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  1. You might be confusing case length with cartridge overall length. They are two different things. Ignore the length of the loaded cartridge (case plus bullet) and focus on the length of the case (brass only).
  2. The narrator in this video correctly identifies the two mid-length rounds as both being 38 Special. Case lengths: 357 magnum = 1.290" (33mm) 38 special = 1.155" (29.3) 38 long colt = 1.031" (26.2mm) 38 short colt = 0.765 (19.4) The 4 cartridges together: from: https://gunsmagazine.com/gear/38-long-colt/ Another picture of the 4 cartridges together: from left to right: 38 short colt, 38 long colt, 38 special, 357 magnum. all four cases have different lengths.
  3. FYI, the picture is mislabeled. That is not a 38 Long Colt. The Long Colt case (1.031") is shorter than the 38 Special case (1.155), and the 38 Long Colt and 38 Special in the picture have the same case length.
  4. I would not be too quick to say that about all semi-autos. The picture below is from shooting lead in a Glock G19 barrel. It has lead buildup for the whole length, but it looks like heavier buildup at the chamber end. In my limited experience, buildup is only limited by the number of rounds fired. In this picture from a 1911 barrel, leading starts about 1/2" from the chamber and does not appear heavier at the muzzle.
  5. The Chore Boy copper scrubs work fairly efficiently. https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2017/6/26/how-to-clean-tough-lead-deposits-from-your-barrel
  6. Yup. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Public_Enemy#Filming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n59j_bO_Q2U and: https://www.looper.com/112026/times-movie-fight-scenes-used-real-weapons-purpose/
  7. It is NOT advised. Allan Jones says it can damage the barrel. https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/ammunition_st_lowdownleadfoul_201002/99962
  8. superdude

    Ported 45

    The best powder is a slow one that can produce a lot of gas volume, specifically a powder that requires a large charge weight. More powder weight = more gas volume = more gas pressure at the ports. HS-6, Accurate #7. https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/compensators-pressure-gas/99170
  9. You can try to clean and lube (frequently) the crimp die so it doesn't grab. The SS NAS3 cases are unique and genuinely require the special sizing die. I found that my Dillon 650 expander funnel worked to bell the cases, but perhaps not all other brands (presses) would work as well, and they might require the special expansion die to work properly.
  10. Here's a general information article on loading the shell shock cases: https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2018/6/27/handloading-shell-shock-technologies-nas3-cases/
  11. Barrel specs are on the drawing pages. 9mm = page 27. 38 Special = page 47. 357 Mag = page 44. on the lower of the two drawings. The +0.004" is noted in the "CHAMBER" description in the bottom right of each page, and reads 'unless otherwise noted all dia +.004 (0.10)'
  12. Just an FYI, SAAMI groove diameter specs for both the 9mm Luger and 38/357 barrels are 0.355" + 0.004". So anything between 0.355" and 0.359" is within spec. https://saami.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/ANSI-SAAMI-Z299.3-CFP-and-R-Approved-2015-12-14-Posting-Copy.pdf
  13. might find something here: https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/super-accurate-38-super-loads/326242
  14. Big Guy, do the rounds that don't fit the gauge fit your chamber? If so, forget the gauge. You won't be shooting them from the gauge.
  15. Evaluate via a magic marker and the plunk test, explained here: https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/reloading-tips-the-plunk-test/99389 Then you'll know EXACTLY why it won't fit.
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