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  1. After reading this thread, I'm intrigued with 18650 based flashlights. I just ordered a ThruNite TN12. Now I'm eyeing a PD35 and perhaps a Nitecore P12. Thanks alot guys
  2. If you want something small, cheap, yet pretty bright, check out a Coast HP1 (around $10 on Amazon). I put a Sanyo 14500 840mah 3.7V rechargeable LiON battery in it and it's bright for the size! 190 lumens. Maybe too small/cheap/dim for your purposes, but for everyday use, I've found it to be awesome (have 10 scattered throughout the house, car, range bag, etc.).
  3. EDA

    Posted a reply - the magwell is aluminum.

  4. EDA

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Glad you were able to make it again Charlie and it was nice to see that you were able to stay the whole weekend this time!
  5. Picked up a customized Norinco 1911 - going to see how accurate it is and try it for 3-gun Heavy Metal. All internals were swapped out to Ed Brown, 10-8, C&S. Kart barrel. Slide and frame markings other than s/n were machined off and it was re-cerakoted.
  6. EDA

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Hey Cha-lee, Happy Belated Birthday!
  7. Saw them live in Chicago about 5 years ago - great show! Saw In This Moment twice - I own a painting made by Maria Brink! Have seen Nightwish, Disturbed, Slipknot, Megadeth. Looks like alot of musical overlap! I've had the Within Temptation Pandora station playing - Epica, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, etc.
  8. I use a Mapgul MOE+ on my "precision" 308 AR (20" Mega barrel, Geissele SD-E trigger, etc.). I use it on my 24" 6.5 Grendel as well as my precision 223 as well. The angle seems fine and the tackiness prevents motion on my hand independent of the trigger finger.
  9. Good luck with quitting the smoking - you'll save alot of money with long-term medical costs too (COPD is a pricey one...and it adds to your health insurance)! I've purchased all my USPSA pistols used so far from here! (SS, Ltd, Open). I'm sure I've saved a bunch on those to purchase all the other things - rigs, reloading supplies, etc. They have all run great!
  10. Great to hear. I just bought my first .338 LM and was looking for glass. Sounds like this may be it!
  11. Holy cow, no wonder it looks like you're holding an 18.5" shotgun in your videos!
  12. Anyone run Remington managed recoil 1 oz slugs in their M3000?
  13. Just bought a 24" M3000 online and getting ready to have it sent to MOA. Excited for my first 3gun shotgun! Tom has been great with communication and Patrick's posts have been critical in my decision making! Will post pics when I get it!
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