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  1. Slug your barrel and add .001. Use fishing weight lead cast into a 9mm brass and pull it out with a bullet puller. Run it through your barrel, mic it up and add .001 for your final coated bullet dia.
  2. Bench

    Shadow 2 slugging

    I can't help you with the Shadow barrel slug dimensions but melting lead into a 9mm casing gives you a perfectly fitting cast lead slug. Just use a bullet puller to get the lead slug out of the casing.
  3. ^^. Another one here for 10.4.3. The rule says "any shot"...not 'any shot while loading, reloading or unloading'.
  4. I've been shooting Gallant's for two years now and have had no issues. When I need a quick 3k I'll head over to Precision. Price is a small factor but quality is more of an issue. Gallant has 125's in .356 and .357 whereas Precision offers .356,7and8's.
  5. Thanks for posting the Rule #...right on!
  6. Forgot about Langdon....another good choice.
  7. You can't go wrong with Wilson Combat at all. I've set up my 92 with parts from them for USPSA. Also you might want to hit Youtube to see what modifications you might want to do to your Beretta.
  8. Since I first posted on this thread I've switched to JB Weld because the two part epoxy that I used on my plastic frame kept releasing. That was even after de-greasing. Go JB Weld!!
  9. The way I taught my brain to see with my right eye was a gradual step by step process. Initially during dry fire I closed my left eye and only used my right eye to acquire the sights. This step took a while...months maybe. The next step I took after I felt comfortable with the right eye only was to barely open the left eye once the sights were acquired with the right eye. Again this took months. As I began to feel more comfortable just squinting through the left eye and having the sights through my right eye I began to squint less and less. Months later and much dry fire I only occasionally need to shut my left eye to check that I'm seeing the sight with my right. No more "two targets". Occasionally when I wasn't dry firing I would use my right index finger tip to line it up on an object and check to see if I was using my right eye, squinting or "winking" my left eye just to check.
  10. 1.) I'm digging to find out if the dove tail on a SP01 (mfg 2018) will accept a low profile competition rear iron sight from an older SP01 probably from '06. 2.) Any suggestions for a fiber optic front sight dimensions to match for USPSA? Dawson/CGW... Rear notch is 0.125 wide. Shooting 9mm 125's. Thanks All!
  11. I've been using the EGW site for dot mounts.
  12. Bench

    Ergonomic benefit of RRK

    That is the one that I have ordered thinking that it has to be better than the stock curved one. Thanks for the pic of your pistol. I have yet to put grit on support hand thumb area as you have. Also, what sights are on your pistol? That's the next change in this SP-01 project of mine.
  13. I've done some searching here for benefits of the RRK and off it goes into the weeds with out any specific mention of benefits with regard to what I'm looking for. Since I have fingers that are kind of like spider legs, long and skinny is that 5.0mm set back of any benefit for those of us that don't have "stubby" fingers? From reading the web site the overall trigger travel isn't changed so I'd much rather spend the lesser amount for just the 85 trigger (I'm growing increasingly grumpy re: the stock SP-01 trigger) and be off and running to the next modification. Thanks All.
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