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  1. PatJones

    Texas Star Order

    I was always told to shoot head, hands, feet.
  2. PatJones

    Clarification on Production Rule

    I was told they left de-cockers off the list on purpose so no one could convert a de-cocker CZ to a thumb safety model. It kinda f@cks those of us who shoot other platforms. I swapped the de-cocker on my SIG P226 to the smaller model from the Legion series. That was legal last weekend. Today I need to scare up an original one to put back on both my pistols.
  3. PatJones

    8 shot is how much better?

    I'm not saying it isn't, but it isn't as big a deal as folks make it out to be. I shoot an 8 shot at major matches, but very few of us are fortunate enough to have competition within 5% of our scores at a level one match. I've had a couple shooters with lower classifications tell me they're not "competitive" with they're 6 shots anymore. Let's be honest, some of us wouldn't be competitive if we had 12 shot revolvers. Run what you already have, it's not likely to matter anyway. My scores are about 3 precent better in the overall with a 8 shot as compared to Charlie Perez. He's a top shooter and a good consistent benchmark. In Revolver division it would be a higher percentage, but it's not double.
  4. PatJones

    Is Revolver officially dead

    When I shoot my 8 shot gun, I shoot almost every round I put into it. With the 8 round arrays nearly every miss is a standing reload. When I shoot my 6 shot revolver, I find myself dropping more loaded rounds on the ground over the course of a match. So in other words, I have more extra shots available to me. The 8 round guns are faster through most stages, but you need to make every round count. This changes the game from a reloading race to a game of perfection, both are fun.
  5. PatJones

    8 shot is how much better?

    Oh, you mean the single stack match with all the 7 and 8 shot positions and nowhere to use rounds 9-12?
  6. PatJones

    Is Revolver officially dead

    It's still a revolver.
  7. PatJones

    8 shot is how much better?

    For me at a typical USPSA match I average 3% higher in the overall with 8-minor vs 6 major. With the light turnout in revo division, a few percent doesn't make a difference for too many of us. Run what you brung.
  8. PatJones

    Scoring question. Bounce one off the barrel

    In my ro class we discussed using an overlay to look for a radius. If you can make out a radius on the hole made by the ogive or base, it's not splatter, it's a hit. 2 alpha.
  9. PatJones

    Not able to sign in with TapTalk

    Acting up for me too.
  10. PatJones

    Pistol and forearm alignment

    If you hold the pistol as shown in the picture, you'll have a hard time seeing the sights unless you roll your head way over. Put the pistol in front of your face without moving your head and grip the gun tighter than you think you need to.
  11. PatJones

    Consistent movement of gun during recoil

    I did that too, just this weekend.
  12. PatJones

    New USPSA Division Proposal

    Who cares what you shoot at your first 10 USPSA matches, you're not gonna be "competitive" with anything. I started shooting USPSA production division with my 8 shot revolver from ICORE before 8 shot minor was legal for revolver. I was new to practical shooting and had been shooting ICORE for 4 months, would running out and buying the then-hot M&P made me more "competitive"? Nearly everything is legal in open division, shoot what you want.
  13. PatJones

    Is Revolver officially dead

    No 8 shot revos in New York. You'll have to shoot major.
  14. PatJones

    Do you like the new Production rules?

    My SIG P226 is Legal today, I'm not sure it will be in the 15th. I have installed the smaller de-cocking lever from the SIG Legion series as currently allowed under the rules. The new appendix D4 removes the permission to install OEM parts from another approved pistol and specifically lists the parts you can change. De-cockers are not listed. I have emailed Troy and I've been assured that if it's legal today it's ok after the rule change, but I don't see it in the rules. My area director told me that de-cockers were intentionally left off the list for fear that someone could convert a de-cocker model CZ to a thumb safety model. I was then told to not worry about it because no one would notice. Is my reading of the new Appendix D4 wrong?
  15. PatJones

    S&W M63-5 3" Front Sight Question???

    It'll be fine as long as the height is the same or close to the same.