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  1. Ok, so I adjusted the trigger bar springs as per that link(thanks) and no change in the issue. I made a video of the problem. Something I noticed. I only have to just barely pull back on the hammer for it to function in SA. Also, if I pull back on the hammer to "set" it and then rack the slide it goes back to the same issue of needing to be set. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks! I'll check that tonight.
  3. Thanks. Is this something that is adjustable?
  4. Hello, picked up a new Shadow 2 OR. Installed the "75800" kit from CGW with the add on reach reduction parts. After assembly the trigger works in DA mode and in SA when I manually pull the hammer back with my finger. However if I rack the slide to cock the hammer or if I drop the hammer by pulling the trigger and keep the trigger depressed and rack the slide I get a dead trigger. If I manually pull the hammer back just a bit more it will then act as it should. It's like the new hammer doesn't engage the slide enough to be fully cocked. I plan to call CGW on monday but thought I would chack here as maybe this is a simple thing I'm overlooking. Thanks
  5. Old thread I know. Anyone have feed back with the springs?
  6. This happens a lot on the 1050s. Glad you got it sorted out.
  7. Did I see a video where someone replaced the pins on their Rollsizer with some kind of springs?
  8. JatCarver

    P320 X5 Thread

    For the guys using Wolff 1911 springs, are you using variable or standard Wolff springs?
  9. JatCarver

    P320 X5 Thread

    Interesting, is the pull weight still above 3lb with the GG guts? Looking to keep it IPSC production legal.
  10. JatCarver

    P320 X5 Thread

    Quick question. Is the in the guide rod in the legion that takes 1911 springs shiny stainless steel or does it have a black appearance?
  11. JatCarver

    P320 X5 Thread

    Is this grip tape or carbide?
  12. Would it not be the same thread pitch as it is when used with the R1 but just longer? Since the screw holes aren’t changing... or what am I missing? I don’t have my X5 yet, just bought a used one yesterday and want to put a DPP on it as soon as it arrives. I have a mill. Thanks
  13. So just to clarify, all that has to be done to fit a DPP on a X5 is open mill the front of the pocket forward a bit?
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