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  1. Sadly I am just a common peasant with an SDB Honestly even if there was a better powder than S1000 it is a matter of convenience, it works great for me and I already have everything set up for it just shove the components in.
  2. Alliant sport pistol does the trick for me. Used to be solo 1000 but thats unobtanium now.
  3. So because I had 1500 remington small pistol primers I loaded some up in my usuall 38 special load with solo 1000. Had to get a new strain screw new main spring and return spring to get the balance right. So now my trigger pull is at 7.6 pounds vs 6 pounds for federal primers. So now I have a dedicated spring set for federal primers and one for "hard" primers. I also have been keeping track of my round count and cleanings. I can get up to about 1200 rounds before I get ignition problems due to soot and crud buildup under the extractor star and the back of the cylinder crud and crap. For those of us who are godless barbarians who do not clean our revolvers how long can you go before problems crop up?
  4. just a quick update cheap crappy chinese measuring instrumensts are crappy. Went and used a mituyo caliper and a micrometer at work, the sizes are perfect. .377ish My step father always told me "never go off half cocked". Now I look stupid.
  5. I just shot 2.5" 8 round group at 25 yards, I think that is pretty acceptable.
  6. pulled a bullet and it measures .357 even after crimp
  7. I compared to my old batch back to back they are sitting next to each other. My old batch doesn't have mold lines either.
  8. So I was running low on my revolver bullets 160 grain round nose from bayou bullets. The new bullets seem messed up to me, half of the bullets are missing the polymer coating in several spots especially the "lube groove" spot. My old bullets where sized to .358 and measured .3575 to .3585, new bullets measure .3555 and there is a seams on them from the mold it protrudes enough to catch my nail. Will I have trouble shooting .355 sized bullets out of a .357 revolver?
  9. if i bell mouth enough to avoid shaving my coated lead bullets i wind up shaving brass in the seating die, daa funnel solves that problem
  10. it said that it is for Dillon so I ASSumed that it works on SDB
  11. So I installed the DAA powder funnel set up for lead bullets in my SDB for 9mm. I noticed that it is noticeably shorter than by stock dillon funnel/expander, I had to screw the housing all the way down to get it to properly flare. I also noticed that my powder measure itself was coming up sideways instead of straight up during the flaring part. Well after a couple hundred rounds Body collar assembly broke where the screw goes in part#20642, and I took the DAA funnel out and noticed that it now developed a burr around the top of the funnel where it was contacting the powder measure. Compared DAA funnel to my stock Dillon funnel stock Dillon has no burrs on top of the funnel DAA has the buts, which by the way were not there when I started using it. Can some one tell me what I missed/screwed up?
  12. I was loading some 9mm on my SDB today and took some measurments. My bras was sized a bit oblong 0.371" on the narrow side and 0.374" on the wide side. Is it normal for brass to be a bit oblong like that after sizing. I did this to several different makes of brass with similar results.
  13. Bumped up my charge to 3.8 grains of solo 1000 and now I am getting good numbers and it burns REALLY clean, night and day difference. I also noticed something that might have been the culprit. My powder measure adjustment screw has been walking clockwise, it likes to wander. Going to get one of those clicker knobs to keep it still.
  14. Thanks guys, checked my SDB, throws consistent powder, no bullet setback, I checked on the bullet before to make sure that there is no overcrimping since I use coated bullets. Will try a higher charge and report back here. I appreciate all the help.
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