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  1. +1 I have been using the Double Alpha (Mr Bullet Feeder) 9 and 40 powder funnels as well (with both coated and plated bullets ... and I don't even have a bullet feeder). You drop the bullet in and it isn't going anywhere.
  2. I have been using the AZShooters site for some time and it has always been dead on ... down to the last decimal point. Check out the percentages it has for any classifiers you have already shot ... including the one you are waiting to post ... Do this by putting in your USPSA number in the "USPSA Shooter Stats" box at the top right side of the page (put an "A" in front of your number ... ) https://azshooters.org/
  3. Go here and bring up any classifier you want ... It will show the HF class boundaries for all divisions on the same page (don't look like 90% to me). https://azshooters.org/
  4. Getting worried now ... With the 2.0 pistols out ... and being pushed out pretty well with aggressive pricing/incentives etc. It seems like a foolish endeavor for any business to invest too much time in the development and production of a "long slide" for an obsolete pistol (1.0 M&P) Hopefully ... it won't be such a big deal to get them out for both ... (perhaps nothing different other than the machining for the slide stop) ... and ... I hope my worries are completely unfounded as there are slides being produced for early generations of Glocks etc. Perhaps the base of 1.0s out there is sufficient to make it worth their while.
  5. pete627


    Nooo ... nooo ... "YOU" have to be a "Match Champion" in order to be able to fire this thing using 357 factory ammo without acquiring a life long debilitating flinch. Now ... if they made it in 32S&W long it would be the perfect little range plinker.
  6. Bullet Works - plated ... as cheap as coated. http://www.thebulletworks.net/category-s/137.htm
  7. http://www.pistoleer.com/jetloader/
  8. I do the same thing but don't have to worry about making "B" too soon (congratulations on a great start). Anyhow ... my first shot is usually at the lower center of the A box and my second directly below it in D city. I noticed pretty quickly that I was mentally centering my shots on the center of the body of the target (USPSA metric) ... and if you measure you will see that the center of the bottom 24 inches (ignoring the head) you are only an inch above the bottom of the A zone. It doesn't take much to pull the second shot into a C or worse. I figured at least while I'm working on the problem I can score a bit higher if I remember to aim higher on the body of the target.
  9. I love this rule … (naw ...) The year they started allowing 8 shot revolvers I got one and while attempting to set up a belt to use for both USPSA "and" ICORE … I also got to do a lot of research on the "heel" of the butt. Using a "muzzle forward" cant with the revolver only added to the fun. … because … (as already stated) USPSA requires the heel be above the top of the belt but ICORE requires it to be above the bottom of the belt. USPSA - - (may not commence w/) A holster with the heel of the butt of the handgun below the top of the belt … ICORE - 5.4 - The heel of the butt of the gun is not allowed below the bottom of the belt.
  10. Just renewed ... sort of ... Around the second week of May I realized that my membership was going to expire in less than 4 weeks. I had put a reminder on my calendar but set it at the expiration date instead of advance … (bad move ...). Anyhow … I looked at some old emails … went to the web site and determined that the only way to get the renewal done (this year) was to mail it in. There was a warning on the downloaded form that it could take 6-12 weeks or longer … sigh … Now I was worried as I was registered for a couple of "bigger" matches (on Practiscore) and worried how screwed this might get if I somehow popped up as "inactive" (yikes!!). On May 13th I mailed the form (was the same form as I had used previously) … As my expiration date passed I kept watching my "status" on the ICORE site and I remained active. I figured I would wait at least until June 13th (a full month) before I bothered the Membership Director. While this was going on (seeing no confirmation my app/check had gone anywhere) I re-checked the address I had used and realized there was a completely different address on the current application. After checking that out it looks like the new app w/ the new address appeared about four days after I mailed in my renewal (sweating and worry increases). Finally … on June 12th the canceled check appeared on my bank app. I still don't have a card with a new expiration date but that's OK … I have a copy of the canceled check. I figured they must be getting some things straightened out .. as they are using a new (membership) address and such and I would leave them alone (give them a chance to do their thing). I will say … I appreciate seeing the classifiers showing up (posted) like in three days or less after a match now … It used to take a long time. I would like to feel a lot more warm and fuzzy when doing this sort of thing but it is getting done and I appreciate the volunteer effort. (If I would have made it to the 13th I would have sent the guy an email … no biggie).
  11. I load both 180 Blue Bullets and Bullet Works 180 (plated) at 1.15 and they work great in both the M&P and my Para Pro Custom. I "did" have a similar problem when my M&P was brand new and running the factory recoil spring ... (looked just like that!!). Moved down to 13lb spring and "no problem" and now running an 11lb since the 40s are loaded way down for Production anyhow.
  12. I know you said you didn't want a whole gun ... but ... some of these turn-ins are getting so cheap it's almost academic. Here is one for $329.95 ... a 9mm w/ a 4.25 slide ... https://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?groupid=8633&name=LEO+Trade-In+Smith+%26+Wesson+M%26P9+9mm+Handgun I'm sure there are plenty more around ... and more available all the time ... I can't believe you couldn't unload the lower for $50+ ... to some Production guy that would be glad to have an extra ... outfitted /w a FSS trigger / magwell etc ... when needed and allow them to swap back to their Production legal lower as desired.
  13. Accidentally stumbled on some more 40 magazines again today if anyone is still looking for a few extras. This site has some interesting 9 and 40 LE turn-ins too (4.25 pistols - not used to seeing 9mm turn-ins). 40 used mag https://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=MSWMP40&name=Smith+%26+Wesson+M%26P40+.40S%26W%2f.357+SIG+15rd+Magazine&groupid=6575 9mm turn-in https://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?groupid=8633&name=LEO+Trade-In+Smith+%26+Wesson+M%26P9+9mm+Handgun
  14. Well ... there you go ... CO does show slightly faster than Production (based on classifier HF) ... which should be comparable w/o the dot ... Just for the heck of it ... pulling up an old standard ... El Presidente ... you only have to have a 4.30 HF to get a "C" in Carry Optics ... you have to have a 4.32 HF in Limited; Limited 10 and Single Stack to get a "C" ... major PF contributing no doubt. Production only requires 4.10 ... yielding to the dot based on these classifiers records (2/10 of a HF faster!!).
  15. IMHO ... they should just make an optic an allowable option in several divisions. Everytime I have tried to shoot steel challenge with an optic I end up taking it back off and just using regular sights. Having the extra capacity, major power factor / compensation etc etc in open is great and beneficial but how much an advantage is just having a dot instead of an iron sight. I wonder how many started Carry Optics (before the capacity rule change) and discovered they were just as fast with regular sights ... (like running though a maze of barriers ... leaning around a corner with 4 paper targets about 5yds .) ...For the 25-50yd stand in one box stage ... perhaps but otherwise??
  16. Hope that works out ... Found one all black ... a little more but cheap shipping (day late / dollar short ... sigh ...) https://www.speedbeez.com/product/lpa-txt-black-target-blade-smith-wesson-revolver-rear-sight/ ... and ... an a 2 year old thread talking about the Bowen ... (I have one of those) ... http://forums.brianenos.com/index.php?/topic/220175-bowen-rear-sight-for-929/
  17. How about this ... plain black sight .. silver body ... ?? http://www.revolversupply.com/silver-rear-sight-base-with-black-target-blade/ (shows in stock at time of posting)
  18. Go to the USPSA NROI tab and see when a seminar is scheduled in your area ... sign up ... pay the fee ... show up ... pass the course ... etc etc ... https://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-NROI-class-schedule.php
  19. That would be a great rule to be reviewed (IMHO). I know I miss a lot and am probably missing the scope of all the guns involved (on the production list) ... but ... Since you are scored minor anyhow ... and ... if the replacement barrel met all the "other" criteria (no ports, same contour etc) ... and ... the gun still made weight (2oz over the listed weight) ... etc etc etc .... Just thinking about what the impact would be if the word "caliber" were removed. Looking out of my own tunnel I am thinking how neat it would be for all those guys with the M&P 40 fullsize ... (possibly turn-ins) ... that possibly don't even reload (you can get 1000 9mm delivered to your house these days for less than $200) to pick up a conversion barrel and shoot production. Since "new" guns only get added to the Production List by "applying" to be added ... perhaps certain models could be "exempted" from the "caliber" specification on a case by case basis. Or perhaps ... someone wanting to shoot Production should just get over it ... purchase a compliant gun and move on. I dunno ... I have a 40 and I reload ... but if it were legal I might jump on a conversion barrel and mags just to be able to play with the 9.
  20. Wow!! OK ... I just tried straightening one out; used a hand mirror as a flat surface and it worked great. Just found two more and it was getting depressing ... whoooo ... one down ... three to go!! edit: OK .. now I feel really dumb (more than usual) ... the last three each had a single twisted petal and was very easy to tweak back into place. All pass the cylinder checker tool and back in service. Thanks!!
  21. Yeah ... I wasn't paying attention .. lots more powder for major. http://www.reloadammo.com/40loads.htm
  22. At first look I thought "wait a minuet" but then I had to check ... as I have just finished shooting up 1000 Bayou 140s (just to see what it was like). It hit me funny because I haven't shot a coated 180 for a while ... only copper plated and they take a lot more powder. Anyhow ... sure enough ... checking the spreadsheet ... I used to shoot 180 Blue Bullets and they would make 170pf loaded to 1.15oal w/ 4.0grs of bullseye. Loading the 140s with 4.0gr of bullseye at 1.16oal made minor just fine. I will say ... the 140s were .401 and letting them get longer thatn 1.16 would result in them sticking to the rifling in both my Para and M&P (not a biggie ... just the way it is). edit - Uhhhh ... hope I got the correct intention of your post ... As clarification ... yes .. the 140s work great using the same amount of powder I loaded for my 180s but as others noted ... that might get you major on the 180s but minor on the 140s.
  23. You can use 9mm data for the Short Colts ... on the Alliant site they show a maximum of 4.3 grains Unique with a 147gr bullet. I have been using two Unique loads for my Short Colts with a 5 inch 627... 147gr Blue Bullets (coated and actually weigh 150gr) with 3.7gr Unique at 1.17 oal - they average 854 out of my gun making 128pf the last time I checked. 147gr XTreme (copper plated and really weigh 147gr) with 3.7gr Unique at 1.16 oal - they average 862 making 126pf. There is plenty of room with either of these loads to boost them a tenth or two if you are shooting a USPSA match w/ chrono. They are way over for ICORE ... (only need 120 ... take a tenth or two the other way if you like). Both are pleasant to shoot ... I don't bother trying to crank them out any lighter. Plenty of folks (probably most) shoot 160s and there is plenty of data in this forum.
  24. I have been using three sets of 14 (that’s what fits in the cd container travel boxes) TK clips for almost two years. Normally, one cd box in the range bag will get it done for a local match … occasionally the second box will get opened and on the belt but doesn’t see action. Recently, I have been shooting some steel matches … shooting them double (200-250 rounds) and all three boxes see action. All of the sudden … my revolver “that hasn’t had a FTF in almost 8000 rounds” starts experiencing one … and then occasionally … two misfires per match. All clips go right back into the boxes as they come off the belt so there is little chance of them being damaged going or coming. Pulling the offenders back out after the match revealed the unfired rounds would fire the second time around. Having just swapped over to a 650 from a lee turret I was convinced that the problem “was absolutely positively” due to my new reloading process. A shooting buddy suggested I had “a” bent moonclip … I counter … “no way” … as a couple of times it has happened two times in a match … and there is “no way” there could be two damaged moonclips. After all … everytime I reload the clip (never on the range) I make sure the bullets spin and there is absolutely positively no way a bullet is going to spin in a TK moon clip if it is bent (starlines in starline clips). Sooooooo … after giving the ammo really good look … and it looks great … I figure it has to be time to adjust the mainspring (on a gun that hasn’t had a FTF in almost 8000 rounds!!). I just (this week) finished getting the gun back to where it used to be (knocked off a few oz even with a new rebound spring) … AND … wait for it!! … below are photos of the two bent moon clips. Starline cases spin in these little suckers no problem … but … they would not drop into the cylinder checker without help. I quit “bothering” with the cylinder checker a long time ago … depending entirely on bullet spin and I will never do that again. The cylinder checker is now (for me) that last check before any reloaded moonclip ever makes it back into the cd cakebox. I am keeping these moonclips … bent or not … at $6.50 each I can’t bear to throw them out … even though I know they are just sitting there … plotting … waiting for an opportunity to sneak back into the lineup.
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