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  1. If the magnet is there - mag or not - during the course of fire, you move to open if the magnet is in front of the point of the hip.
  2. RO: Continue with Stop / ULSC. If he didn't see a violation and no other RO working the stage did, either, it's a reshoot and a warning to the competitor calling STOP from behind the line to let the RO's do the RO'ing.
  3. What's the story on the magwell?
  4. Good point, thanks for the correction. The box is for Production.
  5. If it fits the box and makes weight, that's a good start. Does the grip include an external magwell? That would need to come off.
  6. Note: NROI had a blog post up about this/something similar, but now it's completely gone - vanished without a trace. https://nroi.org/q-of-month-results/the-production-gun-list-in-2020/ in case you can find an archive of it
  7. Changing it is different from removing it. You cannot remove the safety. You can change it.
  8. Probably needs its own thread.
  9. This depends on what the RO saw. If the RO saw the two hits on Alpha on the target as the shooter fired them, then it's "obvious to the RO which two holes were shot." If the RO did not see the hits and misses as they were fired but absolutely saw only three shots on target and it has four holes, that's a mandatory reshoot as the target cannot be scored as shot because the alphas may not belong to that competitor. It is not correct, if you didn't see the actual hits, to assume the alphas belong to the competitor, and if you're absolutely certain there were only three shots (you do
  10. One would hope that's his response, considering that's exactly what the rulebook says.
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