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  1. As always: What rule would you DQ them under? If you can't identify that, it's probably a clue that it's not a DQ.
  2. DQ for what? Every DQ has to have an associated rule that was violated.
  3. Finally got the CMMG MK9 build done. FM-9 non-reciprocating forward/side charge upper. Can't wait to get her to the range and zeroed in. Speaking of, what are you zeroing your PCC at for USPSA? Specs: CMMG Mk9 Colt Lower w/BHO Strike Industries Viper Mod 1 Stock Odin Works XMR 3 Ext. Mag Release Expo Arms Billet Trigger Guard A*B Arms SBR P Grip Foxtrot Mike LPK Luth AR tube/buffer/spring Rise Armament RA-140 Single Stage Trigger Magpul MLok AFG FM-9 10.5" 1:10 Forward/Side-Charge Non-Reciprocating Colt Upper Colt Mags (3 32rd) 1 TF Mag Extension +10, Follower, Spring Vortex Spitfire 1x AR (astigmatism!) NFA Form 1/Stamp Cerakote by ATX Armory
  4. At the Western Regional Championship in Grand Junction there were no magazine limits in play.
  5. One clarifying question: Had the NS been previously hit and pasted or was it pristine? And a geometry question: There's NO PLACE in the stage that the no-shoot would have been behind any other target from the shooter's perspective? And a math question: Is the hole the same diameter as the shooter's bullet?
  6. I don't know you but this was begging for "something something... well regarded."
  7. My EDC was a 1911 in .45ACP. It was carried as a defensive pistol designed to aid my personal/family escape from a violent situation if all else failed. Moved to the G17 MOS because with recent events and copycats, carrying a pistol that would be more valuable in a combat situation to help end an active shooter incident made sense to me. I still believe the chance of me ever needing to use deadly force is very, very small... but the likelihood that such encounter would be on a different scale is higher. The copycats die down and I might end up switching back.
  8. As of today, my carry has been switched out for my backup competition gun, a G17 MOS (my 34 is my primary USPSA gun).
  9. How does a shooter make up for the error of shooting through a barrier once the steel is knocked down? On paper, they take two more shots "at" the target and the best two score. That's why the rules dictate it's an REF - if walls are impenetrable per the rules, steel shouldn't fall when shot through them.
  10. Because you can't score downed steel as a miss. If a shooter realizes their error and makes two follow-up shots on paper from a clear position, those hits still score. Once steel is down, it's down and can't be re-engaged.
  11. Define "unsportsmanlike." What the competitor did is within the bounds of the rules as they exist. And define it in a way that holds up past arbitration.
  12. The newest USPSA email had a link to a discussion about walls from NROI. One thing caught my eye: If a shot goes through a wall and knocks down steel, that's an REF by rule and a required reshoot, including "mesh" walls since they're hardcover by rule. Does that mean a shooter that advances through a stage and decides they've made a mistake can intentionally take a shot on steel through a mesh wall, knock it down, and get an automatic reshoot without penalty? If you could determine that the shooter did this intentionally, is there another rule that strictly applies to that intentional conduct? Note: Getting past the "I had a brain fart and was focused on the target, not the wall!" is, for all intents and purposes, outside the scope of this question/discussion. I'm specifically asking about stopping, taking a two footed position and firing through a mesh wall at steel, or some other clearly intentional variation on that theme.
  13. When someone is telling you where to engage targets in which order, it's harder to break the 180.
  14. I was not reloading - I had reloaded on the way in to that position. Videotape wouldn't matter - I was downrange, behind walls, so nothing would have been visible. Even if it were, it's not considerable.
  15. You might have to explain that one to my feeble mind. Edit: Nevermind. UPrange, not DOWNrange.
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