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  1. I owe the match a larger post with vendor tags, but wanted to say that from a competitor standpoint this was a flawlessly run match. Whenever next year's match is posted I'll be on the list again.
  2. In all the notes about this match, I thought I saw something that said there was an open bay for verifying zero. Is that the case? I had to make an optic change and it would save me a range trip if I could do it there. If not, I'll handle it.
  3. His nipples get hard when he plays coy.
  4. So what, specifically, was his mistake? Was it something not shown in the video? Where do you see that in the video?
  5. Nope, the DQ was called for on-screen action. Incorrectly. The rules don't require that. In fact, they specifically allow for unbagging at the berm without supervision.
  6. You can't do whatever you want when unbagging a PCC at the berm, regardless of who's paying attention. The rules are clear on what can and can't be done and BOTH sides should be enforced as written.
  7. That's not the rules, either, though. The rules are clear and should be enforced.
  8. Immediately before the stop you can see him looking up through the optic, finger outside the trigger guard. From that view alone (and not seeing if the optic was manipulated prior to that), this is not a valid DQ. There is no rule saying how high or low a PCC must be held when oriented vertically, and looking in/at/through an optic is not manipulation. Competitor should have arbitrated and won if the DQ was upheld by the RM. Bad call.
  9. I have the TK Shadow mount on my Victories (two of them). They're not super-thin because they need enough depth to set the screws into, but they're significantly lower than the included rail. I enjoy them and TK's customer service is incredible... I needed some extra screws/posts and they shipped them out no charge, no questions asked.
  10. Thanks for actually doing the math. I now stand corrected - picking up the mike on steel did, in this case, make a positive difference vs. the time involved.
  11. First hit is low and below the calibration zone. Second hit is dead on in the zone. Third hit is a little higher and it falls. No comment on the power factor... but the second hit would have been enough to call for calibration and the third hit makes it seem as though a calibration challenge would have failed. Not sure the extra time for the third shot was worth picking up a mike on this stage - someone faster than me can do the math. Since he engaged, it would have been just the mike, not a FTSA/procedural.
  12. A repeatedly failing target, on the other hand, goes against competitive equity.
  13. Now I just need to find a way to add a red dot... https://www.kygunco.com/Product/View?ItemNo=157804
  14. One shirt per registration for multiple guns since they're the same price? Two registrations, two shirts?
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