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  1. PatJones

    Cold weather power factor calculations

    Interesting. I've wondered if I just have a slow chronogaph.
  2. PatJones

    Cold weather power factor calculations

    What do you see with elevation change? I live in Colorado and I seem to pick up at least 5 pf every time I leave the state.
  3. PatJones

    Nill Grip question

    They feel fine with a one handed bullseye type grip. They feel awkward holding them with 2 hands. They get fat at the bottom where you need to put your weak hand, it's not good.
  4. PatJones

    pcc starts

    Wasn't that start position used as an example in the email newsletter last year? If the DNROI used it as an example, it's probably legal.
  5. PatJones

    Revo holster

    I just took my double alpha off my belt and replaced it with a kydex holster. I don't feel they're any slower and I can be a little more aggressive grabbing the gun. I do use one of the adjustable hangars though, in this case a CR Speed one. I feel adjusting the holster location is important for a consistent draw and grip.
  6. PatJones

    S&W 625JM

    When the trigger pull gets really light, it's easy to accidentally skip by a chamber if you hesitate at all during your trigger pull. It's a long trip around to get back to the chamber you skipped by.
  7. PatJones

    2019 Rules are released...

    Correct. If they notice it before the course of fire, you will simply be asked to correct it. The overlay is wider than the 2 inches we've always been held to, so I can't imagine this coming up very often.
  8. PatJones

    Blade-tech vs CompTac for Competition

    For which sport? I see more from Red Hill Tactical than either of the ones you mentioned at our local USPSA matches.
  9. It is much faster to search a PDF. Most scoring devices should have the rulebook installed on them in the near future. Your club does use electronic scoring doesn't it?
  10. PatJones

    2019 Rules are released...

    And no one shoots L10 in California either.
  11. PatJones

    S&W 625JM

    Unless it was chambered in 45 Colt, they're all cut for moon clips.
  12. PatJones

    S&W 625JM

    I have the Miculek grips on both my 625 and 627. I dislike finger grooves, palm swells and rubber grips.
  13. PatJones

    2019 Rules are released...

    I won't miss the old holster position, but there's not really a lot left differentiating Single Stack from L10.
  14. PatJones

    Dry firing with an extended firing pin

    I've been using a C&S pin since I started shooting ICORE 7 years ago. It's been dryfired a lot over the years, and I don't own any snap caps.
  15. The rulings get out of hand after a few years with any rulebook. We need a system that allows the rulebook to be clarified as we go. We need an evergreen rulebook. Updating a printed rulebook involves more than just changing the words. You add or subtract a few words and it can require reformatting the rest of the remaining pages. Setting this up to print hard copies for the few people who want a one is expensive, and I don't want to pay for it. Hell, the majority of USPSA shooters don't read the rulebook beyond the equipment rules for their division. And some don't even read that.