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  1. Tungsten guide rod + Legion grip with a +5 TTI basepad and Romeo1 is 44 oz. Grip weight alone is not going to make up 15 oz.
  2. Feels like they had someone lobbying hard to fit into carry optics, going from 45 oz to 59. Why not ramp it up if they were really trying to let the division "develop" organically?
  3. I follow. Get well. Toys can be replaced.
  4. Should be legal all the way down to production, according the the latest ruling.
  5. There's two SKUs, one with grip weight + magwell, and one with neither. There's roughly a $50 price gap.
  6. be032

    P320RX vs the X5

    Yong Lee favors his RX over his X5. He cites faster return to target due to better balance (the bull barrel making it too nose heavy), though slightly more felt recoil.
  7. UPC is 798681619054 if you want to search inventory. I just backordered from SWFA so I can stop checking everywhere, $209 (no magwell).
  8. Picks aren't great because they're too pointy and dig themselves into the plastic. Paper clip is really your best bet.
  9. There's no real secret to either, just takes practice.
  10. LOL! And then you get those who complain that pre-tension is what makes a gun accurate, and the lockup isn't tight enough on their example when in battery. Moral of the story is, everyone needs something to bitch about.
  11. Maybe they're looking to fix the brass hitting the optic issue?
  12. be032

    P320 X5 Thread

    CO, yes, production, not until they add to the list, unless you find a way to cut 5 oz off of it.
  13. Yeah. Just like every other gun ever sold before it (and after), flattest shooting gun on the market.
  14. Eh. This is pretty common on all striker fired guns, X5s, regular P320s, Glocks, you name it.
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