my second stage) was a fun little short course. I thought I shot it ok, but dropped four points and I really didn't need to. It was a bit of lack of trigger control and just a lack of discipline on points. In all not a killer, but I was 4th overall on the stage and that was largely due to not being overly smooth, missing a load (same issue) and dropping four seconds due to points. Stage 2 (my third) was the longest course with longer shots and a lot more stage to negotiate. I thought planning was good here, execution on points was better and in general things were ok. I was second overall on the stage to a gentleman shooting a carry optic gun and that made a little sense to me. Some of the targets had a bit of distance to them and were tight to barrels or no shoots. I couldn't gripe too much here. One point down was pretty good IMO. Stage 4 was a quick movement course with a fast swinger. I just wasn't there with this one for whatever reason. Was relatively slow on time and dropped three points. I was fourth overall in the match. The time wasn't great, but its the points that bothered me. No reason to be three down here. Maybe one point due to the swinger. So overall match raw time was 71.55 with 10 points down netting me to 81.55. Second place was a raw time of 82.97 but he dropped 7 points which netted 89.97. All in all, an ok match. Particularly for how cold it was. I gave up on the vest after the first stage and decided my jacket would stay on. I think the goals were right and will remain. Looking forward to the next match where the weather has to be better. It just has to be. End of May my bride and I will be heading down to Mexico on vacation - no shooting but a damn guarantee of warmer weather. The shooting season is off to a reasonable start and I believe I'll have some time to practice over the coming months which will help immensly. Thanks Jack
  6. j1b


    Match day Sunday! It’s been a while. Hopefully execute the things detailed out in a post a little over a week ago. should be a fun day. Still a little cool but all good. updates to come.
  7. j1b

    IDPA in Colorado Springs, CO?

    Very, very helpful. Thanks so much!
  8. j1b

    IDPA in Colorado Springs, CO?

    Thanks d_striker - very helpful I certainly can shoot USPSA but have been trying to focus on IDPA and have been having quite a bit of fun with it. Our place is in Westcliffe so essentially due west of Pueblo and Southwest of the Springs. Not the perfect location to get to places but the place is pretty awesome. Thanks again - maybe we'll head up to Denver a few times to get some matches in. It does look like PPGC has some IDPA matches but their website doesn't show it. I sent them a note to validate. Jack
  9. So I looked on the IDPA site to see if there were any (local) IDPA matches near Colorado Springs, CO and to my surprise I didn’t see any. My bride and I may be spending a few months in a town about an hour outside of the Springs and I was hoping to be able to find some matches to shoot relatively near by but most appear to be up near the Denver area. I’m hoping I am missing something. Any help would be great,y appreciated. Thanks, Jack
  10. j1b


    Dag nab it. I messed the weeks up. Match isn't until next Sunday. Ugh - that stinks! Jack
  11. j1b


    Match game plan: I want to be clear with myself my key objectives 1) have a game plan for every stage and every component of every stage. I can be guilty of having “focal point’s” of a stage and Sunday I want to be more dialed into the entire stage on every stage. I can’t “air gun” but that should not inhibit having a strong plan for each stage 2) points, points, points. Much better performance last match but that was a month ago. Don’t “slap” the trigger. Press it and be diligent. Thus far it is my observation that my trigger control is primary in my accuracy challenges. Back in the day things were probably more inherent as I shot so much more. Today this requires focus. 3) Avoiding the milli-second attention gaps. Hard to really do this, but knowing it can (and has) happened might help mitigate. 4) Be intentional with the fundamentals. A good draw, not the fastest draw. A good reload, not the fastest reload. As I think about it that’s about it. Weather should be better on Sunday and i’m Thankful for that. This match will have those more complex stages and more ten round friendly stages but if I do the above I think i’ll Be ok in CDP. A little nervous about the match but indeed looking forward to it. Jack
  12. j1b


    A quick update - as it has been a while. So I haven't shot a match in several weeks. There is a good reason ... this damn weather!!! So the last two matches locally have been cancelled and that has indeed been frustrating. Ironically last Sunday's match was cancelled due to incoming weather and I actually think it could have happened. The weather was incredible starting the day, and turned to crap around 3:00. That said, I smoked some awesome ribs so there was a silver lining. Dry fire in general has been good but The last three days I have been, in a word, lazy. I did get some decent dry fire in tonight and fell better about things. Shooting on Sunday and can't wait. I am officially an IDPA shooter, it's all I've been shooting and it feels right so I'm going with it. I'll post after the match. Hopefully things will go well. Jack
  13. j1b

    After 5.5 years of absence and

    I’m going through something similar. I’ve been off and on for 20 years but have shot a few matches this year to knock some rust off. Like Jack said, my first experiences have just been clumsy as well. I don’t personally have a spot to live fire so all of my work has been on the dry fire front. That said, I think something like 90% of The skills we employee in a match can be covered via dry fire. You have to do you but for me at least I have really been dialing in on what exactly I want to focus on for each match (execution, accuracy, consistency etc.) and then after each match assessing my performance on those key focus areas. It has really helped me develop the (long) list of things to work on. Welcome back! It’s still as much fun as when you left!!
  14. j1b

    Michael Voight

    Sorry for the duplicate post. Didn’t see the other.
  15. j1b

    Michael Voight

    I just heard that Michael Voight passed away. A shooting icon, national champion, USPSA President and incredible guy. I haven’t seen or talked to him in many, many years but we shot together back in the day. I remember him being an incredible shooter but more importantly an incredible guy. He was always very good to me. And his humor... holy hell was he funny. Proud to say “hell, I was there” for some of his time here, playing our incredible game. God Speed Michael. You made a difference to the game and to the people.