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  1. What moonclips and brass are you using?
  2. The sights do this too, and they're included free with your handgun. My sights do occasionally disappear during the course of fire though.
  3. PatJones

    625 JM

    I don't have a JM, I have an older Model of 1989. I shoot coated lead out of mine and it groups very well.
  4. Stop counting clicks, make bold adjustments. Give it half a turn. If that's too much, it'll be obvious how much to move it back.
  5. The match is just over 3 weeks out, who's in? There's a whole squad left. Get registered. https://practiscore.com/icore-rocky-mountain-regional/register
  6. Didn't we hash this out completely a couple of years back?
  7. The Dillon resizing dies have a generous chamfer where the case enters the die. This makes a case less likely to hang up entering the die, but it doesn't allow the die to resize as far down on the case. The RCBS dies have less chamfer and will resize a little further down.
  8. A lot of discussion here about the shooters, and muzzle control being their responsibility. Yes it is, but this is the rules forum. 1.1.5 reads "Competitors must be permitted to solve the challenge presented in a freestyle manner, and to shoot targets on an “as and when visible” basis." We -must- allow the shooter to shoot the target when visible. 2.1.4 goes further and reads "Targets must be arranged so that shooting at them on an “as and when visible” basis will not cause competitors to breach safe angles of fire." We have a new rule book and a clarification from DNROI. Quit bitching and make it so.
  9. Umm... No. All divisions require the heel of the butt above the belt per Single stack dropped it's unique holster requirement with this rule book. Production, single stack and carry optics require that all belt equipment is behind the point of the hip bone. (To be fair, production has an exemption for moon clip and speedloader holders in front of the hip.)
  10. PatJones

    S&W TR8 ?

    The center pin hole on the breachface? Don't these models have a steel bushing in this location?
  11. I'm my CRO class we were taught that targets should disappear as you approach the 180. I think it's impractical to block all the targets once you are well past them, but it's not that hard to block them from 180 to 200 or so. I make an effort in all my stages to have the targets disappear as you move down range of them. It's not really that hard in most cases, you often just need to spend a few minutes debugging the stage after you put it on the ground.
  12. +2 Practicing your draw in dryfire you should be trying to beat the par time to a sight picture only, not a trigger pull. Racing to a trigger pull usually encourages bad habits.
  13. PatJones

    S&W TR8 ?

    I really like the way the TRR8 balances in the hand but I have longevity concerns. Anodizing is very hard and scandium toughens it up some, but the base metal is soft compared to steel. I'm seeing wear in the hand slot in my 627, I have to imagine an aluminum frame would wear faster.
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