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  1. Pretty sure that this is against the rules here. But uspsa survived the last assault weapons ban. Maybe Prod/ss will where everyone goes
  2. Like everyone else said level one I would warn them, above that its on you to know the rules. If your choosing to shoot the only division with special handling rules you should know what they are.
  3. I don't think that's what he meant. Every match I have worked the MD did everything they could to take care of staff, there are plenty of places I would be happy to volunteer to run stages for again. But by the time I pay for -half a hotel room (that for sectional matches I wouldn't need if I wasn't working the match) - meals in restaurants (meals I'm not eating at home because I'm out of town to work the match) Most of the time it would be cheaper for me to not work the match before I use extra vacation days to RO. If we are going to start cha
  4. I've been hearing a lot about this lately on uspsa podcasts. Matches where the shooters don't reset and match staff do it all. As a shooter im sure everyone is all for it, im more interested in what people that regularly work matches think about it. Would this make you more likely or less likely to volunteer?
  5. You could have one as long as you didn't use it between make ready and range is clear. Any time between that your going to open. Not worth the risk imo Appendix d4 20 covers magnets Each magazine must be contained individually within the magazine pouch. Magazines may not be retained through magnetic means. moves your to open for not following the above However, if a competitor fails to satisfy the equipment or other requirements of a declared handgun Division during a course of fire, the competitor will be placed in Open Division, i
  6. 9.1.4 Unrestored Targets – If, following completion of a course of fire by a previous competitor, one or more targets have not been properly patched or taped or if previously applied pasters have fallen off the target for the competitor being scored, the Range Officer must judge whether or not an accurate score can be determined. If there are extra scoring hits or questionable penalty hits thereon, and it is not obvious which hits were made by the competitor being scored, the affected competitor must be ordered to reshoot the course of fire. Reviewing previous score sheets is prohibited; targe
  7. Only if the trigger is accessible From the glossary Handling (As in “handling a firearm”) The act of manipulating, holding, or gripping a firearm while the trigger is functionally accessible. Note exceptions for casing/uncasing PCC.
  8. If the shooter stops themselves that's it. There is no reshoot, unless it's for a reason in the rulebook. It would be hard to write a rule that couldn't be abused when you have a bad stage.
  9. There is not a rule that says it has to be locked open.
  10. This is 2020 as long as it's not a red dot, comp, or magnet is good to go for production
  11. The sectional this year is in Dorr at South Kent Sportman's club. So you shouldn't have to drive far for that.
  12. sorry didnt see the idpa
  13. I bought one mostly because I thought they were cool. Loaded up 1.5 years of ammo over the winter and then it sat for while. ended up selling the auto drive for 80% to fund something else.
  14. I had it happen in my 35 or my 17 before, just put it back in and never had any issue
  15. You can have 11 in your first mag as long as you only have 10 in your mag at the start signal. You can also use a mag to load the chamber and then swap it out for a 10 round mag. It's really only tricky on unloaded starts, then all mags must be only 10
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