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  1. Bench

    Factory sear hardness?

    Approaching 1K rounds after completing the Burwell job and no issues at all. That being said I was careful to polish the sear and not remove 'heavy' amounts of metal prior to polishing since the measurements described were kind of vague...
  2. Bench

    Recoil spring-different w/ optic?

    I don't have a CORE though on my 9 Pro the red dot is staying in the screen now that I'm at 130 PF and 11# uncaptured recoil spring on the factory rod. I'm sure the recoil spring has some to do with the reduced dot movement but I'm beginning to see that a good hard grab on the gun contributes substantially.
  3. Bench

    Goig to the Dark side...Red dot

    It's still early in the season and the weather has only allowed one match to go ahead...and that one was nip and tuck with the conditions. Regarding the mount and red dot I'm sold on the combination which was suggested by a GM in CO. The 6 moa has been relatively easy to find this early in the game and the mount seems to be hanging on just fine. As I mentioned I've only run it in one match but with ~300 rounds through range work if this continues throughout the season I'll be happy. Good luck on steel this year.
  4. Bench

    9mm reload not going into battery

    I've read and re-read, and re-read that great post and having run into the issue you brought up regarding the bullet of choice not 'easily press'ing into the case...that's a very useful addendum to Wobbly's cogent post...
  5. Bench

    Advice for a newbie

    Have you loaded any coated 124's with any of your core group of powders? (A#2, WSF, or HS-6) Favorite??
  6. Bench

    Advice for a newbie

  7. Bench

    Advice for a newbie

    Spill factor is what got me going on the densities of powders...one drawback of N320...but plus for Titegroup...and a reason to look at Sport Pistol.
  8. Bench

    Advice for a newbie

    Terrry44, I haven't used it YET since I'm on the same search as you for now. What I did find was "Density" for a range of powders including burn rates. Density is a measure of grains/cubic centimeter (gr/cc). Titegroup: 11.799 gr/cc Burn rate: 3 VV N320: 8.264 gr/cc Burn rate: 15 WSF: 11.905 gr/cc Burn rate: 44 Then from further googling: Sport Pistol: 10.69 gr/cc Burn rate: 12 So it looks to me like VV N320 is going to have the greatest fill with Titegroup and WSF having lowest fills. Sport Pistol should be slightly more than TG & WSF but less than N320 by quite a bit. This has nothing to do with specific load data but just a general drift of an idea of fill rates.
  9. Bench

    Advice for a newbie

  10. Bench

    Advice for a newbie

    What would you say is a good load for starters for 9 minor for 124 coated? I saw the load data for BA9.5 but saw nothing for coated. Thanks.
  11. Bench

    Advice for a newbie

    What's your load for 9 minor with this powder?
  12. Bench

    9mm Load 124/147gr Titegroup

    OAL for you is relative to the bullets you use and your gun. Powder data should be used as a safe starting load once you have found the OAL for the bullets you're using in your gun/s. Good suggestions from Memphis Mechanic above: "3.8 titegroup and a coated 124 3.2 titegroup and a coated 147 Load as long as your guns chambers will accomodate."
  13. Bench

    Goig to the Dark side...Red dot

    Thanks for the link. All I did was read the info included in the box...isn't that the way instructions usually came...
  14. Bench

    Tumbling question..

    If you have a Harbor Freight available you might find in the sand blast area walnut shells in a 25# box. Get the smaller size and you are good to go for a MUCH cheaper price for the quantity. You might also try a well stocked 'Feed and Seed' store for pet bedding. on what BJ said...cheap polish and cut up dryer sheets work great!!!
  15. I'm putting a EGW dovetail mount on M&P9 5" plus Venom. The EGW has torque specs but there are none for the Venom. Any one have these specs? Thanks!