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  1. The 15 round mag won't lock in an X-5?
  2. Aside from ease of disassembly, they're all about the same, and the TTI pads are really easy to disassemble.
  3. The Trijicons are overpriced, and they only make one size. Most everybody runs the Dawson Precisions, which offer more options in terms of height, width, and they will exchange sights for free if you don't like your POI.
  4. be032

    A few M17 questions

    Given that the trigger guard is the same across the range, most holsters will take everything as long as there's enough depth. So you can either get the longest possible and have the option to go all the way from X-5 to compact (subcompact has a rounded trigger guard which is unique), or get a holster w/ an open bottom, that will let the longer slides pass through. The latter runs the risk of popping the pistol out if you knock the muzzle when bending over or something though.
  5. Eh, I doubt the Acro P-1 is going to be too popular for competition. They're trying to build a bombproof housing, which means keeping the optic housing thick and a narrow window.
  6. I saw lots of bickering, and not really a final verdict, so I figured I'd ask the people who are actually running the pistol... Has any RO asked you to (or DQ'd you for not) lower the hammer into the FULLY down position, or is using the decocker to start in a half cocked position deemed acceptable?
  7. To echo this......and I'm new here, so outside looking in.... I find it amusing there's a Steyr section w/ 100 posts, that hasn't been touched in three years (not to mention the slow Ruger section as well), but no love for the Walthers and Caniks that have been blowing up in the "other" section.
  8. What gun/magazine? I've experienced this in my Glocks with other ammo, the answer usually is to punch the back of the slide.
  9. Is the 507 available post-recall? I've been waiting for one of the big distributors (OpticsPlanet, Brownells, etc) to have them back in stock, hopefully meaning they've burned through the old recalled stuff, but I haven't gotten any notification emails.
  10. Bladetech classic is righty only, if that matters to you. They also list the SP-01 as it's own model, while Comp-Tac lists theirs as cross compatible w/ the 75/85/P-01/SP-01. I got the Ben Stoeger BOSS DOH setup.
  11. be032

    Best Connector??

    Do you know the approximate poundage of this? Does the NP3 improve the weight or just the smoothness?
  12. Any feedback thusfar on the quality of goods coming out of the Kansas City facility? Not to put them down or anything, but I rarely trust any new pistol (ahem Sig P365) or new iteration of a pistol (ahem Glock gen4). Given the total lack of optics plates, I'm considering getting a Czech made P10-F and just getting it milled? Seems like it's about a $80 price differential on average, so you wouldn't be out too much extra cash.
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