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  1. Heat would do the trick to loosen up the epoxy but first I'd have to be careful not to epoxy the plastic cap that secures the striker block spring that S&W so thoughtfully machined into the slide dovetail
  2. Thanks, probably better than peening.
  3. Now put what you saw in the video together with your comment regarding dry fire, slow at first to begin building muscle memory then add speed...repeat until you aren't thinking about each particular step and you'll be well on your way to your first target after the BEEP!
  4. All that worked like a champ!! I'm back up and running for now, Thanks!!
  5. Between acetone and denatured alcohol both my wife and I can put a dent in gallon jugs of the stuff...
  6. Between peening and the divot for the existing set screw hopefully I'll be back up and running for the match this weekend.Thanks!!
  7. If there was a full width dovetail on the slide I'd have room for a second set screw but on this M&P there isn't. Acetone...good for just about anything
  8. I noticed that the dovetail mount for my dot isn't secure any longer. Originally I did some light filing to get it to fit without having to bang away on it but now (with the set screw backed out) it just slides in and out which was not the case originally. 1.) What's a good way to tighten up the dovetail 2.) What's a good solvent to get rid of the blue thread locker?
  9. Looking forward to catching up with you somewhere in the middle.
  10. Thanks HP Jack, that process'll work for me...and I just started a practice pile bowl. Not many in there though.
  11. I've been loading Gallant 125's and they work just fine in my plastic gun for CO but this 92 is a different issue for some reason... Where've you been hiding, haven't seen you at any matches for some time...or just missed you in different squads?
  12. Thanks HP Jack, do you check for high primers even though you might not be checking for chambering for all of your ammo??
  13. That's kind of the idea I've been going with all along...that the barrel is the best check...I don't even have a chamber gauge. I use good dial calipers and the barrel.
  14. LOL, it's always great to solve a problem...that isn't a problem
  15. Good thought on the shim, I'll take a look. One Shot is part of the routine, a little cleanup following loading needed though.
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