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  1. Would it not be the same thread pitch as it is when used with the R1 but just longer? Since the screw holes aren’t changing... or what am I missing? I don’t have my X5 yet, just bought a used one yesterday and want to put a DPP on it as soon as it arrives. I have a mill. Thanks
  2. So just to clarify, all that has to be done to fit a DPP on a X5 is open mill the front of the pocket forward a bit?
  3. Yes, 2 backups if you shoot a lot. I have two guns since I’ve started open a couple years ago and have had one away for repair more than I’ve had both in hand...
  4. Thank you! I have the same set up and the same problem! I will see if I can find a friend to print this for me and I will tip the designer. Thanks!
  5. Would you say the mighty armoury die was a noticeable difference from what you were using before? I use a Dillon now with roll sized range brass and only get way less than 1% but I have a MA 223 die and it’s been incredible.
  6. I have a few of the crimson version, a must have now.
  7. So I see lots of post where guys say they removed a weight(s) from their JP SCS buffer. My question, does a spacer need to be made or do you just let the weight slam back and forth? Thanks
  8. Bringing up a old thread here. This topic interest me because here in Canada we have a 10rd limit but if you can fit more rounds of 9 in a 40 mag you can use it provided you don’t modify the mag or the gun to do so. This is only for 3gun, IPSC has rules about it. I know some of the CZ and glock guys do this and fit 13 rds of 9 in there 40 mags and they run. Would love the option of doing this in my 2011. Anyone have Ave any more info on this ?
  9. This has been my experience. Ive bent mine a few times. To check, assemble without the spring and just see how it feels.
  10. i was a early adopter of their 1050 Autodrive back when they only had one model, I have the 18th machine produced. I’ve had my share of growing pains (all software issues) but have received very good support from mark 7. In the early days this would be talking directly with Jay on a Saturday while he’s on his way to shoot a match, etc. Now while the customer service isn’t that anymore it is still quite good and I’ve been happy with the product. Would I purchase a mark 7 press? Not with the current situation, I’m seeing too many issues at the moment. Maybe in 5 years or so when they have everything smoothed our I will look at a revolution.
  11. Washed 7k 223 brass, set up a delicated Case Feeder for my roll sizer machine, still have to figure out a good clean way to brace the 1” square post to the wall...
  12. I tried 3n38 but hated how I had to fill the case. Picked up 32lbs of WAC, to get a good handle on how the gun feels(it's my first open gun). When I need more powder i might play with it again. Edit to add: With WAC I experimented with loads from 162-178 PF. Around 173-175 PF its really seemed to work the comp the best. Settled at 7.3gr WAC @ 175 PF.
  13. Within the last year I saw a youtube video posted on here where a guy had wired up a sensor that detected when a jam had occurred in the case feeder funnel and would stop the casefeeder before the brass started raining down over the top. Anyone have a link, I've been looking on and off for a week...
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