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  1. Due to astigmatism I need a prismatic sight and like etched reticles just in case of battery failure. Anyone using a Bushnell Lil P?
  2. USPSA email had a note about this today from Recoil Mag: https://www.recoilweb.com/the-beretta-92x-performance-pistol-149496.html Two quotes of interest: "It was explained that once Beretta reaches 2000 units of the 92X, they will become USPSA production legal" "Beretta is currently waiting for the ATF to approve the import of the firearm. You can expect these to be in country in the early fall."
  3. That's MSRP. We'll see what market price is. And, I'd hope Max's Choice runs a USPSA promo...
  4. Have? Yes. Use? No. I have bumped an SS shooter to Open for starting with a mag on the magnet. "My friend gave it to me and told me it was okay." "If he's also shooting SS, he's not your friend... "
  5. Note: they make a Syntech PCC round now. 130gr RN profile.
  6. Best deal I’ve seen. I stayed away from an AR-9, now I’ll have another Form 1 project. Edit: it’s $99, not $149. https://www.primaryarms.com/cmmg-ar9-dedicated-9mm-lower-receiver NOT a complete lower but DOES include some parts pre-installed. Needs an FCG, trigger guard, buffer/spring, etc. From PA: “This stripped lower includes some 9mm specification components pre-installed including ejector, bolt hold open, and feed ramp. These parts have been engineered by CMMG to work together in harmony to maximize the reliability and durability of your 9mm build.”
  7. I'm running Venoms on my competition handguns and absolutely love them.
  8. A large commercial sporting goods retailer has Coyote Brown P320 X-Carry pistols with flat triggers and Romeo1 red dot sights for $649. In the spirit of Classifieds, I can't put it there... and don't want to be accused of hawking for specific vendors... so Google away. This is a GREAT deal on an entry gun into Carry Optics, even if it is the 3.9" barrel. EDIT: Deal Source - Bass Pro Shops - https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/sig-sauer-p320-xcarry-coyote-semi-auto-pistol-with-romeo1-sight
  9. To start with: I'm not a shill, don't have a referral code and have no vested interest in who does or doesn't join. I didn't even link to the organization - if you want to know more, Google them. I recently learned about NASO, the National Association of Sports Officials, and their member liability insurance offering. Seems relatively cheap: $100/yr (on a two year membership) for $6MM in incident liability insurance, including bodily injury. They seem to cover any recognized sport, and IPSC/USPSA would seem to fit. The thought is this: If I'm an accredited/certified (or whatever) RO/CRO, and in the course of fire something happens to a competitor (extreme example: I get too close and they move, tripping over me and shooting themelves or someone else), there's liability. Assuming I'm not judgement proof, and assuming the attorney goes after the range, the sanctioning body and me as an individual RO... seems like I'd want more than just my liability under a homeowner's policy - especially if I happen to be getting "paid" (stipend, etc.) for the match. Anyone else have thoughts? I'm not in the "sky is falling, everyone is going to sue me!" camp, but it only takes once...
  10. You can if you're painting steel after each shooter.
  11. Syntech is Official Match Ammo at any match. From USPSA: "Federal Premium recently signed on as sponsor of the USPSA, and Syntech Action Pistol is the official sponsored ammo of the organization, with their logo on the box."
  12. 10.5.19: "...sweeping any person with the muzzle of a PCC, whether loaded or not, even if a chamber flag is inserted..."
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