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  1. I've been shooting Unique for years. It's not dirty at all.
  2. It's just smaller runs of unique firearms, that's all it's ever been. No change.
  3. The pins at the back of the Rhino's cylinder that form the ratchet would get awfully tight if you added too many more.
  4. What you're not looking at is the space behind the case. Headspace literally means the space behind the head. Different cartridge types control this through different surfaces. All firearms, even bolt action rifles need a little space behind the casehead to operate the action. SAAMI specifies cartages with an appropriate headspace measurement after taking into account their pressure and action type. As an example, a revolver needs more clearance around the casehead to turn a cylinder full of cartridges against the breechface than a bolt action rifle needs to rotate the bolt closed.
  5. I build rifles for a living. I use a recessed 90° crown on the rifles I build. If you measure the grooves in the rifling on a cut rifle barrel, you will see that the grooves very in depth due to the manufacturing process. In an angled crown, the the shallower lands will release the gas sooner than the deeper ones. This can kick the base of the bullet slightly to one side as it leaves the barrel. Flat crowns are easily damaged by improper cleaning. An angled crown is much more resistant to cleaning rod damage. In handgun world, especially our game, I don't th
  6. I too like a snappy rebound. I cut 4 coils off an 11 lb rebound spring and drop it into the rebound slide with the largest detent ball that will fit in there with it. This changes the spring rate, It's a little stiffer at full compression due to the springs shorter length.
  7. Stance was different back in the day. If you're shooting weaver, a cross draw isn't necessary behind the 180.
  8. It's been a few years since I've had the sight out, and this is from memory so bear with me. My old Dawson sight had a smaller foot on it than my current one does. The new ones stay in better than the ones from 8 year's ago did. I don't remember if I had to take the detent ball out to get the new sight in. Take the sight out. There's a small pin that retains the spring. Drive that out, take out all the parts, and put a small detent ball behind the spring. I do remember it wasn't the biggest detent ball that would fit in the hole. Resemble. A longer spring would do the s
  9. PatJones

    S&W 929

    I wouldn't want to throw more than one moonclip on the moonclip server while the clock is running. I have a couple double-post kydex moonclip holders behind the hip for table starts and prone stages. They're also used to load from at make ready.
  10. Be aware the DX front sights can come off if you catch them on the edge of a port. I have a detent ball behind the front sight spring of my 627 to increase the tension on the sight blade.
  11. PatJones

    S&W 929

    Do you load weak hand? I load strong hand and I picked up the moonclip server specifically so I could sweep back with my strong hand like you describe. After my server is empty I have what used to be a North Mountain rack behind my holster. With a traditional moon rack across the front of my belt the last 2 reloads of each stage was costing me more than a tenth.
  12. Are you trying to shoot a match that doesn't offer revolver division?
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