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  1. To get 1.5lb pull, you have to set the sear spring fairly light, so make sure the sear can move freely and clear of the disconnector when the slide moves back.
  2. "How much side play ?" Only about .002" or .003". Also, remove the grip safety but put everything else back in place and do this: Hold the trigger back and pull the slide back, look and make sure the disconnector drops down below the sear feet with at least .002" clearance, a piece of paper is about .003" thick. Anyway, this is how it suppose to go : You pull the trigger, the gun goes Bang, the slide goes back and presses the disconnector down below the sear feet, that releases sear so it can swing back and catches the hammer. .
  3. Also, a trigger kit was put in . What's in a trigger kit ?
  4. Make sure the sear has a little side play in the frame. Happened to me one time when I installed a new sear , it was moving freely but no play and the hammer would follow sometimes. Took the sear out and ran it over a piece of sand paper about 10 times, problem solved. .
  5. A guy walked in the LGS, asked to look at a 1911, the clerk handed him the gun, he fondled the gun a little then reached in his pocket, pulled out a loaded mag and inserted it then robbed the store. (true story). .
  6. At a rest stop on the interstate. _ Hey, how are you doing ? _ Oh not bad _ So anything new ? _ Oh just taking a week off and do some sight seeing _ Busy right now ? _ Oh not really. _ Can I come over ? _ Ah, why do you want to do that ? _ Hey, I'll call you back in a little bit , there is a damn guy in the next stall keeps answering my questions. .
  7. To OP : Go to 1911 forum and post this pic, there are quite a few top notch gunsmiths over there and see what they say, but to me the feet are not correctly cut, the ink at the 2 very tips of the feet should be gone, and the ink at the corner of the curvy part right below the feet should still be there. Right now it looks like the curvy part of the feet is what stopping the barrel from going forward, instead of the bottom of the feet, and that would make the lock up very inconsistent Well, at least that is how Kart said it should be. OK, the simple way to say it is : If you hold the barrel right side up, with the muzzle to the left, the pin should contact the barrel feet at 12 and 3 o'clock. To be perfect, it should be all the way from 12 to 3 but that is very tough to be accomplished , so they normally leave a gap at 1 and 2 , but it must have contact at 3 o'clock which your barrel does not have. .
  8. The major factor that determines the life of the buffer is the contact surface of the spring tunnel, if it is thick and flat the buffer will last longer. If your gun has a heavy barrel and uses the reverse spring plug, the back of the spring tunnel has to be milled out so the plug can slide in, that will make the contact surface thinner and that will chew up the buffer faster.
  9. The Briley bushing is a lot weaker than the conventional ones, because they remove part of the body for the ring to fit.
  10. The spring was not stacking. The thing went for about 20K rounds before it broke. .
  11. Bought a gun with that bushing fitted to it, and one day the front half broke off, the spring and the cap were never found, will never use them again.
  12. Vmax606

    Not a joke.

    Just a funny conversation from the TV show "Bones", in case someone missed this one. Booth went to pick up Dr. Brennan at her place, and she's just done having fun with a guy. Booth : Who was that ? Brennan : Oh, that's Stanley, he's a deep sea diver, and you know he can hold his breath for 5 minutes down there. Booth : Underwater ? .
  13. Vmax606

    The wrestlers.

    It was at the Olympic final wrestling match, a Russian got ready to go into the ring against a Japanese sumo wrestler, a German came up to the Russian and warned him about the deadly lock the Japanese has that no one ever broke out of it. It wasn't even 30 seconds into the match, when the Japanese had the Russian all locked up and twisted, it looked so painful that his coach was ready to throw in the towel, and suddenly there was a really load scream, then the Russian jumped up and pinned the Japanese down and won the event. How the heck did you do that ? The German asked. The Russian replied : Well, he got me all locked up and twisted, I couldn't move , I couldn't do anything, and suddenly I saw a great big ball in front of my face, so I bit it. You never know how strong you are until you bite your own ball ! .
  14. Vmax606

    Short funny jokes

    A guy driving down a country road and ran over a rabbit, he pulled over and got a spray can and sprayed all over the rabbit. Suddenly the rabbit stood up and started waving, the guy threw the can on the side of the road and took off. An old man on the front porch saw everything and went to pick up the can. It says : Hair restore , permanent wave.
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