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  1. Bench

    PX4 Grip Chop?

    I just went through the same thing on a different pistol here in CO. You might try Greg Cotes LLC for Beretta mags. They had 15 rnd mags for my M&P which came with 10's .
  2. Bench

    ACT-MAG conversion

    I'm looking to find out how many coils are in a 17 rd. ACTMag for M&P 9 Pro. I had to buy 15 round mags but saw upon disassembly that extra (compressed) coils are left on the base pad end of the coil stack which appears to be the only thing restricting it to 15 rnds. My thinking is that the necessary coils can be sprung out to the proper dimension/coil count thus converting to a 17 rnd mag and possibly releaving a coil or two of the compressed ones.
  3. Just wondering, for you what defines the "sweet spot"? Grouping, recoil or? Thanks.
  4. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    I was amazed at how much did come off of the small parts after a bit of a soak but all parts still needed scrubbing.
  5. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    Relubing was a great lesson for me on this first total total take down. Thanks.
  6. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    LOL, since that's what I had done...ie. not looking there...but the gun started having issues so I had to dig down and glad I did since the firing pin wouldn't come out without some determined effort on my part.
  7. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    Just read the MSDS...the 'smoking lamp' will need to be OUT when this gets used!!! Sounds like a great propellant for top billing in the Darwin Award competition.
  8. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    Eventually looking to have the M&P slide only Cerakoted gray.
  9. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    AH-GEES...first I find out that I should be deep cleaning my gun more than once a year and now you're telling me I need to change out fiber 2x every year...when will this ever stop. Are you still doing Cerakote?
  10. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    WOW, that's is a lot "healthier" than some of the other cleaners available. Thanks. How long do you have to soak for the Simple Green to get working?
  11. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    LOL, by the amount of compacted crud way down deep I guess I'd better up my complete tear down cleaning schedule from once a year
  12. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    Thanks, do you soak for any amount of time?
  13. Bench

    End of season 'bath'

    Thanks, do you soak for any amount of time? Will a soaking do or do you also need to scrub down?
  14. Bench

    92FS Firing pin block spring

    How many coils might be cut from the firing pin block spring to reduce trigger pull and still be functional?
  15. I did a total take down of my 92FS and was surprised at all the compacted gunk way down deep (it's been a long season). What's a good solvent that can be used to soak the slide etc. to get into all those obscure spots? Anything other than buying a gallon of Hoppe's #9? Thanks.