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  1. BARRELS: You may replace the barrel with an OFM or aftermarket barrel of the same length and caliber as the original barrel for that model of gun. D7 21.3
  2. Your right its legal to have but there isn't any advantage to having a magnet you can use on your belt. Asking for trouble.
  3. Kraj


    From the glossary Should - optional but highly recommend It has no weight in the rules
  4. The Section puts out a list of uspsa/idpa clubs every year. Most clubs start up in April but i would look up their website and get confirmation that matches are actually taking place before you head out early in the year. Every year at the start of the year there is a ton of new shooters, dont worry about being the only one. http://nebula.wsimg.com/cd6b4882ddc9898ed815f55cc5f3a0fa?AccessKeyId=D4F86D57480F6DA60945&disposition=0&alloworigin=1
  5. Poppers work like that. If plates don't fall when shot it's a range equipment failure and a reahoot
  6. Area 5 a couple years ago had steel rectangle no shoots. No one complained that I heard and it worked fine. As long as it says in the WSB I don't see what the problem is
  7. Have you cleaned where it attaches to the die part? Mine got dirty in there and if you didn't remove the gunk it would hold it up and not reset
  8. Pdf on your phone is the best. Download it so you don't need service and you can still use the search function. I never use my paper rule book.
  9. Why would you go to open? there was a ruling updating awhile ago about this. Fix it if its found before you shoot. Zero the stage and fix it after if its found after you shoot. Any competitor who fails the foregoing test will immediately adjust his holster or equipment to comply with the requirements of the relevant Division. The Range Master may make allowances for variations in these requirements due to anatomical considerations. Some competitors may not be able to fully comply. Any competitor who shoots a course of fire while out of compliance will receive a zero score for that course of fire, unless specifically exempted by the Range Master. If the RO suspects or is notified that a competitor’s equipment is out of compliance for their relevant division, the RO must measure the distances at that time. Penalties will not be retroactive and will be based solely on measurements taken on a particular stage. The RM must be informed of any penalties applied due to non-compliance.
  10. If they are outside of the new measurement they were way past the old measurement
  11. They can tell say it must be activated first but it would have to be written and obviously it would apply to everyone. The people that shot it would have to reshoot or everyone would have to be allowed to shoot it before activation. 9.9.4 Level I matches only - If the written stage briefing prohibits the engagement of certain targets prior to activation, the competitor will incur one procedural penalty per shot fired at such targets prior to operating the activating mechanism, up to the maximum number of available hits (see Rule
  12. You need to put the gun back in a ready condition. “Single action” – chamber loaded, hammer cocked, and the safety engaged. “Double action” – chamber loaded, hammer fully down or de-cocked. “Selective action” – chamber loaded with hammer fully down, or chamber loaded and hammer cocked with external safety engaged (see Divisions in Appendix D).
  13. I couldnt find it when I searched for it either. I'm not sure if the revolution one is still around.
  14. The gun will always be in the same spot, right where you left it. I don't think there is any advantage to looking down at it when its in the holster. If you want to look at it if you have to pick it up off a table that makes sense.
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