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  1. I have been running K-9’s and K-40’s with Henning extensions and grams guts for a few years with no issues. the follower needs to be tilted to the right a few degrees to function properly. I believe there is mention of this on Henning’s retail site located where you would buy the spring and follower, from what I recall
  2. Thanks to everyone who has responded. Much appreciated.
  3. thanks, I’ll take a look in their website. Do you happen to know which manufacturer it is??
  4. So I'm either not using the proper search phrase or words or just can't find it. Is any one reaming their own barrels to increase OAL and if so what reamer are you using or is everyone sending them out to be done. Thanks in advance.
  5. Just ordered a 170 from MBX. Finally available. A little pricey, but
  6. Take a look at the Taylor Freelance mag extensions. I'm able to get 28 rounds in. I have not had any issues at all with them.
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