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  1. At that point, require cash only from this shooter going forward, and they can only register once payment is received and processed. Delete/refund any registrations otherwise from them.
  2. Do you mean a flat black rear, or a rear FO sight with the fibers not installed?
  3. I couldn't find any recent discussion - is there any interest in a GSSF sub-forum under Other Shooting Sports? I enjoy these matches from a "pace" perspective and equate them to Steel Challenge. Often, they're worth traveling to for long weekends and enjoy somewhere I've never been before. From thread volume, it seems like this gets brought up enough it might warrant a permanent spot. Thoughts?
  4. Oh, I know. I knew it was a risk when I made the choice, but it was still faster (if I didn't DQ) for me. WHERE I decided to do the reload was a poor choice as my angle was even worse, and stumbling as I realized it sealed the deal. My "learning lesson" from it is better planning. Don't paint myself into a box with a plan that requires perfect execution - give myself a little leeway for things going wonky and make it up with clean shooting and movement.
  5. Yep. First DQ in several years... but I earned it. Next match...
  6. What a personal s#!t show today. Local match, hoping to run the Glock 45 I’ve switched to for CO. Gun was zeroed, function checked and ready. Mags loaded. The first stage had some build problems that had to be corrected that didn’t get noticed until a few shooters ran (who then would have to reshoot the updated stage). Because of that i changed my plan and decided to run right to left, which I still think is the better option. The problem is I planned my reload location poorly, then compounded it by stumbling while reloading on the move and broke the 180. I wish I could say I didn’t shoot to plan but I did... and didn’t leave myself any room for error. Then error happened. No argument, but now I’m on the way home to ice my ankle. Apparently even with plates and screws it’s not meant to take all my body weight and momentum on the balls of my left foot as the only contact point. Bright side: I have an excuse to not mow the yard when I get home now. Edit to add: Also sort of glad I didn’t end up having to shoot Long Range Standards 2, which was one of the stages (but no longer counts as a classifier).
  7. APSC and CAPS https://www.austinpracticalshooting.com/ https://www.caps-club.org/ There's also Texas Tactical for IDPA, carbine, etc. and a really good all-steel match about an hour north (but not a "scoring" match for any sport). I haven't shot there, but supposedly the Range in Austin is doing indoor USPSA when they start back post-COVID. River City in San Antonio is always good (but more of a drive from North Austin). Several other clubs in/around Houston, too.
  8. @Matt1911 That's actually what made the difference. I wasn't thinking about any specific performance... just about shooting that stage. Match mentality makes a difference. @IHAVEGAS I tell people I'm a competitive shooter but I'm nobody's competition. I look at this the same as my golf handicap - just a personal achievement. I'm the guy that lives for random prize tables. :)
  9. Thanks. A little deflated now... realized I'd done my math wrong and used SEVEN scores (divided by six) instead of SIX. Still, two solid classifiers and B within reach with one more good one.
  10. My biggest challenge has been speed, and that's related to weight. Shot a classifier match this weekend after being off for COVID, etc., and I'm 80 pounds down from last year. With the new classifiers and the scores I posted, I made it up to B class and can see a path to A class this year. Realized my math was wrong. Two solid B scores, but not quite enough. Turns out adding SEVEN scores together (of my last eight) then dividing by six gives the wrong answer compared to just adding the best SIX and dividing by six. Will focus on losing more weight, being faster, and honing my skills. That is all.
  11. As always: What rule would you DQ them under? If you can't identify that, it's probably a clue that it's not a DQ.
  12. DQ for what? Every DQ has to have an associated rule that was violated.
  13. Finally got the CMMG MK9 build done. FM-9 non-reciprocating forward/side charge upper. Can't wait to get her to the range and zeroed in. Speaking of, what are you zeroing your PCC at for USPSA? Specs: CMMG Mk9 Colt Lower w/BHO Strike Industries Viper Mod 1 Stock Odin Works XMR 3 Ext. Mag Release Expo Arms Billet Trigger Guard A*B Arms SBR P Grip Foxtrot Mike LPK Luth AR tube/buffer/spring Rise Armament RA-140 Single Stage Trigger Magpul MLok AFG FM-9 10.5" 1:10 Forward/Side-Charge Non-Reciprocating Colt Upper Colt Mags (3 32rd) 1 TF Mag Extension +10, Follower, Spring Vortex Spitfire 1x AR (astigmatism!) NFA Form 1/Stamp Cerakote by ATX Armory
  14. At the Western Regional Championship in Grand Junction there were no magazine limits in play.
  15. One clarifying question: Had the NS been previously hit and pasted or was it pristine? And a geometry question: There's NO PLACE in the stage that the no-shoot would have been behind any other target from the shooter's perspective? And a math question: Is the hole the same diameter as the shooter's bullet?
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