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  1. As stated before. If you fail chrono in single stack and your power changes to minor, you can now load to 10 if it fits in your mags. Appendix D5 reads: "9 Maximum ammunition capacity Yes, maximum rounds loaded in any magazine after the start signal. • Major Power Factor - 8 rounds • Minor Power Factor - 10 rounds" Note there is -no- language regarding declaration of power factor. Contrast this to Appendix D6 for revolver. "9 Maximum ammunition capacity No, maximum of 6 rounds fired before reload if Major PF declared, 8 if minor PF declared." Note the -inclusion- the term declared. By comparing these two divisions we can see that single stack rules only refer to your power factor, not your original declared one power factor. After chrono, your power factor can change. There is no support in the rules for a power factor change. Under the rules of single stack or revo divisions major and minor get differing amounts of ammunition. If you load more, you no longer meet division requirements and you are bumped to open under rule
  2. Are you from Kentucky?
  3. The old model Colt revolvers are obsolete. Parts are no longer available. They are cool guns, and the 6th shoot is nice, but they are collectable guns for occasional range use. If you ever have to use one for serious social use, you're not likely to see it back for a long time, if ever. Do you really want a case number engraved on the back strap of your Colt? Get a J Frame. They all handle +P, even the ones not labeled for it. Parts are still available and you can replace the gun tomorrow if needed.
  4. How far right and at what distance?
  5. Sounds like a tight chamber, likely needs a reamer. Send it home for a visit.
  6. That's there real takeaway here. Disappearing targets can now incur miss and FTE penalties if they are not activated prior to the last shot.
  7. I shoot both. The extra round in the chamber makes a huge difference in the ease of shooting a stage. Having a makeup shoot in the gun allows you to push a little more.
  8. No, i have the option to shoot a higher power factor. I was talking about the ability to shoot "major".
  9. No, but it'd be a nice option. [emoji48]
  10. I'm ROing the Western Colorado sectional that weekend. :/
  11. Most loading manuals list loads by burn rate. Try a powder from the middle or slower end of the load chart.
  12. Lost brass matches are generally the larger matches where there is a need to get a greater number of people thru the match. Brassing slows down stage reset. At the local level you usually get all your brass back.
  13. I spent a couple years shooting dumb stage plans to avoid standing reloads. You should typically shoot a plan similar to what you would with your limited gun. Obviously you will need to reload more often. Avoid the temptation to shoot 20 yard targets to avoid a standing reload. Remember, IPSC stands for "I Prefer To Shoot Closer."
  14. If you're waiting with the cylinder open, the correct command is "If clear, cylinder closed, holster." Waiting for the RO to remember the correct command is one of the entertaining things about shooting Revo.
  15. I'm sure this is an effort to keep non-resident members from influencing the election. How many USPSA members live in other IPSC regions and hold a USPSA membership just for the classification system?
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