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  1. JatCarver

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Is that a factory barrel?
  2. it seems to depend on the mags, I shot open with 2011 mags and never had it happen once in 5 years. Changes to production optics with a sig and it happens to me sometimes.
  3. I just set up a new belt with the Xi’s. These are the best pouch on the market now imo. I was losing faith in DAA after the alpha X pouch and the primer pro but they got it right with the Xi.
  4. I have two guns set up like this, about 3k on one gun and 15k on the other. Trigger pull was increased about a lb in my two guns, both coming in at 4lb to the center of the shoe. Might have made the "feel" off the trigger pull slightly worse but it did do what I wanted and move the trigger shoe forward which fits me better.
  5. Think ahead of where you want to be set up in 5 years? Do you only want one press and mostly loading 9mm? Get the 750. The 550 and 1050/1100 combo is really nice to have. Crank out 9mm and 223 on the 1050 and have the 550 for doing odd stuff and load development. If you have plans to automate you will want a 1100.
  6. My 10 year old motor was also getting pretty tired. I sprung for the variable speed upgrade and it seems like a improvement.
  7. I have a RF100 and the DAA primer pro. my rf100 is a Cadillac compared to my primer pro. not enough curse works in the English language for me to describe how I feel about the primer pro...
  8. I would love to hear if anyone has experience modifying the sear/striker hook interface and how it changed the feel of the break. I’m planing to play with this over the off season and would be nice to have some knowledge going in.
  9. Does anyone know if the mk7 powder measure uses the same powder funnels as Dillon? IE: alpha dropper
  10. I searched the thread and couldn’t find it. Can anyone point me toward pics or video of a Evo with the on board primer collator? I’m considering upgrading from my mk7 1050....
  11. What’s people’s experience with the TNT Gold Match die without lube?
  12. JatCarver


    I forget mine is even there, not distracting at all.
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