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  1. I load 230gr Bear Creek bullets (or plain lead mostly these days) at 1.25 oal w/ 2.8gr of Bullseye and it is my favorite Thursday night steel load. W/ the Bear Creeks it clocks at 550fps out of my 5 inch Rock Island making 127pf. When I was first experimenting w/ this load ... I also tried 2.8gr of Clay Dot (which went about 25fps faster) and 3.4gr of Green Dot which went 590fps ... making 135pf. All cycled well ... I run a 12lb spring in the RI. Fun to shoot; knocks everything down.
  2. Yeah ... it's an RCBS (caught a good deal on it at the time) but I had to use another Dillon case feeder arm to mount it. The green "stick" RCBS gives you (for a mount) is useless w/ a 650. Has worked well. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/254443-bullet-feeder-collator-mount-xl650/
  3. Before I had a bullet feeder (on my 650) I ran a powder cop die on every toolhead in position 3. It was cool to watch the stem pop up every time I pulled the handle. When I was contemplating getting a bullet feeder I was really worried about losing the powder cop die and felt I needed to find a way to start seating and crimping again on the last station. YMMV but after running the bullet feeder in that position now and not having a visual powder check doesn't bother me a bit. Every time I refill the primers I empty the primer catcher box; the loaded bullet bin ... throw in more brass and take a look at the powder hopper. If the hopper and the powder bar moves when I pull the handle it drops powder. I have been doing it that way so long now I have complete confidence I won't have a powder problem. I do dump every "100" into their own little plastic tray ... just in case ... ever ... I finish a batch and notice there has been a powder drop problem I didn't catch during the run (and that hasn't happened yet).
  4. IIRC the factory spring is 16# ... There are 13 and 15 available.
  5. Check out this thread!! Note the striker replacement (last post) ... https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/237374-trigger-bar-differences/
  6. That's crazy ... Do you think the little spike/bump on the arm (that pushes on the striker block) has been polished or damaged to the point where it has gotten too short ... or ... the tip (on the rear of the arm) that guides it has gotten bent?? Edit: New trigger bars are only $14!!
  7. I purchased a new (5 inch 40) Core three years ago and have always loaded "lite" 40's for the gun (180s at 135pf / 165s at 128pf). The factory recoil spring had to come out right away because it was too stiff w/ the lite loads (short stroke jam-o-matic). Infact ... the only thing I could get to work w/ the factory recoil spring was factory Blazer Brass ammo (179pf). Initially, I went down to a 13lb spring because that was as lite as I could go before I noticed the slide failing to reset (w/ the gun pointed straight up 90 degrees ... as soon as I started to bring it down the slide would snap fully close). It didn't take very long for it to loosen up and reset fine even with an 11lb spring ... (didn't matter if the JPoint was bolted on or not ...). To this day the 11lb spring is still installed (over a full length stainless guide rod) and w/ it's Apex sub 3lb trigger ... it has become my favorite gun to shoot (and I sure never thought would happen).
  8. Here is a really nice one ... Sure looks good! https://www.gunauction.com/buy/15595932 I'm watching to see what it closes at ...
  9. No biggie ... It started me wondering about machining the tip off of one of those 6 inchers and running it w/ no sight for an optic gun. It has been interesting looking at some of these ... made me dig out my old 10-6 just to hold it ... look at it and some dry fire.
  10. And here is another 5" model 10 that wasn't being used as a musical instrument ... https://www.gunbroker.com/item/797374093 edit: This one is nice ... (custom 5") https://www.gunbroker.com/item/792427273
  11. I have only seen fixed sight ones on the early model 10s. This is a 10-2 (in the photos) ... and were very popular as musical instruments in their time.
  12. FWIW ... On mine I was able to get away with 4.4gr (Unique) with the (coated) Blue Bullet ... but ... Extreme plated bullets took another .5gr (4.9) (same gun same oal).
  13. With 180 blue bullets (set at 1.15oal out of my Para 5 inch barrel) and 4.4gr Unique ... I avg 954fps (171pf) (13.24 sd).
  14. I can't find it now because they have removed the previous version of the rules ... but ... I am positive the "maximum handgun size" field used to say "see special conditions" (which is where the sizing information remains). The new version has changed the wording from "see special conditions" to "no maximum handgun size". Anyone that still has the previous version on their computer can verify this.
  15. Yep ... For Production … pg98 January 2019 rules Maximum size, handgun and all magazines (revolvers are exempt) - Handgun with empty magazine inserted must fit wholly within a box with internal dimensions of 8 15/16” x 6” x 1 5/8” (tolerance +1/16”, - 0”) (8.938” x 6” x 1.625”) (227.01mm x 152.40mm x 41.28mm). For Carry Optics (mentioned in "special conditions") pg111 January 2019 rules A handgun may be approved specifically for Carry Optics division provided that the model of the pistol used is an approved Production Division model AND meets Carry Optics criteria. Any manufacturer of a pistol that is not on the approved Production list, but meets Carry Optics criteria, must submit a Manufacturers Declaration Form to DNROI stating that a minimum of 500 complete handguns have been manufactured and are available to the general public.
  16. Yeah ... the "box" specification for Carry Optics is redundant because to be on the Production list the gun had to fit in the (Production) box. Would probably not fit in the box anyhow after the optic was bolted on.
  17. I always figured the "pointed" firing pin allowed it to concentrate it's force on a smaller area ... (making it easier to make a dent ... we only need a dent ... doesn't have to be a large diameter dent). However ... I tried an Apex pin when I originally did my 627 and couldn't get near 6lbs (7 was safe). I realize there may have been something unique/wrong with my pin (at the time they were selling two different versions of S&W pins ... I could have easily done something air headed ... ) but ... I put my factory pin back in and got down to low 5's no problem. I bumped back up to 5lb 12oz and been there ever since (except for a short period when I panicked due to a few bent moon clips). This was my target area so I never bothered to put the Apex back in to see what was going on or if I had erroneously blamed it for the problem.
  18. I registered my M&P and get a newsletter every once and a while. In fact ... that is how I found out I could buy 2.0 grip panels for my Core ... But ... I am sure you can sign up for their newsletters w/o bothering with the registration. One thing the registration "IS" apparently required for is the lifetime service warranty for the original owner ... From their site ... " Smith & Wesson’s Lifetime Service Policy begins after the warranty period has expired. Smith & Wesson will repair, without charge, for the lifetime of the original owner, any Smith & Wesson handgun purchased on or after February 1, 1989, and any M&P15 series rifle, that is found to have a defect in material or workmanship. Eligibility for this Lifetime Service Policy requires returning the Product Registration Card within 30 days of purchase. The Lifetime Service Policy covers functional defects; it does not include the firearm’s finish, grips, magazines or sights. The Lifetime Service Policy is in addition to and not an extension of the Smith & Wesson Warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from State to State. " https://www.smith-wesson.com/customer-service/warranty
  19. Picking up 3 or 4 speed loaders and loose brass is a lot more work than retrieving moon clips ... and ... it's easy to carry enough moon clips to shoot the whole match (no reloading).
  20. +1 (Tonya! Tonya! Tonya!!)
  21. I'm just being sarcastic ... When I read that "Firearm" was now being used throughout the book (instead of handgun/rifle/long gun/etc) I blacked out ... I an ashamed I haven't gotten over this yet ...
  22. Wait??!? So now it is USFSA instead of USPSA??!? overview quote - “Firearm” replaces handgun and PCC in the rules, except in specific instances where the word handgun or PCC is required for clarity and specificity.
  23. In my Para 5 inch ... loading .400 plated I have no problem past 1.18 but "one time" I bought some .401's ... (think they were Bayou's) and had to reseat them down to 1.16. Anything longer stuck in the rifling.
  24. When I first started w/ my 5" Para I was in the same boat and bought a bunch of Blazer Brass (plated) 180's ... they were only 1.125 long (OAL) but worked OK. For me they chronoed at 997 ... making 179pf.
  25. Here is the Hogue short on my 627 ... Two pictures to show the position of the release with the cylinder open and closed.
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