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  1. Oh I’d agree, in my position at this point radiation from excessive emails is more of threat than a firefight with felons. If I was in a different role I might well stay in production.
  2. JLB-US: Hi Troy, it says I can only have 10 rounds in my magazine in production, can I have 23 instead? Troy: Sure! JLB-US: what about a stock? Troy: Only if it has been produced at some point. No magically created ones. JLB: red dot sights? Troy: if they have some portion of iron in their construction, they would be iron sights for the purpose of production rules. This is what Production feels like to me these days.
  3. Yeah if you see my prior post, don’t color me shocked. Maybe try to email Keanu?
  4. JLB-US

    downside to MOS?

    Taran sights work fine in mine with no mods. Little overhang on back, but not enough to be an issue, and honestly if you look at other designs a slight overhang is not uncommon on many models . No dot right now, so I felt no need to grind off the front of the rear sight (i.e. my tactical MOS plate retention ledge).
  5. I tried a Shadow 2 for 4 months recently. It was really nice. Had I started on that type of platform 20 years ago, had multiple models, and parts, skills to work on it Etc..the way I am with Glocks, I’d certainly have stuck with it. Just no magic there though. I thought I’d see improvement from the extra weight and better trigger very soon but I did not. Got offered $100.00 less than what I paid for it in a weak moment at the range, and off it went. in a way I wish I’d kept it, but playing with two such different platforms has never produced good results for me.
  6. Yeah btw same as you. Two weeks after they asked for my address and said they would send a new spring..nothing...
  7. Just to update I got an email from Taran Tactical late last night apologizing for not getting back with me saying the email went to wrong folder, and offering to send me a new spring free of charge. Now I can feel better about watching their Jade Struck videos.
  8. JLB-US

    Glock In limited

    I keep hoping Glock releases the Brazilian Federal Police model 22 here. It’s a gen 5 Glock 22 with a slightly thicker slide (kind of like the GAP models). i mean not an Atlas beater or anything like that but I don’t mind the regular full size sight radius, and think the heavier slide would actually help a bit shooting major. Throw a heavy magwell and rod in, fairly cheap way to get into limited, especially for those of us with tons of mags, exntensions, holders etc...laying around for the platform.
  9. I’m not against you on that plan. Physics wise, and looking at what top guys are shooting in competition, I know it makes no sense, but my 19x with that long grip short slide format just feels awesome when I shoot it. I’d use it for production but the tactical jokes would be brutal!
  10. GT distributors. I believe had blue label but now it’s “notify when back in stock”. gunbroker has some for sale now.
  11. Not sure what you mean? The Glock 45 is available in the MOS model.
  12. I found the original spring (13 pound?) has issues running in combo with a full power striker spring as it got older for whatever reason. Regardless I’m kinda ready to pitch the dang thing at this point anyway. I’ve now spent nearly as much in springs to fit it than I spent on it to begin with. TTI not selling the springs for it on their site or even responding kind of soured me as well.
  13. Yes it’s larger in diameter. Last Wolff spring for Glock’s I used dis not work (spring was too small in diameter for the rod to work in).
  14. Well that sucks, I’ve got a 15# Wolff 1911 coming in next couple of days I ordered from above.
  15. Well that was simple thanks!
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