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  1. My experience has been a bit of both as mentioned in above posts. First I judiciously removed coils and then removed enough of the follower lower portions that would still allow spring contact. I even leveled off the center "knob" to make it even with the "legs".
  2. ^^^+1. You need to work on the muscle groups that are supporting your dry fire routine not just by dry firing but with a variety of endurance/strength work. Good for the brain too since boredom can set in with dry fire only.
  3. Do you recall what OAL you used for the Precision 125 TC's?
  4. Those mini-poppers at 35 yds sure were a hoot to shoot!!!
  5. Had a level 2 match so the new load was put on hold since I hadn't chronoed and with the PB 38/125's (.358") RN the OAL is way down to 1.050" and so I ran another post regarding load data. I got good information so I'm back at it and out to the range this week to see what "the tale of the barrel" is.
  6. I'm working up a new load for 38/125's RN per load data that indicates for 125's a load of 3.9 HP-38 is low end/start load. The load data also indicates a start OAL of 1.060 but my barrel with this new bullet only allows a plunk test of 1.050". Is there a need to reduce the powder load also or is the start load still within safe bounds? I'm well aware of laddering within load data but haven't encountered laddering up from below "start data". Thanks all!!
  7. So how do you check for primer depth or rule out any primer depth irregularities?
  8. If the plunk test is ok for all the rounds then you are good to go. After all, where are you going to end up using the rounds...in the gauge or in your barrel
  9. LOL, there's ALWAYS something interesting when the match is bumped up a notch
  10. What GrumpyOne said...he just beat me to it...
  11. You bet, gotta do that from all the help here. Thanks all!!
  12. Thanks Steve RA, I have some precision 38/.357's on the way.
  13. LOL...if one doesn't work then go to another...so far I've found that slugged size doesn't work. Just ordered some .358". Hopefully I'll be getting closer with these. Then .357" just in case. Thanks!!
  14. And the .358" should work in a slugged .356" barrel?
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