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  1. Problem solved...lookie, lookie. Will open the one hole up a bit to slide it over and square it up. Crazy, but I couldn't go through life like that.
  2. ...looks square on the Dillon site, at least the side shown.
  3. One last asinine question. My OCD is kicking in and on a beer break while installing the mount, so have to ask. Does your mount fit square/flush to the base of the press, or is it "crooked" like this (below). I checked both sides all around to ensure they weren't (L)(R) side-specific before bolting it on...total mirror images of one another...but never seen one this far off (it's the 650/750 only strong mount, so only one hole in each corner for the 4 bolts that connect to the press...not the double-holes in each corner like for the 550/650/750 mount). Ev
  4. Put me down for 6. I'm in.
  5. So you are planning on taking arguably one of the most reliable service weapons in the world and bastardize it with a slew of aftermarket parts and use it for EDC? Interesting.
  6. I assume it's because they, too, need to jump through hoops to acquire them, so they mark them up....but 500%+ is absurd. People pay it, so they continue to do it (like drop-in triggers that cost 50% of what a whole new gun costs). I might call down to the Sheriff's department and see what I can do; maybe they'll understand and help me out before they are dissolved by the defund wackos.
  7. Even as a certified armorer, non-LEO clowns like myself can't order minus connectors from the mothership (and doubt the Chief of Police is going to sign-off on it, either). So does everyone just suck it up and pay the 526% markup (or use aftermarket parts), or is there a source that sells them for a more reasonable, say, 3x the price on the price sheet? I like to stay stock and like the '-' connector, but don't want to scrounge from the G34 to drop one in the G45 I plan to use for CO. edit: ...and somewhat refuse to pay $25.99 for a $3.99 part.
  8. I just noticed this same issue...put the SRO in the nightstand safe with the G19 RMR carry weapon...take them out in the morning and the RMR is exactly the brightness I like and adjusts instantly outdoors, in a blackened closet, etc...SRO comes out too dim, seemingly on the lowest setting. I adjust manually in all conditions. I was an early adopter...guess I should consider sending it back (if they have correct newer models and no longer an issue). Hmmmm....
  9. I see you drilled another hole. Genius. lol I'll mount the wood flush to the front of the cabinets, then, and be good to go either way. The issue was screwing down the front without hitting the cabinet frames, so wanted to move it back an inch or so to get some decent clearance...can move the mount to the edge and drill the extra hole an inch back if I run into any issues with the handle. Good call. Thanks again.
  10. Thank you, sir...good to know. I was hoping someone with a strong mount mounted back from the edge would give some insight..very helpful. Thanks again. (I have a 200+ pound solid wood bunting door I am mounting on 3x 2-door cabinets in the garage, so just put it on the bench and pull the handle isn't an option yet. )
  11. I was going through the instructions and getting ready to mount the strong mount to my bench. For installation without the strong mount, I believe the instructions call for x" of overhang; however, the I believe the strong mount eliminates the need for overhang, correct? The instructions say to mount it "close to the front edge...", so thought I would ask—is 1.5" from the edge going to be a problem? I thought I would ask once, drill once, and avoid having the bench look like some clown was poking and hoping while looking for a stud in the wall.
  12. Judging from the supply out there, that's a good problem to have, sir.
  13. Thanks, Sarge...won't hold out until free shipping is offered, then.
  14. I made it 15 pages deep and this is spot-on; however, a few more pages of problems and you can add zip-ties (cleaning out stuck primers), carnuba car wax, a shoe-box and some "primer lube" to your list. I've seen enough. Thanks, guys.
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