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  1. PatJones

    Ball Detents

    The pencil barrels kinda have a weird Colt thing going on.
  2. PatJones

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    I'ma gunsmith at an indoor range. I see more function problems with Winchester white box than all other brands of 9mm put together. This is primarily in bottom feeders, as my 929 customers hand load. We don't sell white box, it's not actually very common at the range, but almost all gun failures that require gunsmith assistance to clear are Winchester white box. Yesterday the case was too long for the chamber, I've seen that one quite a bit.
  3. PatJones


    C'mon, everyone knows you can't make M class without more than 22 posts on Enos.
  4. PatJones

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    If it was Winchester white box you can't blame the gun.
  5. PatJones

    Ruger Redhawk moon clips

    Ruger gets a lot of stuff -almost- right. They did better when old man Ruger was still in charge.
  6. PatJones

    Ruger Redhawk moon clips

    I dunno, but I think the hole spacing is there same. HKS lists the same 44 mag speedloader for the model 29 and all of the RedHawks.
  7. PatJones

    Range Equip Clam shells/Swingers

    I do not care for the MGM clamshell. I had a brand new one fail at a match. The spring temper was incorrect and the springs lost all tension before the second squad was done. I now stick to props that operate with nothing but gravity. I find the legs on the MGM swinger a little janky, though I'm sure it keeps shipping costs down. I buy my props from a local shooter who is also a welder.
  8. This is the USPSA rules section of the forum. The second part of your question would best be discussed somewhere else.
  9. Did I stumble into pistol-forum?
  10. PatJones

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    The barrel is stamped "9mm." In the US that's how we refer to 9x19. I guess it would depend on your local laws.
  11. As long as you're cool with me leaning over your shoulder for the whole stage to keep the timer next to the ejection port.
  12. PatJones

    DAA Racemaster/Alpha X Questions

    My Race Master binds if I twist it at all during the draw. It's better if you clean/lubricate it with Armor All. Armor All is a water based silicone product, so it works well for this. That said, coming back to my revolver after a year with a production gun I'm considering going back to Kydex. The Race Master is not helping my draw time or consistency. I can grab the gun much more aggressively in Kydex.
  13. PatJones

    929 Sights

    Dawson front sights give a better sight picture. The fiber is recessed. https://dawsonprecision.com/s-w-pinned-fiber-optic-front-sights/ I have given up on aftermarket rear sights for my Smiths. I liked the rear sight blade that comes with the 929s, but I make due with a .160 high rear blade.
  14. PatJones

    Magnetic Mag Retainer In Production...

    ... Never mind.
  15. My understanding is the new HHF is the average of the top 10 scores ever shot. If there was an outlier, like a B class dude 10% higher than the top GM's, they threw that one out. The high hit factor is supposed to be what the top shooters are capable of, this increases over time. Baseball standards and some of the ones hard ones came down, it'll be nice not shooting the same 10 "easy" classifiers at every monthly match.