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  1. No. 40 caliber and up with an exception for 356 SIG.
  2. Do you have a video camera? I have an old one on a tripod in my dry fire area. Film yourself and compare the differences. Do you have the same hand speed? Is your hand already at your belt while you're ejecting? Are you bringing the gun to your waist to drop the moon in? Do you break slightly at the waist to allow more room to get the gun more vertical? See how he let's go of the moon and moves his hand to the grip before the moon falls all the way in?
  3. The exact weight of a double action trigger is difficult to measure, and it's not really that important anyway. Use your fancy scale to measure the weight of the hammer fall. That's the repeatable measurement, and the one that matters.
  4. There may not be any problem with the gun. Are you shooting handloads? You pay for the gunsmiths time, regardless of whether there's anything wrong with the gun.
  5. Handloads? Possibly high primers.
  6. They don't move under recoil. I've shot .357 out of a Rhino snubby, and it was like shooting an open gun. About as loud too. The trigger gets lighter as you pull it though. It's weird. Which model deletes the single action? Does it improve the double action pull?
  7. It was much better years ago when I had to print out all the rulings and clarifications off the web page and bring them to matches I was ROing. That was a lot easier then downloading the current PDF to my phone.
  8. Holding nationals in the southeast has contributed to me skipping out on the matches. I would like to go shoot Revo this year, but with Covid sticking around I don't want to deal with traveling. I'm planning on shooting majors closer to home instead.
  9. If the start position requirements are met, 10.2.1 only provides for procedural penalties while shooting.
  10. 95% of the density of traditional parts. Hardness is a function of the heat treatment.
  11. I emailed the match director, it's an outlaw match. I'm not interested in outlaw matches, that's why I'm not interested in 3 gun.
  12. USPSA is full of range lawyers...
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