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  1. The law limits acquisition and transfer of high capacity magazines after it went into effect. Sales are somewhat limited, but possession is not as problem. Most rural counties, where the ranges are located, have proclaimed themselves 2nd amendment sanctuaries and refuse to enforce the laws coming out of Denver. You should have no problems traveling here to shoot.
  2. Well, we sort of did. The original draft of the 2014 rule book added a trigger weight restriction to production. I think it was something like a four pound first pull. It was removed before the rules went into effect after folks with Apexed M&Ps had a cow.
  3. PatJones


    Some clubs let you pay a few dollars to shoot the classifier again. I believe the intention is to allow you make up one that you blew badly, but there appears to be much butt hurt over this. This isn't a giant postal match. Don't practice and stay in B class. You either have the ability to shoot GM classifiers or you don't. Each baby GM still needs to learn to win major matches.
  4. PatJones

    929 Info

    My 5" 625 was collector grade until I started shooting it.
  5. Which area is this? I was the only one at area 3 last year.
  6. If there's a function test range in Albuquerque, you're welcome to take some rounds thru my pistol. I have a .100 front and a .115 rear. The .125 rear gave me trouble on the further out tuxedo targets, I had a hard time telling the wide notch from the hard cover.
  7. Don't make a big deal out of it for hand guns. You just aim with the other eye. Rear sight probably stays the same, the front sight moves over the width of the slide. Try it slow fire, no big deal. Long guns, especially shotguns, shoot off the other shoulder.
  8. Won't make a difference in ejection in a revolver, only feeding.
  9. The whole case doesn't go into the resizing die, it has to stick out a bit so you can pull it back out. The shell holder is .125 inches deep, and on top of that there is a small radius on the edge of the resizing die. This causes a small bump in the area you're describing. Do the cartridges drop freely into the chambers?
  10. I had some undersized plated bullets pull under recoil. Never tied up the cylinder, but cast bullets solved that problem.
  11. I still use Unique in 38 special. I like to use a bulky enough powder that I would notice a double charge. Many of the cool new powders use pretty small charge weights and volumes.
  12. When the shooter contests the target I'm scoring, the process is to pull it a call the range master and keep the squad moving. As a range master walking into a he said he said situation with an unrestored target, what's your call?
  13. Reshoot. 9.1.4 also reads "...targets must be scored as is, using the actual target as the basis for the scoring call." None of the other things you know are relevant. Can you score the target based on just the target?
  14. What's this IDPA talk? You need a 6 shot revolver for that game. You can shoot an 8 shot, but you can only load 6 rounds. Click, click, boom on every cylinder. Also, the IDPA powers that be have declared that anything longer than a 4 inch barrel is unsuitable for carry. Many of us shoot 5 inch or longer barrels in the other games. If you want one revolver to work for USPSA and IDPA you'll be compromised somewhere. ICORE has divisions that overlap with both. I don't know that it matters in steel.
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