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  1. Would you be willing to sell the rig with mags yet?




    1. js1130146


      If the gun goes without the gear I'll split it out

    2. PatrickDoyle


      ok...let me know

  2. I run an 8# variable in mine and it will eat everything I've tried. Major loads, factory loads, production loads that barely make minor. It might be a little on the light side but I like the way the dot tracks and how it feels.
  3. I've got quite a few pieces of small primer pocket .45 brass. I think 1k+ with the vast majority of it being brand new unfired RWS brass. I can get a good count on it over the weekend if there's any interest.
  4. Have you tried other spring weights in it? Both standard and variable weight? It sounds like the gun is set up well, it's boiling down to load development. That or making some major changes to how the gun is set up.
  5. What are your recoil spring and mainspring weights on the 2011? What does the profile of your firing pin stop look like?
  6. How many baffles and ports are there in the two comps? Odds are what is best for the glock isnt ideal for the 2011. That could be part of the reason they act different. You may have to work up a new load for the 2011 to find what is best for that setup. My suggestion would be to try a slower powder in the 2011 and play with the spring weights, but I'm certainly no expert.
  7. A heavier gun should mean less muzzle flip. You could try a different (slower) powder and/or lighter bullets and see if that helps any. What's your current load? You can lighten the heck out of the slide even more. Less reciprocating mass means less flip. The slides on steel challenge guns are crazy light. You can also tweak the weight of the recoil spring and/or mainspring. Both have an effect on slide speed along with the radius of the firing pin stop. You should be able to tune the feel of your gun and reduce muzzle flip with a combination of the above. The simplest way to go about it though, is to increase grip strength and see if you can improve on your grip in any way.
  8. Do a search in the classifieds section and I'm sure you'll get an idea on price range.
  9. Are you talking about internal or external fluting?
  10. It is much more rigid and more adjustable. The stock hanger has a tendency to flex and move around a lot. It was especially frustrating and noticeable to me when trying to draw from anything other than standing upright and still. Plus I hated the holster constantly slapping my leg as I moved. Lots of folks get by fine with the stock DOH so give it a try before you drop extra cash on it, but it made a world of difference to me.
  11. Just something to consider. I absolutely hated the floppiness of the stock hanger on the Blade-techs. If/when it starts to bug you, take a look at the Boss hanger (or something of similar style). It was a night and day difference for me.
  12. Bull barrel is also not legal unless it is 4.2" or shorter. If you want a 5" single stack gun, you have to go bushing.
  13. I'm a big fan of the DAA single stack racers. I run a Red Hill Tactical holster body on a Boss hanger. I like it way more than the Bladetech I used to have.
  14. A sight tracker is not single stack legal. -Coned barrels, bull barrels, or barrels with flanges, except in 1911 compact pistols with a barrel length of 4.20 inches or less. (Note: All other barrels must have barrel bushings and conform to factory profile).
  15. Realistically, it might not ever be required. Tim Herron does pretty darn well for himself (14th at SS Nationals) and if I recall correctly he still runs an essentially box stock Sig Max.
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