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  1. Why not just set up a punishing (difficult) classifier stage that uses one target stand (limited space requirement ... like 10 yards) ... can be replicated "exactly" easily to use to evaluate performance improvement (or test additional guns ... like when you finally realize you like revolver best). Something like 03-11 (weak strong ElPres) comes to mind!! Spin around ... reload ... weak hand; strong hand ... challenging shots with the big white thing in the middle!! It has it all. https://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/03-11.pdf Just sayin ...
  2. 7 rounds?? Must be fake news ... or ... they just flew in from another planet??!?
  3. pete627

    627 vs. 929

    I thought the 929 barrel needed 38 caliber bullets and was a little too loose for 9mm (.355) ... Did they fix that?? I also ... could never understand why they didn't put a "dx/classic" front sight on the 929 (like on the 627). Being a competition gun ... you would think the "classic" would be a geeme (quick change) ... just pop it out of the spring loaded shoe ... (instead of having to drive a pin out).
  4. Thanks!! The pole saved my life!! I'm not much of a fabricator ... I "needed" a bolt-on solution. I'm sure the guys at the counter (Dillon's) were amused when I asked for the pole and then proceeded to "try it on" the XL650 display machine. Guess I should have started this thread in the Dillon Equipment section ... it's all their stuff.
  5. I noticed some other threads discussing independent mounting solutions for the Mr Bullet Feeder and thought this might be useful for anyone thinking along those lines. For reasons that have nothing to do with this thread ... I decided to use an RCBS collator on my XL650 and was shocked to find out I had no easy mounting solution since my press was on a strong mount. The "leaning" green pole provided with that bullet feeder just wouldn't get it. Anyhow ... I needed a pole mount .. and my OCD needed something that was going to look like it belonged on the press. Of course .. if you need a solution for a Dillon press you need to check there first and I found they already had them in stock. Using a stock Dillon case feeder mount (for a 650 ... a whomping $22) ... you simply turn it around 180 degrees and wala ... it becomes a collator mount. There is another arm used on the SL900 that holds a shot bucket but it hung out more in the 9 o'clock position and didn't work for me. The 650 case feeder mount ends up at the 7 o'clock position and comes out to the edge of the front of the toolhead ... just what I needed. I attached the "extra" pole just like the SL900 but put a couple of spacers in to get it just right. Putting one of these on provides an easy solution if you are looking for a pole to bolt something too. The inside diameter is 7/8 inch and even 3/4 copper pipe telescopes firmly if you need to add on.
  6. Primary Machine lists a gold, silver or nitride (black ... which you already have) ... http://primarymachine.com/refinishing-laser-work/barrel-refinishing/
  7. Yep ... moving the bullet past the forcing cone moves the primer past the path of the firing pin ... Seems like if it were in alignment enough to hit the primer that the bullet would probably go out the hole ... if there were a hole. In any case ... they were sure well prepared to capture the event on video ... That was pure luck capturing a video like that!!
  8. Wow ... great video. I wonder how far a cylinder can be out of index and still hit the primer?? The cylinder could have been dragging on a squib stuck in the forcing cone.
  9. I have been using the Hornady Powder Cop dies ... only because I was already using them when I switched over to a 650. They don't lock out the press or anything ... the rod simply pops up when a case comes under it that has something in it. I got used to simply looking to see the little white washer pop up everytime I pulled the handle. They are coming off now because I am in the process of adding bullet feeder dies ... but these guys are simple; easy to use and have worked well for me.
  10. I picked up an M&P Core last year from Buds ... 178059LE ... they also list a 178059 ... (no LE). The only difference I could see was the price structure. This was a 5 inch 40. edit: it doesn't have a mag safety or night sights ...
  11. I used to load a cowboy/plinking round for my S&W Model 10 that gets in that range. The bullet was a 105gr FP bullet ... example here - https://www.badmanbullets.com/OnlineStore/products.php?cat=38+105+Grain+TFP+Badman+105 Lots of places now sell them coated as well. Using 38 special cases and loaded to 1.440 oal - 2.8gr of Bullseye averaged 740fps - 78pf - 2.7gr of ClayDot averaged 780fps - 82pf ... ... and ... - 2.9gr of ClayDot averaged 858fps - 90pf ... Fun to shoot ... clean ... I was using ClayDot because that was "one" of the powders I managed to snag at the time (remember when!!).
  12. +1 When I first got my Pro Custom I picked up a couple of the Dawson pads ... AND ... they fit great ... get a lot of rounds in them but they didn't fit in the gauge.
  13. I know what you mean ... I had a blast when I had mine on ... I had the 65moa circle with the 1moa dot in the center ... it was easy to frame targets with the circle and use the dot for a precision shot ... It's like you can hit "anything"! Anyhow ... the Shield is marketed as the JPoint in the US so the manual will work ... They also cover "bending" the contact arm that touches the side of the battery it you have intermittent operation .. Your's was probably "really" broke ... but there is good trouble shooting info in there if you do ever get one back. At first I liked the co-witness ... it was perfect with that sight on the M&P (easy to zero too .. just adjust the dot to sit on the top of the front sight) but after a while the co-witness was more of a nuisance (IMHO) ...
  14. Winchester are probably next .. but heck ... why not just go order two sleeves of these at Selway right now (available as of this post) ... (or other places that have them online) ... http://www.selwayarmory.com/federal-small-pistol-magnum-primers-200-box-of-1000-hazmat-fee-required.html Swap over to Green Dot for a while and save some bucks ... they have 1lb bottles for $12.99 ... http://www.selwayarmory.com/alliant-green-dot-smokeless-powder-1-lb-hazmat-fee-required.html Lots of stuff out there ... just order it ...
  15. I'm pretty sure the Shield sight is the same as the JPoint I used to have on my Core. This was a great sight ... worked fine on the M&P ... took it off to shoot production. Anyhow ... I think you need to have an insulator between the mounting plate and the battery to keep it from shorting out ... (normally a thin plastic disk but a piece of cellophane tape works just fine). edit: from page 8 of the JPoint manual ... >> Some sight mounts on the market are electrically conductive, such as mounts made of steel or non-anodized aluminum. These mounts require that the bottom of the sight and battery surface be isolated from the mount. Use a piece of electrical tape as insulation between the sight components and the mount to prevent shorts. << http://www.jprifles.com/instructions/JPoint/JPoint Manual 04.12.pdf
  16. Wow ... talk about an easy mark ... Watched a few videos ... got sucked in ... I should stay away from here and lock my credit card in a gun safe ... sigh ... Anyhow ... I ordered one earlier today ... and ... one of the youtube video reviews I watched had a "free shipping" code at the end (TNGUN) ... I used the code and it worked fine. Edit: My MantisX is due to be delivered (the day "after") tomorrow (Saturday) ... really looking forward to getting this thing!!
  17. I hear people say that .. but ... I have a 627 (8 shot) S&W revolver (with a 5 1/2 lb trigger pull) that I shoot a lot (ICORE and USPSA) and they have not been a problem. I used to use the Federal 100s only (regular small pistol - non magnums) because of the concerns I was hearing about the sensitivity ... even have a few K left. When the 100s got harder to find ... and more expensive I did a lot of testing to make sure I could live without them. The magnum/standard caution might be valid in some cases but I have not seen it with the Federal SPP 100s and 200s ... match or otherwise. Of course ... that has been my personal experience ... I use them in everything now as there is no mileage in maintaining different sets of small pistol primer tubes.
  18. Was just looking at Powder Valley ... Assuming you are looking for small pistol ... they have some "match magnums" for $33/K ... My local place has been selling the same for $31 and change and have regular 100s every once and a while. Catch some at Selway Armory once and a while ... they have some now but at a little too expensive for me. Just keep checking all the online places ... I have been doing OK capturing a sleeve on a pretty regular basis. edit: Just checked Midway ... they have them too .. (match magnums).
  19. Never mind ... I watched the video ... sigh ...
  20. I use short colts with 147 Xtremes ... (the .357 ones) ... Loaded at 1.16 w/ 3.8grs Unique makes 130pf easy. Nice pointed bullet (no matter what the length of your brass) ... w/ short colt ... any standard 147/9mm load works. http://www.xtremebullets.com/9mm-147-RN-357-p/xc9mm-357-147rn-b0500.htm (buy 'em when they are on sale). Sometimes use 147 (150gr) blue bullets too ... (not quite as pointy) ... edit: I went to short colts when I changed to a weak hand reload cause the specials (when dumping the cylinder) were hanging up on the cylinder release. Never tried the long colts ... guess they would have solved the problem too. Using the short colt let me use standard 9mm reloading data.
  21.  Hello Bshooter ...

    Would like to get one of those "flat rate USPS boxes" of 40 S&W Range Brass (2600 count) $120 shipped if they are still available.

    I have a PayPal account ... just checked it out to see what it took to "send a gift".

    Give me your info to use in PayPal and I will see if I can get this done!!



    Terry Campbell - pete627

  22. Wow!! You calculated the hypotenuse ... cool ... thanks!! Yeah ... both the roundabout targets ...
  23. I apologize in advance if this horse has died several times in the past ... or if it doesn't even belong here. Having come up dry using "search" I just have to ask ... USPSA rules state clearly that metal targets should not be engaged closer than 23 feet (2.1.3 / 10.5.17) ... it's a DQ. I know "Steel Challenge" is under USPSA's wing ... (it is on it's website anyhow!!) ... and that it has it's own rulebook ... but ... There are three (Steel Challenge) courses of fire that employ targets closer than 23 feet. 5 to Go has one at 21' Roundabout has two at 21' Smoke and Hope has two at 21' I am a pretty new shooter but have seen at least one matche (level 1 USPSA) where starting was delayed to correct a stage employing a piece of steel at 7 yards. I was just getting ready to shoot a Steel Challenge match and the 21' steel just popped out at me ... I wonder if anyone ever requested bringing the USPSA rule to 21' for a little consistency ... (easy to remember too)???
  24. Yeah ... it just drops in the Dillon powder die like the Dillon powder funnel does ... Watch the video!!
  25. Check out the video on the mrbulletfeeder powder funnel ... They cost $40 but IMHO the best thing I ever did to my 650. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICDMj0MJUXU I use a lee seater and actually got a pretty good adjustment that worked fine with the Dillon funnel but always had to keep my eye (and sometimes my finger) on those guys as they moved to the next position ... With the MBF funnel it is something I never ever worry about anymore ... Lotsa threads and testimonials on these guys ...
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