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  1. I have...when he hit my truck, when he knocked down the mailbox, when he threw my packages in the lawn where my dog relieves himself, etc, etc. It's become personal. https://ring.com/share/5bb1eebe-2810-468b-bde0-0882ee96c37c Wait for it...5 seconds in...boom, cracked mirror housing (then had the audacity to toss my crap in the crap without getting out of the vehicle—a real piece of work). Even the so-called 'Advocate General' dismissed this with 'we'll look into this' nonsense when elevated to D.C. In other news (to correct my thread drift), I have some 1
  2. There comes a point when they just throw in the towel and throw the cases by the road, rather than walk them down the driveway....making Santa's naughty list come Christmas-gift-card-in-the-mailbox time.
  3. Miraculous things are happening at Bayou...just got a shipping notice that my December 7 (20 weeks ago) order shipped today, so those in the queue can gauge how much longer your wait is...and may the odds be ever in your favor.
  4. It's Midway doing the discontinuation on the 5K cases...received them for Federal, CCI, and Win...Larry retired and they are now charging roughly $100/K w/ hazmat, shipping, and 1K limits, so why sell 5K a pop, they figure.
  5. I don't think they've offered any options > 1,000 in quite awhile...would be nice to get some bulk pricing again, but not holding out for it during the current environment. PS: You're from my old stomping grounds. I was raised on Gianelli's, salt potatoes, and OV Splits way back when, sir.
  6. I think I am at 19 weeks with Bayou now...believe they were fulfilling orders from mid-November last time I checked, and I ordered the first week in December, so will give them a couple more weeks before I pull the plug and seek to be made whole/refund. Maybe I'll give them another look next year when they meet all the pent-up demand...but 5 months is absurd and I can't do business like this.
  7. Lots of "Teamlobudget" postings on the Interwebs from people who claim to be from Kingsport, TN. What a coincidence, as that's where the garage in which the website you posted casts theirs. Small world.
  8. Coated are cheaper; new reloaders were lured in with thoughts of cheaper ammo; ergo, the new kids of the block are buying lots of coated (and every single other bullet they can get their hands on). With a six-month delay on some reloading presses alone (expensive durable good), I am not surprised to find 20 week delays on cheaper, disposable reloading components as the kids scoop them up like there's no tomorrow. As the price of ammo increases to absurd levels and as shelves are cleared out within minutes from the rush of people who lined up around the corners of major retailers i
  9. Demand is off the charts; with the spike in prices driving 'cheap' 9mm up over $800/case in some markets, I suspect many have crossed over to reloading their own ammo. Look at the lead times Dillon posted for some of their products. 6 months to get a press in some cases?!? ...and with tens of millions of new gun owners all demanding ammo and surely millions of new reloaders all needing components, well, clearly there was a shock to the market...with no end in sight yet. LEAD TIMES FOR COMMON BACKORDERED PRODUCTS Square Deal B - 24 weeks RL550
  10. ...just received an order from RMR yesterday; order was placed on 12/27, if you're in the queue and trying to gauge turnaround (nearly 40% longer than their mansplaning email asserts). [edit] However, at least they're communicating with customers, so there's that...
  11. ...hot off the RMR press: If you want the list of in-stock items, scroll to the bottom. If you want to be informed on what is going on, please read this email carefully! We are getting our butt's kicked! You may have noticed that we took down most of the listings for the in-house products. Don't worry! We are not permanently discontinuing them. We are just trying to give ourselves some time to catch up in production. Basically, you guys were ordering
  12. Nice. I'm surprised they had some just sitting there ready for purchase. I'll revise my previous statement to say MOST, not all, as PD makes a good bullet. I do wish they had cases for a discount over the 1K pricing, but I get it...definitely a seller's market. Good call, sir. I bet you helped a number of people out with that post (I have some on the bench waiting for Spring, or I would have grabbed some while the getting is good).
  13. ...but can I stick my WML to my magnetic pouches between stages and then 'make-ready' mount it?
  14. I'm learning the hard way that there's a reason some are able to ship in days, despite unprecedented demand and other operations being backed up 18-26 weeks. I'll leave it at that.
  15. Right. When I got in, most were "sold out", so I assumed the order I placed was for either 1.) in-stock supply 2.) in a queue where turnaround isn't measured in years. If I had known some are still waiting more than 180 days AND they continue to pile on orders, ergo... I did receive a small sample of BBIs today...quick shipping. Hard to tell if the bare lead spots are from the poor packing with the bullets smacking each other during their journey or if their coating is weak...quick shipping nonetheless. I like MGs model—they accept orders when product is in stock and s
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