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  1. OK ... I appreciate your input and your opinion. IMHO ... if I release the slide either by slingshot or by pressing down on a button (a button on the side of the gun that is preventing the slide from moving forward) as I position my weak hand and re-establish my aim ... AND ... a round doesn't chamber ... I would fix the gun ... something is wrong with it. If it "ever" failed to chamber a round at slide release (either way) I would worry at which time it might decide not to do so during regular operation. It is very rare for me to go to slide lock. I do not include slide lock reloads in any stage plan (I think the IDPA folks may have to). If it does happen (for what ever reason) and I have to use two hands to get the gun closed or I accidentally launch the magazine over a wall or something then I will probably show clear and take a miss. IMHO ... ?
  2. You're absolutely correct ... I agree ... on the 2.0 it is indeed a slide stop. Every once in a while ... shooting production or steel ... and not making that last shot/plate and needing just one more my 1.0 has saved my butt ... I've even got a chuckle once when someone said "hey!! did you reload??" It didn't take two hands. If it had not slammed closed I would have simply slid the slide release down with my thumb as I moved my weak hand into position (as I would do with a 1911). It hasn't happened a lot ... If I shot a toe off for every time it has happened I could probably still wear tennis shoes .? I try to always count .. plan my stages well etc etc ... but somehow a shoot to slide lock will sneak in there sometimes ... I think it goes with the game. I appreciate your insights ... but yes .. that is exactly why I quit looking at them. Thanks ...
  3. Here is a quickie photo of one with the lid on ... These are cheap ... require no talent/skill to create and allow easy access w/ doing a great job of protecting your clips (IMHO anyhow ... ). ?
  4. I use old CD containers. They come in different heights if you want more rows or use different OAL ammo. I drill a hole in the top and then I can put the stem base in from either side but usually use the open side up and put a regular 5 inch plastic top on them. It is easy to carry two or three in your range bag. There are 7 clips on each level ... At the range I take the first level and put it on my belt ... remove the blank CD (used as a platform to enforce stacking and protect the primers). When I shoot a stage I return and pull fresh clips from the bottom layer ... as I do I put the spent clips in their place. When the bottom layer has 7 spend clips I put the buffer CD on top of them and start filling the top ... when the case is full I put the plastic lid on to protect the clips (and proceed to the next container). Used to use taller cases when I shooting 38 specials ... cheap to buy in bulk. 3 cases in your bag will do a whole steel challenge match ... a couple will easily do a regular USPSA/ICORE match.
  5. Well .. when I really really wanted to make sure the slide stayed open it was very easy to put my thumb under the slide release and push up ... IMHO it is kind of natural to do that with any gun. With my 1911 I can easily push down on the slide release with my strong hand after a magazine is seated and the slide promptly close ... The 2.0 I tried wouldn't budge ... it took two hands to get the gun to close.
  6. +1 As long as I seat the mag firmly ... my 5 inch 40 always closes ... gently and it always stays open ... IMHO a big benefit w/ shooting anything!! I have wanted a 2.0 since they came out but like you ... the extra effort/time required to close the slide is the only reason I have not bought one. I can't imagine what they thought they were fixing??!? If you put a magazine in the gun ... wouldn't you want the slide to close?? Would you want to walk around with the slide open??
  7. I just picked one up (last week) on EBay from snoshooze (Mark Richardson ... a member on this forum) and I gotta say IMHO ... this is one of the best modifications I have made to my 650. I used to slide a little shoe under the primer arm to stop the primers ... but ... this thing ... heck ... you just snap it forward or backward. When I start a fresh run I don't operated it until the first piece of brass is under the resizing die ... has really cut down on the number of primers sitting in the ski jump parking lot at end-batch cleanup. This one (from the OP) looks like it will get the job done too w/o any drama. I used to hate to put that little shoe in and take it out ... worse than trying to get a hold of shell plate pins.
  8. 147 blue bullet (150gr .358) at 1.17 or 147 extreme plated (.357) at 1.16 oal (those are the oal's I get w/o moving the seating adjustment ... the extreme's are a little pointer than the blues) ... w/ 3.7gr Unique ... Starline brass ... roll crimped / just under 130pf. The roll crimp is a Lee 37/357 FCD w/ a spacer on top of the crimp sleeve ... (brass leaves a light finger nail type scratch ring on the bullets ... feeds nice ... no inertia movement). edit: better spelling attempted ...
  9. Although it can not be seen clearly ... before I measure I pull the trigger and mark (the frame with a lead pencil) the release point ... indicating the rear most travel of the hammer. I then attach the paper clip and use the pull gauge to retract the hammer to that point. That is the measurement I record ... the tension of the hammer at it's release point. (others may measure just as it starts to move away from the frame ... no matter ... you're looking for something you do the same every time so you can keep a maintenance record) ... 36oz (at release) as shown is the target for my 627. I use a hex set screw /w loctite ... and if I have to work on the gun I re-tension to that setting (then testfire of course) ... Also not clear in the photo ... is ... the front of the gun is clamped in a rubber jawed vise ... one of those small desk clamp on things ... the butt of the gun is sitting on it's red padded case.
  10. Here they are ... https://dawsonprecision.com/s-w-dx-classic-fiber-optic-front-sights/ I finally worked myself down to the .200 x .100 ... this gave me a lower setting for the Bowen ... With the taller sights (IMHO) the Bowen was getting a little out of it's range and didn't seem to me to have enough tension to retain it's setting ... but that's me. I got the Bowen when Brownells was still selling them ... 100-004-953WB ... I think the LPA rear sights have a similar surface area and probably are easier to adjust than the Bowen ... (the Bowen windage screws tighten from both sides and you loctite them)
  11. Here you go ... don't know if it is shorter ... they have a video!! https://www.doublealpha.biz/mini-xl650-case-feeder
  12. +1 http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/248471-moon-clips/?do=findComment&comment=2776536
  13. IIRC these are 6-32 screws ... (holding the cover on) ...
  14. Wow!! It looks like ... no one else would be able to use the factory (Hogue type) release from the new gun ... because ... they would be (wait for it!!) doing a replacement and as a replacement that release would get snagged by the dimension limitations stated in the rule ... ... but ... If you actually bought one of the new guns (the 4 inch 6 shot version mentioned in the previous post) you could keep/use the "new" factory (Hogue type) release on the gun because it came that way from the factory ... and is not a replacement (and therefore not subject to the dimension limitations). Cool ... Wow!!
  15. Dawson / Bowen on a 627 ...
  16. It would bring nothing ... but ... "IMHO" ... if I am reading their rules correctly it "would" allow you to put that Hogue type (*thumb rest [generic]*) cylinder release on any S&W revolver (for use in IDPA ... if you chose to do so .. because it is a factory item).
  17. OK ... there might be a hidden "plus" for this thing. I checked and there is a "non-plus" version of this revolver. It is 6 shots and has a 4 inch barrel. It is under IDPA weight limit. Soooooooooooo ... consider this ... The non-plus model is IDPA legal ... here is a link .. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/performance-center-pro-series-model-686 It also has the "Hogue" type cylinder release "from the factory"!! IDPA rule E says - Cylinder latches may be changed to another factory offering from the firearm manufacturer. So ... it seems to me it would be perfectly legal for anyone shooting a S&W revolver in IDPA to use one of these "*thumb rest [generic]*" cylinder releases. The down side is ... I don't think I would want to use one on a speed loader gun .. but hey ... it would be neat for the moon clip folks.
  18. Why not just set up a punishing (difficult) classifier stage that uses one target stand (limited space requirement ... like 10 yards) ... can be replicated "exactly" easily to use to evaluate performance improvement (or test additional guns ... like when you finally realize you like revolver best). Something like 03-11 (weak strong ElPres) comes to mind!! Spin around ... reload ... weak hand; strong hand ... challenging shots with the big white thing in the middle!! It has it all. https://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/03-11.pdf Just sayin ...
  19. 7 rounds?? Must be fake news ... or ... they just flew in from another planet??!?
  20. pete627

    627 vs. 929

    I thought the 929 barrel needed 38 caliber bullets and was a little too loose for 9mm (.355) ... Did they fix that?? I also ... could never understand why they didn't put a "dx/classic" front sight on the 929 (like on the 627). Being a competition gun ... you would think the "classic" would be a geeme (quick change) ... just pop it out of the spring loaded shoe ... (instead of having to drive a pin out).
  21. Thanks!! The pole saved my life!! I'm not much of a fabricator ... I "needed" a bolt-on solution. I'm sure the guys at the counter (Dillon's) were amused when I asked for the pole and then proceeded to "try it on" the XL650 display machine. Guess I should have started this thread in the Dillon Equipment section ... it's all their stuff.
  22. I noticed some other threads discussing independent mounting solutions for the Mr Bullet Feeder and thought this might be useful for anyone thinking along those lines. For reasons that have nothing to do with this thread ... I decided to use an RCBS collator on my XL650 and was shocked to find out I had no easy mounting solution since my press was on a strong mount. The "leaning" green pole provided with that bullet feeder just wouldn't get it. Anyhow ... I needed a pole mount .. and my OCD needed something that was going to look like it belonged on the press. Of course .. if you need a solution for a Dillon press you need to check there first and I found they already had them in stock. Using a stock Dillon case feeder mount (for a 650 ... a whomping $22) ... you simply turn it around 180 degrees and wala ... it becomes a collator mount. There is another arm used on the SL900 that holds a shot bucket but it hung out more in the 9 o'clock position and didn't work for me. The 650 case feeder mount ends up at the 7 o'clock position and comes out to the edge of the front of the toolhead ... just what I needed. I attached the "extra" pole just like the SL900 but put a couple of spacers in to get it just right. Putting one of these on provides an easy solution if you are looking for a pole to bolt something too. The inside diameter is 7/8 inch and even 3/4 copper pipe telescopes firmly if you need to add on.
  23. Primary Machine lists a gold, silver or nitride (black ... which you already have) ... http://primarymachine.com/refinishing-laser-work/barrel-refinishing/
  24. Yep ... moving the bullet past the forcing cone moves the primer past the path of the firing pin ... Seems like if it were in alignment enough to hit the primer that the bullet would probably go out the hole ... if there were a hole. In any case ... they were sure well prepared to capture the event on video ... That was pure luck capturing a video like that!!
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