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  1. That would be wrong. It would just jam faster/harder with this bullet profile/length and the lack of a smooth breech face. You do know Glock re-engineered the metal on the slide on the Gen 5 34, right? And you read that OP is using different springs, so it should have even less resistance?
  2. When it feeds in, the rim of the case slides "under" the extractor (or the extractor slides "over" the rim) - any debris, burring, or other damage to the tip/channel of the extractor could make it more difficult for the round to go into place, or allow it more vertical movement "up the ramp" than it should with proper grip. Pretty simple test, and you'd probably be able to SEE any damage to the tip. Not an uncommon thing to have to replace here and there.
  3. That almost looks like there's a burr or bend on the extractor and the round isn't sliding under correctly. How's the extractor look?
  4. That's what the berm is for. Not necessarily. Lots of people intend for a gun to go off an actually score a Mike. If it's an AD, an RO can call that, stop the shooter and deal with the situation. It's going to vary based on the shooter's actions at the time and what the RO saw that caused the stoppage/DQ. There are procedures to argue that further, too. Draw the line at the rules. 10.4 covers this pretty well. A good reading and/or an RO class can help cement your understanding. The rules also cover course construction, target placement and engagement.
  5. Missing between targets and hitting the back berm isn't an infraction.
  6. I did. Due to a business trip I'll be sending off my fingerprints tomorrow... but have travel off and on through July. Probably going to take the upper/lower to get engraved and cerakoted while I wait. If the approval comes fast enough I'll finish the build and get to the range with it in the last half of July to dial it in, then compete with it in August at a local match. My other Form 1's were e-file as well, so I'm good with the process. Sending off the CLEO copy today, in fact.
  7. Did you read OP's post? "The RO was also the match directer." The only other person to go to is the RM, who might also be the same person (but shouldn't be). After that, it's the actual range staff. For all the arguments we have on here about DQ's, it's funny to see people jump straight to DQ here. Safety violation? Sure. Something a competitor can do anything about if the RO/MD aren't willing to enforce USPSA rules? Beyond contacting their Area Director, no.
  8. How do you DQ a non-competitor?
  9. Understood - it's just that a lot of people jump to "DQ" without understanding you cannot DQ someone without a rule that allows it. As someone else mentioned, 10.3.1 might hold up, but it's not explicit given that 5.4.1 talks about "all persons" and the rest of 5.4 applies "during a course of fire." I'm not saying it's a good idea, I'm saying that there's some discretion there. The RM and MD should have a talk where the RM reminds the MD of the safety regulations... and enforces them.
  10. I'm working on a CMMG colt lower / 10.5" Foxtrot Mike colt upper build now. It currently lives live as a pistol pending a Form 1 completion, but once that's done will become an SBR. Looking at a FM rifle lower with spring/buffer included, then just need the optic to finish it out. Brownell's 32rd mags and Taylor Freelance +10 extension/spring/follower on one.
  11. DQ'ed under what rule?
  12. Due to astigmatism I need a prismatic sight and like etched reticles just in case of battery failure. Anyone using a Bushnell Lil P?
  13. USPSA email had a note about this today from Recoil Mag: https://www.recoilweb.com/the-beretta-92x-performance-pistol-149496.html Two quotes of interest: "It was explained that once Beretta reaches 2000 units of the 92X, they will become USPSA production legal" "Beretta is currently waiting for the ATF to approve the import of the firearm. You can expect these to be in country in the early fall."
  14. That's MSRP. We'll see what market price is. And, I'd hope Max's Choice runs a USPSA promo...
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