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  1. The MOS version will not only give you later options for CO if your interested, but also does not have the cut out in the front of the grip which makes the “mag well” work even better. Just a thought. only downside other than price is the rear-sight dovetail is a bit further back so longer sights can create some overhang, if that bothers you.
  2. JLB-US

    Gen 5 Trigger work?

    Firing pin spring and connector worked fine.
  3. Thanks all, I’m just going to stick with the beaver tail ad even though it may not feel quite as right, it does always seem consistent, whereas I seem to always be shifting at some point running bare. I’ll also pretend it’s welded on their to cure my ocd
  4. I don’t suffer slidebite one way or the other but keep going back and forth between the small beaver tail backstraps or going bare on my Gen 5 17 and Gen 4 34. i know in theory the beaver tail is to allow you to get higher on the gun, but on the Glock system am I missing something or isn’t it just pushing your hand actually lower on the grip due to the design??? The small beaver tail seems to help give me a very solid consistent grip on the draw, and easier more classic trigger finger placement (pad instead of crease), but running my Glocks “bareback” seems to allow me to actually be higher on the gun so I might feel a hair stronger on splits and maybe makes getting to the mag release just a tad easier. Any thoughts appreciated! (I shoot production btw).
  5. JLB-US

    Glock Gen 5

    I know what I think from a sample of two and a few loads in my hand , but I know what that’s worth I think factually speaking we can say the barrels were designed at an extra cost for Glock to meet the 90% 50 rounds within 4 inches at 50 meters MHS standard. If they thought the regular barrels would meet that, why would they waste the money? I would also not be surprised if someone’s particular earlier model Glock, shot some particular load as well or better than a particular Glock with the “new” style rifling.
  6. JLB-US

    Glock Gen 5

    Best explanation I’ve heard of the barrel is that it’s still polygonal but a different type. Think it’s in the Chris Bartocci video (small arms solutions YouTube). No lead still reccomemded is what they are saying.
  7. JLB-US

    Glock Gen 5

    I like the idea of filling the backstrap for more of an internal magwell, but thinking that might be something I’d be more comfortable paying for. Anyone offering the “Speedwell” service anymore or seen it done on a Gen 5?
  8. Saw DSA was making a titanium slide for Glocks. Waiting for someone to run off 2,000 tungsten framed/Titanium slide Glock 34’s to rule Production
  9. Can’t tell you how many matches I’ve lost because of the weight of the sights on my slide...of course I do shoot production mind you...
  10. I was only discussing the 34 gen 5, yes it’s $636 with night sights at GT, they have no option for the Gen 5 34 with regular (cheap) sights. Hoping your right about other sources having them. The 34 gen 4 is not really a better option for me as I prefer no finger grooves and they get kind of silly in production about me grinding them off...open bump and such you know. Thank you for letting me know I’m not being forced to buy one, let freedom reign! It’s appatently just evil GT dist at this point.
  11. Sorry I was not clear, by “only sight option” I meant, that’s the only option Glock offers when ordering. So your basically stuck paying the premium for the night sights, when most competitive shooters are going to replace them anyway.
  12. OT but just noticed your post. GT dist has used third gen 35's for $330. Mine came in looking practically new with still working nightsights.
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