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  1. Thanks Mark, that is something I will pay attention to.
  2. Thanks!!! I looked down inside to the release area and saw that only with a FULL press of the release would the catch 'disengage'. I did file off a little of the catch so that when the release was pressed the catch was more parallel with the surrounding mag housing. It still needs a strong push on the release button just not as long and hard as previously. That certainly helped as well as a bit of dry silicon spray in the mag well so mags slide out easier (we'll see if that was a good idea or not).
  3. For competition I'm looking to swap out the mag release spring for a lighter one. I appears that the factory spring is glued in and my first thought is to use heat to soften the glue...but since working inside the plastic frame a flame heat source isn't feasible. Any other suggestions ie. solvents that won't affect the frame?
  4. It might not be a fast process but it's surefire...I 'sieve' through (range brass) three stages: 45, 40, and 9's/38's in the last sieve. Then they go into a 100 rnd plastic ammo box designed for 9mm. The long ones and the short ones that aren't 9mm are easily seen and get thrown out for recycling.
  5. Not familiar with 'quick load'. Is that an app or site? Thanks.
  6. Thanks, I did leave it stock and will give polishing it a good go.
  7. The only experience I've had with this powder is just trying to find some...gave up and sticking with Titegroup.
  8. Approaching 1K rounds after completing the Burwell job and no issues at all. That being said I was careful to polish the sear and not remove 'heavy' amounts of metal prior to polishing since the measurements described were kind of vague...
  9. I don't have a CORE though on my 9 Pro the red dot is staying in the screen now that I'm at 130 PF and 11# uncaptured recoil spring on the factory rod. I'm sure the recoil spring has some to do with the reduced dot movement but I'm beginning to see that a good hard grab on the gun contributes substantially.
  10. It's still early in the season and the weather has only allowed one match to go ahead...and that one was nip and tuck with the conditions. Regarding the mount and red dot I'm sold on the combination which was suggested by a GM in CO. The 6 moa has been relatively easy to find this early in the game and the mount seems to be hanging on just fine. As I mentioned I've only run it in one match but with ~300 rounds through range work if this continues throughout the season I'll be happy. Good luck on steel this year.
  11. I've read and re-read, and re-read that great post and having run into the issue you brought up regarding the bullet of choice not 'easily press'ing into the case...that's a very useful addendum to Wobbly's cogent post...
  12. Have you loaded any coated 124's with any of your core group of powders? (A#2, WSF, or HS-6) Favorite??
  13. Spill factor is what got me going on the densities of powders...one drawback of N320...but plus for Titegroup...and a reason to look at Sport Pistol.
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