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  1. OK then ... Thanks!! I certainly misunderstood that one ... If there is no scoring benefit then yes ... uh ... no comment.
  2. I'm pretty sure they asked in the "survey" an opinion on allowing "Major scoring" ...
  3. I think it just said "less than 3 inch barrel" or such for the snubby ... I'm ready ... I think a 627 w/ the 2.625 barrel would be perfect for this category (or 686 ... 66 ... no real advantage for an 8 shot in ICORE these days). How fast are those speed loaders for the rimfire revolvers?? Since it seems such a rare occurrence to see a stage where there is an advantage to have an 8 shot revolver (except for saving a reload because of a mis-fire) ... the major scoring would be a game changer for the 625s ... Anyone w/ a small caliber gun would have to kick up to longer 357 cases to make major and those are a pita w/ moonclips. Lets see ... my favorite stage these days ... 6 targets ... triple tap each ... shots limited ... and a boost for major scoring (perhaps 18 possible bonus points as well) ... Wow ... what's new?? IMHO ... 8's are great for USPSA; Steel Challenge; Weekday Steel Matches ... not for ICORE it seems.
  4. It's tough having only 6 shots (major or otherwise) in USPSA … > snip < The 8 shots work fine at USPSA (great practice … don't have to pick up brass); Steel Challenge and the weekday steel matches. > snip <
  5. I noticed my 5 inch (40) Core starting to eject brass "limply" at about 3500 rounds (they just about fell out of the gun at my feet). The ejector appeared undamaged so I removed it and cleaned out a whole bunch of carbon/sludge crap trapped in the slot. The cleaning fixed the problem and it returned to tossing brass far and hard.
  6. Eggzackly!! AND I think USPSA has already helped revolver a great deal. Personally ... I would have "never" bought an 8 shot revolver if USPSA had not changed the rules (Jan 2014 IIRC). I would still be shooting ICORE w/ a model 10 and jet loaders. IMHO it (the 8 shot and everything that goes with it) would not have been worth the trouble/expense just to shoot in ICORE.
  7. I will stand by my comment ... because ... IMHO ... I am seeing some real "outside the box" suggestions/comments in this thread that I have never seen or thought about before. Refinement; justification etc etc ... can come later. I appreciate your post as well ... great info ... stats ... Thanks ...
  8. +1 Wow!! Good stuff coming out of this thread!!
  9. IMHO ... optic equipped revolvers really belong in Carry Optics or a subset of Carry Optics. The revolvers were already on the Production list. At least you would be scored minor. Heck ... give us CO-R ... and remove any (Production) holster/belt equipment restrictions. Otherwise ... just shoot Open like SFish says and be sure to put a "-Rev" suffix on your first name when you register for the match. Billy-Rev Baltimore Tommy-Rev Tulsa Phil-Rev Phoenix Or .. they could make a class ... like Teen; Military; Senior; Law Enforcement etc ... just have the match director add Revolver as a class (to allow an opportunity to identify/select revolver results easily). Or not ...
  10. Well ... that's pretty much "it" then ... I would just make sure it is unloaded and give it to your dog.
  11. Wow ... that's disappointing. Even when the whole country has limited round count there is no benefit to revolver.
  12. Ha! In that chart ... the biggest crowd is the people that shoot 10 rounds!! AND ... that is funny ... w/ I shoot a "magazine" gun I like to shoot production or L10 ... The high cap stage planning is completely different. Have you even noticed ... every time you leave a shooting position you reload whether you need to or not??
  13. It's great not having to chase brass (moon clips) ... AND ... hearing someone in the background ask ... "how many shots does he have??"
  14. I use ones with a nylon patch on them ... I don't know how much the little patch helps because I use loctite on them anyhow. Set 'em and forget 'em. edit: large pistol primer cups are .020 thick ... if you get in a bind put one of those over a regular strain screw tip ... it won't go anywhere (wedged between the screw tip and the spring).
  15. No matter which one you get/have ... they will bolt to one of these rod/spindle thingies ... edit: hanger - https://benstoegerproshop.com/cr-speed-c-bax-production-holster-hanger-by-rescomp/
  16. Yep ... definitely not a draw for something new to do ... but ... It would allow an existing group of optic equipped revolvers (ICORE open shooters) to shoot their guns at USPSA w/o having to change a thing (just show up). Note: except (only mounting difference I could find) ... in USPSA the heel of the gun can't be below the top of the belt ... in ICORE it only has to stay above the bottom of the belt!! (like who would call that?? dumb rule!! 1 1/2 inch height difference).
  17. Just an a FYI ... Speed Beez has something that looks like a Comp-Tac w/ the front cut down ... (similar to the cut Blade Tec previously mentioned) ... https://www.speedbeez.com/product/speed-beez-outside-waist-band-sw-627-5-inch-tactical-revolver-holster-except-v-comp-trr8-uspsa-legal-speed-rig/
  18. IMHO .. USPSA is the place to shoot an 8 shot revolver (or Steel Challenge ... or a plain old steel match). The (USPSA) matches may have high capacity carbines and open guns running around but there is still Production, Single Stack, Limited 10 etc etc ... and the scenarios are fun. Nooooo biggie ... the low capacity folks are reloading between shooting positions ... the high caps folks get to run faster. Big deal ... that's why there are different divisions. It would be cool to be able to run an optic on a revolver w/o having to shoot in open. Heck .. if they can have Welfare Open (Carry Optics) then why not Revolver Optics ?? It would allow the open ICORE people to be able to participate w/ the same gun ... Also ... IMHO ... I am disappointed that many ICORE matches appear to continue to (snub) step on the 8 shot ... making 6 shot strings and triple taps the mainstay ... leaving in most cases the only advantage to having an 8 shot being a couple of extra bullets (in case of an ammo problem). The results clearly separate 8 shots from the 6 shots and the open guns as well as the moon clip and speed loader guys ... When you get home and unload your moon clips ... how many do you have that all the rounds have been fired?? Now that we have Limited 6 ... "Limited" is the 8 shot irons sighted revolvers. Are we (ICORE) pushing them away??
  19. I load 230gr Bear Creek bullets (or plain lead mostly these days) at 1.25 oal w/ 2.8gr of Bullseye and it is my favorite Thursday night steel load. W/ the Bear Creeks it clocks at 550fps out of my 5 inch Rock Island making 127pf. When I was first experimenting w/ this load ... I also tried 2.8gr of Clay Dot (which went about 25fps faster) and 3.4gr of Green Dot which went 590fps ... making 135pf. All cycled well ... I run a 12lb spring in the RI. Fun to shoot; knocks everything down.
  20. Yeah ... it's an RCBS (caught a good deal on it at the time) but I had to use another Dillon case feeder arm to mount it. The green "stick" RCBS gives you (for a mount) is useless w/ a 650. Has worked well. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/254443-bullet-feeder-collator-mount-xl650/
  21. Before I had a bullet feeder (on my 650) I ran a powder cop die on every toolhead in position 3. It was cool to watch the stem pop up every time I pulled the handle. When I was contemplating getting a bullet feeder I was really worried about losing the powder cop die and felt I needed to find a way to start seating and crimping again on the last station. YMMV but after running the bullet feeder in that position now and not having a visual powder check doesn't bother me a bit. Every time I refill the primers I empty the primer catcher box; the loaded bullet bin ... throw in more brass and take a look at the powder hopper. If the hopper and the powder bar moves when I pull the handle it drops powder. I have been doing it that way so long now I have complete confidence I won't have a powder problem. I do dump every "100" into their own little plastic tray ... just in case ... ever ... I finish a batch and notice there has been a powder drop problem I didn't catch during the run (and that hasn't happened yet).
  22. IIRC the factory spring is 16# ... There are 13 and 15 available.
  23. Check out this thread!! Note the striker replacement (last post) ... https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/237374-trigger-bar-differences/
  24. That's crazy ... Do you think the little spike/bump on the arm (that pushes on the striker block) has been polished or damaged to the point where it has gotten too short ... or ... the tip (on the rear of the arm) that guides it has gotten bent?? Edit: New trigger bars are only $14!!
  25. I purchased a new (5 inch 40) Core three years ago and have always loaded "lite" 40's for the gun (180s at 135pf / 165s at 128pf). The factory recoil spring had to come out right away because it was too stiff w/ the lite loads (short stroke jam-o-matic). Infact ... the only thing I could get to work w/ the factory recoil spring was factory Blazer Brass ammo (179pf). Initially, I went down to a 13lb spring because that was as lite as I could go before I noticed the slide failing to reset (w/ the gun pointed straight up 90 degrees ... as soon as I started to bring it down the slide would snap fully close). It didn't take very long for it to loosen up and reset fine even with an 11lb spring ... (didn't matter if the JPoint was bolted on or not ...). To this day the 11lb spring is still installed (over a full length stainless guide rod) and w/ it's Apex sub 3lb trigger ... it has become my favorite gun to shoot (and I sure never thought would happen).
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