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  1. The sectional this year is in Dorr at South Kent Sportman's club. So you shouldn't have to drive far for that.
  2. sorry didnt see the idpa
  3. I bought one mostly because I thought they were cool. Loaded up 1.5 years of ammo over the winter and then it sat for while. ended up selling the auto drive for 80% to fund something else.
  4. I had it happen in my 35 or my 17 before, just put it back in and never had any issue
  5. You can have 11 in your first mag as long as you only have 10 in your mag at the start signal. You can also use a mag to load the chamber and then swap it out for a 10 round mag. It's really only tricky on unloaded starts, then all mags must be only 10
  6. It wasn't legal under the old rule book, it has been since they updated it
  7. You can use doubles but your not going to want to if you take it seriously at all. I have 5 mag pouches on my belt when I shoot production. 2 or 3 when I shoot limited
  8. If you advertise your match as a uspsa match and you try to dq me for muzzle over the berm during a reload, I would like my money back. If you want to run a special match with your special rules let people know in advance so they don't bother to show up.
  9. Did anyone ask Troy? He can interpret major shooters can load 10 all the time and fix all these problems
  10. I have a variety pack with all the spring weights coming with the sear spring, so I'll see if that makes a difference but I ran a 10 pound spring with the same primers and never had a problem. Should be here Thursday.
  11. From the time it started being an issue probably 75% of the time its more than one strike
  12. The over travel screw is out of the way. Ill double check the sear after work with the bolo, but it looks good with the factory interrupter
  13. I have been using this stock 3 for past two years. I put all the cool parts in it when i first got it, no issues, and just shot it and changed springs until now. The last couple matches ive started having to pull the double action 2 or 3 times to get it to go off. Single action has always worked fine. At first I thought it needed to be cleaned, didn't help. Replaced the hammer and firing pin springs, didn't help. Removed the firing pin block, didn't help. Today I took out the bolo and put back in the factory interrupter and had 20/20 go off in double action. The only fitting I did on the bolo was removing .007 off the bottom to try to fix this problem. In double action the hammer goes back .08 farther than before but that didn't fit the issue. Ammo is using federal primers sitting .015 ish below flush. I have a new sear spring on the way to see if that makes a difference. Both the bolo and the trigger bar don't appear to have any obvious wear that would be the problem. Right now im leaning towards ordering a new bolo, because taking that out eliminated the problem. Anyone better at this than me have any ideas I should look into? Stock 3 -Bolo -1 piece sear -extended firing pin block -titan hammer -henning firing pin -12 lb pd hammer spring https://photos.app.goo.gl/TLzzzUyC9EjqjFM67 - trigger bar https://photos.app.goo.gl/ybA7mYrp9mUymyum9 - bolo https://photos.app.goo.gl/7NEvPe9xBeod4ooU7
  14. It's pretty clear you can't be touching the ammo, if it isn't stated it has to be in the belt. There use to be a rule that anywhere it said handgun also applied to PCC but I'm not sure if it made it into the new rule book 5.2.4 During the course of fire, after the start signal, unless stipulated otherwise in the stage procedure, spare ammunition,magazines and/or speed loading devices shall be carried in retention devices l attached to the competitor's belt and specifically designed for that purpose. Unless specifically prohibited in the Written Stage Briefing, a competitor may also carry additional magazines or speed loading devices in apparel pocket(s) and retrieve and use them, providing that the location of the apparel pocket does not violate the requirements of Appendix D, Item 12 (subject to the provisions of Rule A course of fire must never require or allow a PCC competitor to touch or hold ammunition, loading devices or magazines after the “Standby” command and before the start signal. Fingers must be outside the trigger guard and the safety applied if the carbine is loaded. Start positions may not require the competitor to start facing uprange while holding the carbine.
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