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  1. What is a good alternative to 3n38 Vihtavuori
  2. Hi I would like to pay this, can I have your details please

    1. shooter545


      I sent you a message but it seems that you didn't get it. PayPal is donalexander551@gmail.com.

  3. This is a community service announcement. Rollsizer.com from Australia is going to be at the USPSA 9 Days of Nationals at Frostproof FL. If anyone would like to see the machine or test run your clean brass through the Rollsizer. They will process clean brass for a donation to veterans charity Match 22. (Donation $1/100. or a penny a case) Bring your brass and talk to Rollsizer.com in the Venders area at the Nationals.
  4. Where can I buy small screws to suit my STI eg. thumb rest, scope mounts
  5. There is a rewire to new terminal in the motor you need to do before you can run on 220v
  6. Blade tech with boss hanger
  7. 5kg only, that what the airlines will only allow you to carry
  8. From the USA you will need a CBT 4457 from, and they to see the gun,but don't walk in with it frist, If you are using a borrowed gun, as long as the owner is with you, you should be ok. The CBT4457 are easy to do
  9. You can on line, but each state has it own laws, Eastern states have I believe one permit,Weat Australia is on there own system and you will need to apply for it. You can do it all on line
  10. You will need a letter of investigation to a match then apply for an in port permit, we have lots of Level 3
  11. I email them and said out of stock but could not tell me when they would be available
  12. Hi all, if was going to order one, what would be the best option to get
  13. Hi, is there any one making case resizing beside Case pro
  14. Just about to start wet tumble, and was looking for some information on what menu off mix every one is using
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