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  1. I don't know specifically why but I've always pushed them out to the left and put them in from the left. If you are putting in a Dawson sight look at the bottom for the arrow which indicates the proper direction for installation. Maybe it's the European way of all things "sights".
  2. I'm about in the middle of a 4-5 week (per Gallant) order shipping schedule. Hoping it's shorter than 7+ weeks. What other vendors are you considering?
  3. The question in my mind is when you swap parts between different models by definition what pistol does one now have. In your case is it a Shadow or is it a SP-01 and if it's still defined as a Shadow then FPB probably can come out. If defined as a SP-01 then the CO rule applies.
  4. You just may want to dig a bit deeper for the legality of it all. AppD7 for CO 21.1 says "ALL factory safety mechanisms, whether internal or external, must remain functional". So if you are removing the FPB on the SP-01 slide you will probably be outside of what 21.1 indicates. JM$.02
  5. Bench

    CGW S-spacer for SP-01

    Thanks all, I have no problem with fussing around with the hand fitting (which it is), and since I kind of like doing that kind of fussy fitting I think I'll spend the $4 vs $46 for the easy path. Thanks again!
  6. Bench

    CGW S-spacer for SP-01

    Thanks assnolax, good to hear you've had no issues over this amount of time.
  7. I'm planning on putting the CZ factory competition hammer in my Limited SP-01 build (manual safety), removing the FPB, FPB spring, lifter and it's spring. 1.) Is there any reason for choosing the spacer vs wide pre-B sear when installed with that hammer? 2.) Other than hard fitting the safety to the safety arm are there any other fitting that needs to be done to install the wide sear to the CZ competition hammer? The spacer install just seems a bit simpler (?).
  8. Until your pace is the outcome of calling every shot, there is the concept of “pushing.” BE.

  9. Did you check Springer Precision?
  10. After cutting the follower legs down it was easier to get 5 in.
  11. I ran Springer Precision on my M&P and they didn't disappoint. Maybe not the cheapest you are looking for but worth a look.
  12. Same here with my SP-01 manual safety...IMHO it's a must do!
  13. I have no specific chrono data of the old vs new and just used the same load just a bit longer (?). The new seemed to be a bit more consistent in bullet weight/length in the samples that I took. It was good to see them upgrade to the "new" bullets.
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