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  1. I have one and love it, it is my main carry gun, very accurate
  2. TS Orange, Blue Bullets RN .355 dia, 147 grain , 1.12 works great, just worked on it today
  3. ammoseek shows reloading supplies now
  4. DukeSoprano

    Red dot for TSO

    I have been working on this one
  5. There is a Dan Wesson guardian, 38 super listed on 1911addicts dot com right now, that's what I carry and love it
  6. Stupid question but I have the same backpack and want something bigger, just wondering if you went through the same and if so what you bought?


    Thank you,


    1. jc3257


      Went with a smaller range bag. Found the backpack too big for most matches. Keep a large competition range bag in the car with everything else I may need.

  7. http://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/brownells-gear/brownells-catalogs/1911-catalog-sku077100004-23960-48687.aspx
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