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  1. Was this for an extra round before or after the start signal?
  2. I think poppers should be treated the same as plates and calibration should go away. If you've been in the sport any length of time, you've seen someone's match compromised by calibration. A hit in or above the calibration zone where the plate doesn't fall should be a reshoot. Poppers are supposed to respect power factor, not test it. We have chronographs to test power factor. By the time the range master gets to your stage and calibrates the popper, we could have finished the reshoot and been on to the next shooter.
  3. I wish. I'll be running the gunshop Sunday. 5 Sundays this month so that'll change the weekend I work. I should be at ICORE at the end of April and I'll be shooting revo full time thru the Rocky Mountain regional.
  4. You can actually. For years I shot ICORE too slowly. It doesn't take a second to pull you sight into the A zone right? You have to shoot pretty clean, about like shooting minor in USPSA. If you drop 4 Charlies and shoot 5 seconds faster, it's still a better score. I see many folks shooting clean, but too slow.
  5. C'mon Tom, stop holding back...
  6. Bladetech, though I'd order one thru Speedbeez if I had to replace it.
  7. It works for 6 and 8 shot guns with no changes. This was one of the reasons I chose it. 2 guns, one rig
  8. It's probably a bit heavier, but I don't notice any difference when I wear it.
  9. The course of fire begins at make ready. 8.3.1. If a competitor fails to react to the beep, then 8.3.4 applies.
  10. I'd love to go fast with my cap and ball guns, but I don't play dress up. After shooting USPSA, the cowboy stages look a little dull though.
  11. They load slow off the table, so you should also grab a pair of posts for behind the hip. I load strong hand, so I put a pair of the kydex posts behind my holster. The first 6 moons come off the moonclip server, when it's empty my hand sweeps back and finds another moonclip. A couple old bent moonclips on the bottom of your posts make table starts faster. At make ready, you pull them up to the top of the post. This holds the past open wider to load easier. I stack 2 moons on the table and slide it onto the holder. I can hold 4 moons on the posts and then load the gun for 5 total. If I'm shooting a 6 shot, I can drop a single moon onto the moonclip server for 6.
  12. I've moved to this as well. Not much different on the first few reloads, but it saves me a couple 10ths on each of the last few reloads on every stage.
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