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  1. It's also a mountain/range: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinch_Mountain
  2. Now I'm curious - your profile says Clinch Mountain. Dawson is northwest of Georgetown, TX. Did you move?
  3. We have different definitions of that, then. Folks expect to use the full capacity of their magazines.
  4. What they have are > 10 round mags. If they want to "run what they have," they'll need to do it in Limited, CO or Open for now. You can't have this both ways.
  5. You can run magazines loaded to full capacity in Production? Since when? Like it or not, Limited or Carry Optics are the entry level divisions - a place for people to start, get a feel and not worry about the rules, especially now that equipment position isn't an issue.
  6. If true, that's against the rules. The glossary defines that.
  7. Is there a tie-down rig that meets the requirements of
  8. If it seems that way, it's because you don't understand the safety systems on striker guns. Very different from a Series 70-style SA gun with the safety off... more like a Series 80.
  9. You should post this to https://www.reddit.com/r/PimpGuns/
  10. So no division for 10rd states? And equal playing field for iron sights and optics? https://asi-usa.org/about/
  11. Shooting with both eyes open, one eye sees the target, the other the dot, and gives you one picture.
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