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  1. What works for me was to go to a skate board shop and get a feel for the various board tapes they had. I got one that is to my liking and using paper templates for the parts of the frame that I want to be taped, I have what works for me....and it's removable with some effort. A heat gun works well to get the tape worked into corners and curves.
  2. I don't have info on that so do a search on the sites that offer tungsten rods. From what I've seen, they aren't cheap...and I am.
  3. Patriot Machine Tools on ebay...$10 or CGW $25. The G17 guide rod doesn't quite come out to the front of the slide but it still runs as needed. I would imagine that the CGW rod probably would.
  4. That's what I was going for, more tuning.
  5. Thanks, my mod seems to be working just fine, glad to hear others have been successful.
  6. I don't remember were I read about this G17 guide rod mod for the P09 but taking off just a little bit of the "button" diameter allows the slide to more easily assemble onto the frame. Prior to reducing the diameter when assembling the slide onto the frame the guide rod would catch onto a frame component(?) and not allow the slide to continue rearward for complete assembly. A little 'fiddling' would align things up and the slide would go on and range work continued just fine, but shouldn't need to fiddle to get the slide on. Now with the G17 guide rod button diameter reduced a few .001's the assembled slide goes on a lot easier and considering going a bit farther on reducing the diameter. It's within .002 of the not very pristine factory plastic guide rod. Has anyone done this guide rod modification with success? What diameter did you pull the button down to?
  7. I've been shooting Gallants this year and there was a "bad" batch that came out. Since then they have changed dies and after calling and talking to Eli he sent out a new case to replace the first one. Leading is gone with the second case and the first case is now range ammo. Give him a call. I bet you'll be doing ok on the other side. (Not affiliated with Gallant...just a satisfied customer).
  8. 1. Have you slugged your barrel? Plenty of information on the web for the process and decision making on bullet diameter coices. 2. Why change something that seems to be working?
  9. Thanks, always good to hear of someone else in the shooting world...
  10. I recently installed a LPA adjustable rear sight on my Beretta 92 and it was on target. I sent the slide in to Wilson to have them drill and install a fiber optic in the fixed front sight. At the range today with the "new front sight" I found I couldn't get the elevation high enough to raise the POI up to where it needs to be. Are there replacement parts for the LPA adjustable sight and especially a bit longer elevation screw? Edit........It was me....not the equipment, now where have I heard that before
  11. Is the Pyramid attributed to any one? I'd like to dig a bit deeper into it.
  12. Bench

    Tuning the P09 for USPSA

    Sounds like you got this thing dialed in!!
  13. Bench

    Tuning the P09 for USPSA

    Thanks, I"ll have to look them up to see what range they have.
  14. Bench

    Tuning the P09 for USPSA

    Now that's the experience with some numbers I've been looking for. I recently found a 12# hammer spring and swapped that out for the factory spring WOW what a difference with just the hammer spring. A 9# hammer spring should be sweet if it lights off Win primers. Where did that 9# hammer spring come from?
  15. Bench

    Tuning the P09 for USPSA

    Thanks, I just may end up there but just like I have a "need" to shoot, I also have a "need" to fiddle
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