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  1. Picked up a cz p01 for recreational carry optics use (99%) of time which consideration as ccw and defensive use. I’ve been recommmended to use 507k d/t the narrow slide of cz p01/sp01 systems but I was wondering what people’s opinion here were? Currently I compete with a 507c on Glock 19z also recommend cz customs plate Mount system or a single optic? Cz is a bit tricky because they unfortunately do not have aftermarket slides
  2. I had a very tight barrel extension to upper receiver fitment. Tried freezing barrel and hair drying upper with partial results. Removed the extension and tried again. In absence of a heat gun, lightly polished the tail end of barrel extension on a lathe such that the back end requires a firm push to fit in and front end requires a mallet to drive in the rest. Still extremely snug with no play. Will this affect the barrel and upper fit in long run in terms of stresses or accuracy?
  3. It seems that win 244 does better with producing light loads at heavier calibers.. I feel like its in the fast-medium burn rate. is that why?
  4. Interesting note regarding the cfe! Will try it out when I use up win 244. What OAL for the cfe pistol load?
  5. I see the date you are referencing. I am noting the BERB RNHP data with loads to 1.15coal. I actually saw an updated data with 145 gr rn loaded to 1.15 coal. Calling for 3.6gr. Will see how it goes. Pretty low. Wanted to switch out to cfe pistol but apparently that is more for making major loads.
  6. Hi I was using win 244 with Berry 124 gr bullets at 4.4-4.5gr 1.15 OAL. I mainly compete in action steel, and I occasionally have a harder time knocking over some of the stiffer reactive steel targets at the matches. Thinking about switching over to 147gr bullets, but keeping the same PF. Unfortunately no chrono (living in apartment, barely enough space as is). I was wondering if anyone has an established load with 147gr plated bullets and win 244 powder measuring around 140pf you recommend? TIA!
  7. Any word on precision bullets? Tried to search but nothing much came out. Apparently relatively recently they changed to a ploylube coating which seems unique to them..
  8. Yea seems like syntech is definitely one of a kind at the moment.
  9. Slightly off topic but do you recommend belling to .390 for plated bullets too? I do .385 right now and it seems ok but just curious.
  10. Thanks for the response @Farmer. Eventually I will try sport pistol but for now I will work with what I have!
  11. Thank you everyone for your inputs. So far I am willing to try BBI, Eggleston, ACME, and Blue, whichever ships first.... I think I have a good idea on bullets so far. Just make sure cases are belled enough so coating does not get scraped, and make sure it is at least a thousandths in larger than bore (so .356). I already bell my cases to about .385 to allow sufficient room to seat and crimp with factory crimp die to prevent plating separation for plated bullets so I think the transition should be ok. Regarding powder... this is the part that I seem to struggle with the next. I use winclean 244 because the guy at the reloading store said it is an all around good powder. It seems to burn a bit faster than win 231 and seems ok for what I am using right now, but am wondering if there will be any issues when converting to coated? Is there anything else other than burn rate I should look out for? The smoke produced so far with plated has been minimal which I can greatly appreciate.
  12. Thanks for the response! Yea I heard that both powder coated and hi tek still smoke and lead up given time. Any opinions on eggleston or BBI also?
  13. Hi, I currently use plated bullets for my loads but I am interested in diversifying my bullet selection. I really like how syntech rounds perform and how clean they are. While I am aware that powder and primer have significant contributions (federal pls sell catalyst primers) I want to purchase coated bullets with closest characteristic to syntech. Unfortunately federal does not sell 9mm 124 gr bullets so I am looking for the closest option, and I would appreciate some help. Thank you!
  14. Understood. And yea I’ve been plunking all my rounds so far. Thanks!
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