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  1. I avoid a plate whenever possible but the issue your having isn’t equipment related in my opinion.
  2. Installed the following combo last night in a X5 legion: This legion was over 5lbs factory and quite mushy. GG kit w/flat trigger Factory Trigger bar spring Apex Forward trigger bar and over travel stop Big improvement over factory. New pull weight is 3lb 12oz which is fine as I need 3lb + for IPSC. Trigger shoe is moved forward which is good got me as I have big hands, always ran long triggers in my 2011's. Less over travel Break is much better, less mushy, better wall. I'm ok if this setup but want to experiment with trying to get and better "wall and snap like break". Has anyone done anything to give them more of a crisper break? I might try too file a little bit more of a negative angle interface on the striker where it contacts the sear.
  3. Thanks for the info. I almost bought one of these a year ago but just wasn't enogh info om them. If I was local I would have tried it out but didn't want any headaches since I'm in a different country. Ended up using a dillon with upgraded motor which is finicky to say the least. Will probably get one of these in the future once some more feed back comes out.
  4. How much have you ran so far and whats the rate of jams?
  5. Ordered one also, while my rf100 seems to work better than most I've had the electronics fail twice in about 20k primers which is getting old. Looking forward to when someone designed a kit to mount it on the press, that would be sweet.
  6. Thanks for the input, I already had a few more of the factory 12lb coming so I'll try those again and also ordered a couple 13lb variable Wolff to try.
  7. What weight Wolff 1911 springs have people had good results with in the X5s?
  8. Anyone else get really short life from the 12lb spring that comes with the legion? After 2k rounds and with a clean gun it doesn't have enough force to go into battery all the time. When shooting one handed it barely goes into battery.
  9. I’ve had a older(back when there was only one version)mark 7 for a few years now. I’ve mostly only ran it at 1000-1200 max because that where it seemed to work best. Always had issues when going faster. Recently I’ve spent some time getting everything sorted out and now I can run it at 1800(actually speed, dwell and index set at 0) loading 9 minor. It actually seems slow now, everything is running so well I think it could easily go faster but my machine is not able to. Do you guys with the 2100-2400 or even 3500 rph 1050 PRO version find that it is capable of using these speeds? I'm considering getting the upgrade.
  10. I have a bunch of them and they are very convenient. Worth while upgrade for sure!
  11. Ok, so I adjusted the trigger bar springs as per that link(thanks) and no change in the issue. I made a video of the problem. Something I noticed. I only have to just barely pull back on the hammer for it to function in SA. Also, if I pull back on the hammer to "set" it and then rack the slide it goes back to the same issue of needing to be set. Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks! I'll check that tonight.
  13. Thanks. Is this something that is adjustable?
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