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  1. Mine runs like a champ, I'll try post pictures again.
  2. ATI is running great with aprrox 2k down range
  3. FYI Just some information from my experiences I've been running for the few months a Lancer - JP rifle with the Voodoo Innovation Evo Lite 16.5". No modifications have been made (or need to be made) to the gas system I've put a ton of rounds down range up too 600 yards with very good results in several configurations. Setup #1 was a nib full auto BCG with a stock rifle buffer (Seekins adjustable gas block 3 full turns from full close) and setup #2 Voodoo ultra lite BCG and DSG Arms 3oz carbine buffer (Seekins adjustable gas block 3.5 turns from full close) this is my current setup and the gas could be be turned down...All test were done with FM55gr inside 200 yards and HPA 75gr, Hornady 77gr, and CBC 77gr 200+ yards. Also I have tested operation with Tula 55gr for function reference. There is no reason I have seen with any load that I have shot to be concerned with function, the felt recoil is very comparable to my 18" rifle length gun. I don't feel like I've given up anything on accuracy vs the 18" either. Granted with a pencil barrel you're going to have a loss of accuracy if the barrel gets extremely hot, just like a heavier barrel if you dump a ton rounds through the results are similar. The evo lite with it being slender cools fast (between stages). This rifle with the evo lite has a very light and balanced feel. Rifle buffer Carbine buffer
  4. hysupra, I did feel it was very slippery so I tried my grip treatment to it.....no slip now
  5. Running the Lancer A1. It works great and it's lite....but I'm thinking of going back to a PRS
  6. Thanks for the great comments...... It's pretty aggressive....you're guaranteed to have a positive grip. I've been told by quite a few people it's the only grip enhancement for them. The plastic on the M3K offers a great platform for grip enhancements.
  7. Attached is one of my latest creations
  8. The Seekins adjustable works great http://www.seekinsprecision.com/seekins-precision-low-profile-adjustable-gas-block-750-dia.html
  9. Online: Euro Optic Gun Broker (although most are private sales or from Euro Optic) Able Ammo Or check Stoeger's website for Stoeger dealers near you. If your local Stoeger dealer does not have one in stock they should be able to order one and get it in a week or so. 24" is the hardest to find, but my dealer said he could order one and get it in less than 10 days (confirmed with a call to the Stoeger rep). Be careful with Euro Optic. I was going to buy one from him on GB, but he didn't actually have the gun in stock. I think his web site inventory is accurate, but his auctions aren't closed if he sells the item from his store. Able Ammo is the same, they show the 24" in stock but it has to ship from Benelli....approx 2 weeks to get one w/ free shipping
  10. Patrick, Is that an XS rear sight installed and how did you determine the location? Thanks Banks
  11. MOA parts installed and loading port opened up
  12. I ordered a 24" model from ableammo w/ free shipping
  13. This. All day. Seems simple but still more than what I'm comfortable doing. If you offered the disconnecter and trigger pre drilled I'd buy one. +1
  14. Since establishing this thread I have offered my email and phone to ALL. That offer still stands. Please use it if you have a question or concern. I will take the time to hopeful get you an answer. As for the train wreck on the match registration, I apologize and take responsibility...no one is more frustrated and upset about it than I am...but I am dedicated to making this work both in fairness and in logistics. Any one that knows me and or has participated in ANY event that I am part of can be attest they are treated fair and repectful. I am passionate about this sport and see all the wonderful things it offers to its participates...which certainly out weighs the "hassles". So be assured that at this moment 3Gunnation is working this problem... Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with your concerns...it does mean a lot to me and to 3GN, we are just trying to grow this game! Charles Sole Cell 919-201-7990 Email charles@3gunnation.com Thanks for supporting this sport! Guys I have been shooting Charles tarheel matches and I can tell you that Charles is for making great matches for the shooters. He will do everything he can to make the regionals great matches that everyone will talk about after they are over. Everyone needs to hang on and wait until this is corrected and the regionals will be worth the wait. +1
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