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  1. To me it sounds like you just need to shoot more. IMO you don't need to have a hurkulean grip but you do need to grip the gun hard. The host of this site has mentioned in the past that he was a mechanic by trade when he first started shooting and felt that helped him in grip strength. Mike Seeklander is rather vocal about gripping the gun hard. There are a lot of factors to shooting fast. It's timing, it's practice, and (IMO) most important is that it's seeing fast. The faster I see things, the faster I shoot. I'm shooting a P320 as well and I think with a
  2. I think both of these are pretty spot on in terms of advice. I believe Ben Stoeger essentially got to GM and won a few Nationals with an almost entire regime of dry fire. My opinion here - but I think the important piece of dry fire is to have clear goals and objectives with your sessions. I will be making mine relatively short but definitely focused. There will be times when I'm not pushing the speed and just dialing in on my technique. There will be times when I'm am almost entirely focused on accuracy. As has been mentioned by others there will be sessi
  3. I use the Double Alpha ... it's fine. To me they are all kind of similar. I'm not sure you can go wrong.
  4. This is a really good point. In the 30 years I've been doing this I think the stages and stage evolution has been so focused on increasing round count that we have actually lost a little of that stage creativity. That's why World Shoots are so cool, it's such a great mix of stand and shoots, small movement stages, along with field courses. Interestingly I shot two matches this year where no stage was over 16 rounds... they were my favorite matches of the year. In the same boat. I believe the ammo shortage is likely impacting participation. That's complicated by less matches due
  5. j1b

    Off season

    I actually need to do a winter dry fire routine. I'm tired of not shooting like I know how to shoot, though as my bride has pointed out I've put zero effort into shooting the past many several years. Shot my last match in November. We don't start up here in New England until April. I've not touched a gun seriously since November. So probably in a few weeks I'll start up with the dry fire. For me the dry fire is simply a routine to "remember" what I already know. So it won't be more than 15 to 20 minutes a night, probably 5 nights a week. Initially I'll be basic - focus
  6. This gun ... said simply... kicks ass. Many a match with it. It's been with me through thick and thin. Of all that I own it's a tie between this one and another that are my favorites ... Today I'd lean this one.
  7. Well, there are a few things that we have some degree of knowledge on. To be certain COVID has impacted the demand for two things - guns and ammo. The gun piece, to some degree, is good. It was estimated by the NSSF not too long ago that 40% of purchases were from first time gun owners. That has to be good for our industry. Paired with that is that training has also ramped up. I know a training facility near by is essentially booked out through at least three quarters of 2021. And a lot of those classes are elementary type "intro" classes so to some extent the new gun o
  8. The good news is that most ammo companies are producing at record levels. Obviously demand is still outpacing supply but more ammo is being produced today than in any other time in our history. Once complicating factor is that there are over 7 million new gun owners out there. So the demand pool has grown along with the people who are loading up or stockpiling. I know for a fact that the ammo shortages are having a negative impact on ranges that are out of ammo. Despite the run up a range without ammo doesn't have near as many shooters and revenue is obviously negative
  9. Good lord ... Go away. When I originally quoted you it was a conversation started. You've since demonstrated ... well... never mind. It's no longer a relevant conversation. Think what you want, I don't care. And I don't care to hear what you think about it. Your opinion holds no value to me. Make BE great again J
  10. You are exactly the reason I don't come on the BE forums much any more. Thanks for reminding me why.
  11. So I don't want to get into an internet battle here. I have no qualms. You won't change my mind and I won't change yours. It isn't a fact that overall results don't matter though. It's an opinion. One held by many, which I respect. Facts are things like 2 times 2 equals 4. That's indisputable. Facts are that an A is worth 5 points. It isn't a fact if it's simply a different perspective. It's just that, a different perspective. I fully understand your concepts. I've been doing this a while. I get how in your view that comparing my production score against someone shoot
  12. This is an interesting statement (to me). I do get it ... we all compete within our division. In my experience where I shoot most everyone understands that. Paying attention to high overall though can make a difference. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to move up both in your division and on the high overall sheet. We have some solid shooters where I play this game and it is hardly rare that a production shooter wins the high overall (and by default high production). So for these shooters high overall is in fact important. If they don't win it, then they know that eit
  13. This is purely selfish by me ... it's the division that I primarily shoot and thus it's the division I prefer. Clearly participation is shifting from production to carry optics. I've heard it said that carry optics are a poor man's open and maybe that's why it appeals to me less. Centuries ago when I started shooting I was an open shooter. I did all the fancy comps and high cap mags and optics ... I played all the caliber games and tried all the platforms... so for me that's all kind of water under the bridge. When Limited division started back then I really liked it b
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