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  1. 100% not intending to blame my performance on a lack of modifications
  2. Was planning to use the G17 solely for competition use. My CCW with the WML will go to the bed stand at night.
  3. Those are Henning Pro Production basepads. Love the feel of them in the hand, haven't actually removed them yet though so can't comment on your second question
  4. I'm in the same boat… new to USPSA, going to be shooting production and run a Glock (G17 G4MOS). I ended up going with the Boss Kit from Ben S as well and although I don't have much to compare it against I love it. Looking forward to my first match in 2 weeks.
  5. Hey all, new (to competition) shooter here. I had always kept my Glock 17 G4MOS in OEM condition because the gun was regulated to bedside protection and range duty. I'm diving into USPSA though and am wondering what I should upgrade for Production division (and maybe carry optics down the road). Based on some reading and videos I was planning to pick up the following… Extended Mag Release Pure Tungsten Guide Rod (uncaptured w/ spring kit) Double Diamond Yikes Connector Ultimate Pyramid Flat Face Trigger (includes all the goodies like comp striker spring, comp
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