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  1. The acceptable range of diameters in the specification does not take moonclip use into account. 9mm is an auto cartridge, and the undercut is there to allow for clearance on an extractor.
  2. I think you'll find RP brass does fall within the SAAMI spec. The allowable diameter on the groove is .347 - .020 You can find the SAAMI cartridge specifications here: https://saami.org/technical-information/cartridge-chamber-drawings/
  3. My new Springfield Range Officer fits the box tight enough that the rear sight compresses when putting it in. My old Springfield slides in without compressing the sight. I'm using Dawson no gap pads on both. Every gun if an individual, some guns zero with the rear sight adjusted higher than others.
  4. Do you recut the crown after that?
  5. He does volunteer. He was rangemaster at the Colorado ICORE regional. He runs 2 matches each month, one IDPA and one USPSA. When I was short volunteers at my USPSA match last month, Mattie drove an hour and 20 minutes each way to put a stage on the ground for me.
  6. Not just no. Hell no. Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas
  7. My feelings as well. I wanted to go this year but I decided against it when the stage diagrams were released
  8. If the stages have movement and interesting shooting challenges the round count shouldn't matter. The rounds you should be counting are the ones you shoot in practice. You all do practice, right?
  9. Remember, they pick these questions to encourage you to dig into the rule book. Not all of the answers will be obvious at first.
  10. I've got one of Jack's J frames with the hybrid ports, it does recoil down slightly even with 38 +Ps.
  11. Why don't we have a like button on the forum?
  12. There's a classifier match before the match composed almost completely of new classifiers?
  13. Not on every stage. Were there targets available while you were moving? Were there multiple options on how to shoot the field stages?
  14. Ditch the factory crimp die
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