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  1. MisterB


    This may be a foolish question, but, is it possible to take match registration and payments through PS and still have administrative squading? I think this would be a larger one day format. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. MisterB

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    If you ordered mag pouches for your Glock they may not work for the S_I. I think your plan to shoot major is way to go, but switching platforms can be expensive, keep your eyes out for a used setup.
  3. Timers can be faulty. I hold the timer so that I can see the display and the gun for the first couple of shots, to make certain the timer is functioning. At the last firing position, I again hold the timer so that I can see the display and the gun to see if the display changes. I've had to stop a shooter because it wasn't picking any shots, and have had to issue a reshoot because the last shot didn't register. This technique was taught in my RO class.
  4. MisterB

    Cross eye dominant

    We used to use a small piece of scotch tape on the weak side lens (left eye foe right handed shooter) of shooting glasses and leave both eyes open for guns with iron sights. You automatically use the uncovered eye for sighting, but no loss of peripheral vision.
  5. MisterB

    Shock buff or ney

    My open gun came with a buff, it runs 100% reliable, so why change?
  6. MisterB

    New Shooters at Matches

    Would anyone that puts on a new shooter class have an outline of the things covered that I could plagiarize?
  7. MisterB

    To DQ or Not to DQ

    There are things that happen at a club match that anyone on the squad can and should be responsible for calling STOP, and calling for a DQ. There are some instances that call should only be made by the RO running the shooter. It takes knowledge of the rules, experience, and tact to be able to judge the difference.
  8. MisterB

    To DQ or Not to DQ

    Raising the carbine and sighting at targets. Like you would do after ‘make ready ‘ to check your dot, etc.
  9. MisterB

    To DQ or Not to DQ

    I had problems with PCC shooters, who were not USPSA shooters, that would 'air gun' while waiting on deck. When I was told after the match, my first question was, "Why were they not DQ'd?" These competitors were not familiar with USPSA rules, but, as match director, there were enough veteran competitors as well as NROI certified people on the squads that I felt it should have been handled at the time of the infraction. I told the entire squad, those that don't know the rules, shame on you, and those that do know and didn't do anything, shame on you. It is a little different than a judgement call on a 180.
  10. MisterB

    Efficiency vs accuracy

    I had similar experiences when switching from 388 S to 9mm in open. I went from 124’s to115 and really liked it. I’ve used WAC and HS6 and don’t have a preference, I like both.
  11. MisterB

    What got you into Open?

    When there were no divisions, you run what you brung.
  12. MisterB

    Another keyhole question

    I had a problem with tumbling lead bullets on a gun that had never had an issue with lead/coated bullets. Tried different degrees of crimp, OAL, with no luck. I tried a slower burn rate powder and everything straightened out with light or moderate crimp. Might be worth a try.
  13. My son had an advertisement from the Navy Exchange in Norfolk that showed the exact same knife without the S&W engraving for $6.99. Not a big gift from Smith & Wesson.
  14. MisterB

    9mm to 38sc die question ?

    My results trying to load super comp with a 9mm shell plate didn't work out well on my 650. I got the correct caliber conversion and it runs like like a champ. It was a constant fight with the wrong shell plate.
  15. MisterB


    I bought the gun used, and I think the screw broke at about 15K of my shooting. Maybe 20-25K? I then bought one of Henning's fixed rear sights. I wish I had done that way sooner!