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  1. Great, thanks for the input. I like the fit, as long as it stops shaving and smooths out. Color scheme is killer too!
  2. I just got my Red Hill Tactical holster today for my Stock 2 - double layered Gray/Red. I'm a bit concerned and am wondering if I should send this back to them - Unless the holster body screws are set very loose, there is quite a bit of drag on the pistol and I can clearly see kydex scraping along the front of the trigger guard as well as along the front of the slide to the 10 and 2 o'clock corners respective to the barrel. Granted, it fits the pistol better than the Bladetech that I have, but the draw is definitely less smooth. If I had a choice right now, I'd prefe
  3. Just took it out to the range today and they feel great! Perfect size, good grip, but doesn't "bite". Despite the sand and dust storms, not signs of "contamination"!
  4. Finally got some Scale 2.0's. I can feel what the hype is about. Slimmer design allows me to drop mags faster and the grip pattern is surprisingly comfortable and stable! Can't wait to give them a run!
  5. Thanks for everyone's feedback! It's reassuring.
  6. So I've just jumped on the Stock 2 train and am starting to work on modifying it. I'm very interested in the Scale grips (whether it's 1.0 vs. 2.0), but shooting outdoors here in Albuquerque, we get plenty of dust and wind and I'm concerned about getting particles into the grip and causing malfunctions. I'm not too keen on having to keep a cover over it all the time either. Anyone experience issues in a similar outdoor environment with these grips? Ultimately, if it's too "risky", I'm pretty happy with the factory wood grips. Thanks!
  7. After reading this thread, I'm intrigued with 18650 based flashlights. I just ordered a ThruNite TN12. Now I'm eyeing a PD35 and perhaps a Nitecore P12. Thanks alot guys
  8. If you want something small, cheap, yet pretty bright, check out a Coast HP1 (around $10 on Amazon). I put a Sanyo 14500 840mah 3.7V rechargeable LiON battery in it and it's bright for the size! 190 lumens. Maybe too small/cheap/dim for your purposes, but for everyday use, I've found it to be awesome (have 10 scattered throughout the house, car, range bag, etc.).
  9. I would add Brazos Custom to the list as well. They have 2 Lawman's on sale on the "Discontinued/discounted" page.
  10. A bit late, but I picked up 2 Fail Zero complete NiB BCG's for $203 shipped from Primary Arms!
  11. Anyone have any creative ways to store the metal targets stands (non-collapsible) on a wall in the garage? I'm thinking of using those Tornado hooks (either ladder or large J-hooks). Anyone do anything else? I want to get them off the floor and minimize the footprint on a wall too. Thanks!
  12. I run a VV PST 6-24 on my Grendel and am happy with it. 24" Krieger stainless fluted AR platform.
  13. I use that Lee as a dedicated 223 decapper 99% of the time then occasionally as a bullet puller. Works great.
  14. Long squirt of Dawn, a 45 case full of lemishine and steel pins for 3 hrs in a Thumblers. Less time for nickel.
  15. Another vote for Wilson Combat ETM. Work in all my 1911s, even some that can't run my CMC powermags.
  16. EDA

    Posted a reply - the magwell is aluminum.

  17. Season 7 starts tonight! So who gets killed by Negan? Glenn, Maggie, Darryl, Abraham, or some permutation of them!
  18. Stand 1 Armory sells 180gr .40 loaded to 1.20" if you are shooting an STI Limited gun. I've had good success with their ammo. I have no affiliation with the company.
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