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  1. Does anyone know if the mk7 powder measure uses the same powder funnels as Dillon? IE: alpha dropper
  2. I searched the thread and couldn’t find it. Can anyone point me toward pics or video of a Evo with the on board primer collator? I’m considering upgrading from my mk7 1050....
  3. What’s people’s experience with the TNT Gold Match die without lube?
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    I forget mine is even there, not distracting at all.
  5. I actually check all of the boxes. I bought a mk7 and 1050 (had a 550) within a few months of starting competitive shooting sports. Once I seen the rate I was burning through my ammo it took all of the fun out of loading on a 550. Mostly because I have a neck and back injury with pins in my spine and pulling a press handle really aggravates it. I like to load all my yearly ammo in a small time frame, makes me really appreciate the mk7. I case gauge while the machine runs so it saves a ton of time and makes case gauging less of a chore since it spreads it out a bit. Now someone needs to automate the case gauging process.
  6. I have the 1050 version not 750 but it doesn’t have a gearbox, it’s direct drive from the motor. Is the 650/750 version not the same?
  7. No cure, if the sensor is interrupted by a bullet when the downstroke begins then the press will carry on. I’ve never seen the bullet stay in place for the index but fall off on the down stroke, maybe a touch more bell/flare required?
  8. I misread the title/first post, I thought we were talking about the case feeder tube for some reason. I’ve never felt the need to clean the powder measure hopper and I would probably just replace it with a glass one if I felt it was needed.
  9. I downsized from my whole basement to a small room so I got the system and I like it. I have a plate for a 550, rock chucker and a Lee single stage. I also picked up a universal plate I plan to put a vise on.
  10. Yes have to watch this. I actually started backing it off about 1/4 turn about 20,000 rds ago and haven’t had any primer issues at all.
  11. As I stated earlier in the tread this isn't always a practical solution. As stated with some HP bullets the media gets stuck on the tips and then falls out inside the mags. Also I'm loading ~40k rounds over the next couple weeks, so something like throwing them in the tumbler for 10min turns into a big task with the high volume. Especially since my reloading room is in the basement and the tumbler is in the garage.
  12. OK so I tried the Silicone spray and it works great, it takes a very small amount to stop the sticking on the crimp die and powder funnel and didn't leave any sticky residue on the loaded ammo.
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