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  1. You might find this link useful: https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2018/1/9/how-to-use-9-major-in-a-short-barrel/ Some commonly used powders for 9 Major are in the tables.
  2. Hodgdon's 'conservative' velocity is because of the short OAL. That raises pressure. The pressure is 33,600 psi which is getting close to the max 9mm limit of 35,000.
  3. As noted, you'll have to determine the OAL required for each bullet you use. This figure shows the 'just fits' OAL for several different bullet designs in a CZ barrel;
  4. I'm not sure you need to match the barrel's .356 with jacketed bullets. Barrel specs for 38 Super (and 9mm and 38/357 revolvers) are a groove size of .355 to .359. Undersized jacketed bullets shoot very well through them. For example, I've Ransom Rested 9mm handloads through a Ruger Blackhawk revolver with a conversion cylinder and a .3577" groove diameter barrel and produced very small groups with .355 jacketed bullets, including 24 shots in 1.40" at 25 yards. Other .355 bullets were as accurate as, or better than, .357 bullets. If matching the barrel dimensions is required by jacketed bullets, my data does not agree with that. Lead bullets might be a different story and undersize lead might contribute to leading. I've not tested that so I can't say.
  5. Compensators work very well with ALL bullet weights. Lighter bullets work a bit better. https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/power-factor-recoil-bullet-weight-compensators/99206
  6. A couple things. . . If bullets of different weights are pushed to the same power factor with the same powder, the lighter bullets will produce more recoil force. Light bullets must go faster than heavy bullets to achieve the same power factor, so they accelerate faster and spend less time in the barrel. This means a faster recoil impulse. The light bullets' shorter barrel time and additional recoil likely combine to make their recoil feel different from heavy bullets. Source: https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/power-factor-recoil-bullet-weight-gives-edge/99399
  7. https://www.vihtavuori.com/powder/n330-handgun-powder/
  8. N105. A#7. Silhouette. A#9 would also work.
  9. With luck your new gun (barrel) will have a long throat to allow you to load long = ~ 1.150 or so. That's the trick to help keep pressure low. See the last link (ssusa) posted by TheChewycookie. It has 9 Major load data with your 3 powders and 125 HAPs.
  10. The softest feeling recoil impulse will be with heavy bullets. The supposed reason is that they accelerate slower because they don't have to reach the same speeds as lighter bullets - especially for the same power factor. An alternative is to simply load the 125 grain bullets to a lower speed.
  11. The question is why you said that max book loads are conservative. Do you mean max book loads are not loaded to max pressure specs? Or that max SAAMI pressure itself is conservative compared to what a load can be loaded to? - meaning that one can load past max book loads. As Guy Neill notes, max book loads are often at max SAAMI pressure. The ADI load data for 9mm looks to be up to SAAMI max pressure. http://www.adi-powders.com.au/pistol/9mm-luger
  12. Not really. I've found it to be very accurate in the 9mm.
  13. Since you're loading for a compensator, select the powder that uses the largest charge weight for the velocity you desire. More powder weight means more gas and more gas means more downward pressure from the compensator. This is explained here: https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/compensators-pressure-gas/99170
  14. Starline is at Brownells; https://www.brownells.com/reloading/brass/pistol-brass/38-super-comp-brass-100-bag-sku749018116-118586-218367.aspx and Grafs: https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/category/categoryId/4189 Hornady also makes 38 Super Comp. It's in stock at Grafs: see link above. And it might be in stock here: https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/reloading-equipment-supplies/brass/hornady-38-super-comp-handgun-reloading-brass-200-count/p/1663057 Another option is Starline 38 TJ. It's in stock at Starline. And for more than you ever wanted to know about rimless 38 Super brass: https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2019/7/23/rimless-38-super-brass-everything-you-need-to-know/
  15. No need to trim brass. Just push the bullet in deeper. That will emulate a 38 Colt case (Short or Long). As Service Desk notes, you can seat them flush. The reduced space by seating the bullet deeper will increase consistency.
  16. #7. Have you determined WHY those rounds don't fit the case gauge? Method here: https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/reloading-tips-the-plunk-test/99389
  17. Mine too. For some brass, I run them through the Lee FCD before I size them. That reduces the chance of a 'ring' of brass at the head which the Dillon die can make with heavily bulged cases.
  18. Use lead-free primers. (Easier said than done given finding ANY primers.)
  19. Any powder works a compensator, but powders that use a larger charge weight (for the same velocity) work the compensator better. A slower powder will generally require more charge weight and will work better. But try it and see how it works for you. If you have slower powder that requires more charge weight, try them along side it to see which you prefer.
  20. Google 'open gun' and check out the pictures. Lots of them. They are the quintessential race guns.
  21. On this website it characterizes a gun with an optical sight and compensator - defined by Open Division USPSA/IPSC rules.
  22. Carole, these are difficult times to find primers. Small pistol primers appear to be the most desired, if the posts on forums are to be used as a measuring stick. Our best advice is to watch frequently for them at local stores and every place that sells them on the internet. Sign up at those internet stores that allow you to be notified when they have some in stock, and act VERY quickly when you get notified because they will sell out VERY fast. Good luck.
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