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  1. Wonder what that means for the new Beretta 92X which comes with that from the factory. Won't be added to the Production list because of it?
  2. Short version: I bought a Vortex Viper on sale for Black Friday, but its host gun didn't come in until last week. I got it mounted, zeroed, etc. but just didn't *like* it as much as I like my Venom on another gun, plus the buttons on the side wouldn't fit my current holster setup. I emailed Vortex to see if they'd swap it - clearly stating I wasn't one of those "unhappy customers" and would resolve the issue on my own if not - and they said yes. Let's be clear - nothing wrong with the optic itself - and a problem that was completely mine - but they're going out of their way to make sure I'm a happy customer. It worked. I've just ordered another Venom so I'm running the same setup on primary and backup guns + my steel challenge rimfire.
  3. Looking forward to this one - it's bracketing GSSF the weekend before in Greely and a week in CORA with the GF and her family. :)
  4. You could make this work with Production and Carry Optics with two different guns (G17, G17 MOS, for example) and the same gear. Same with Single Stack and Lim10 with same gear, different mags.
  5. mreed911

    Glock Gen 5

    Glock publishes weights on their site. According to that the Gen 45 is 1/4 oz heavier unloaded.
  6. mreed911

    Glock Gen 5

    The old barrel was more accurate than I was so I can't answer that. I think the flared magwell is nice - definitely a small advantage in production. Until I get more mag change practice in during dry fire I won't know much more.
  7. mreed911

    Glock Gen 5

    Good info on the striker spring and trigger reset. I'll test for that.
  8. mreed911

    Glock Gen 5

    Okay, finally got my G5 17 in today (thanks again Area 4!). Got it with the AG Bold sights. Thought that meant a .125 front but it has the .140. I'm going to try it but may reach out to Glock and see if they'll swap it out or authorize a swap. The grip wraps have gone on and are setting. The replacement 4# striker spring, SS guide rod, cap and 13# flat spring are ordered, matching what I use on my 17 MOS for Carry Optics. I really like the updated trigger/safety plunger design - significantly removes the 'wall' of previous generations. Enough so that not having an upgraded trigger return spring is no big deal (and the plunger might not be a big deal either - looking for advice there). I also like the feel of a lightly polished dot connector, so I'm not planning on swapping out the connector. Getting the striker spring changed should be the most significant change. The questions that remain: Is there any significant difference with a lightweight plunger spring with the new plunger design? Are there any trigger spring changes like the old heavier trigger return spring for the Gen 5's using the OEM trigger (I know the mechanism is different and the older 'swap out the trigger spring won't work)? Given the updated trigger feel, is the connector really a big change here? I don't want to trade any "lighter" for "mushier" and I've had bad experiences with anything other than OEM connectors, preferring the dot to the minus. Thoughts from those that are competing with this pistol? Sure, much of it comes down to personal preference but I'm open to advice from people that have been doing this for a few months now.
  9. I definitely wouldn't go heavier. It looks like you replaced some extractor parts (rod? spring?). How about the extractor itself? That and the spring are the first things I'd check for ejection problems. I'd stick with 13# springs for sure. What load are you running?
  10. Can't wait until these show up in Open... courtesy of shooters who thought they were shooting Production.
  11. "You're free to take that to arbitration."
  12. Nearly EVERY classifier hinges on the speed of your reload.
  13. "That's fine - you're allowed to shoot for no score."
  14. Any RO who states they can't run PCC shooters should have their RO credentials revoked.
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