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  1. Maybe I will give them a try if they come up again... Dillon doesn't recommend using them since they are softer - I would be loading them on a 1050 not sure if it would make a difference.
  2. I like to keep 5K in reserve for times like these, but 5k may not be enough after all. I've already dipped into my SPP reserve and only have 4K left, which will become 2K if my 158g SWC order ever comes in. I've passed on Federal SPP a few times the past few weeks due to horror stories of Dillon and Federal primers . LPP I have 10K and no planned reloading sessions for any 45 or 10 in the near future as I am pretty well stocked for those calibers at the moment, so should be ok for the time being. Well actually I need to load up some 45 AutoRim soon, but I only load about 500K at a time b
  3. What he's saying, most of us have found that with the 1050 (and assumingly the 1100), with a correctly setup backer/expander die and swage rod setup in station 3, the standard Dillon funnel works fine for typical MBF use, the DA version funnel is not needed. So 1050/1100 users can use the Dillon funnel and not have the sticking/popping issues that the DA dropper adds to the mix, esp with new or wet tumbled brass. The most benefit comes from using it on the 550/650/750 presses. Double Alpha themselves provided this information. Now, sure there may be certain situations where still using the
  4. I used a 550 for 38spl for years (550 does all my revolver rounds really), but have been shooting so much of it lately, I am actually switching over to my 1050. But the 550 loads them fine. But since you want 5 stations, you'll have to move to the 650/750 (or the 1050 )
  5. Phil actually answered the next day. The lights have a 2 year warranty. Unfortunately mine are over 2 years old. He did offer that they might be able to be fixed, I could ship them back and he would replace the diodes or whatever for a small fee and return shipping costs - which seems fair since they are almost 3 years old. I'll send my two back, if they can't be fixed I will just order a few more. @HOGRIDER - I did ask about using silicone adhesive vs. the clips, and he said his commercial customers do it that way, just have go be sure to clean the toolhead surface of any
  6. I read lots of complaints about WSP/WLP, but I run them pretty much exclusively through my two RF-100's and 1050/550 without issue. Rifle may be different however with the thicker cup... Common tips for the RF-100, which you've probably already read/tried... Just snug the clear cover bolts don't crank them down. Same for the collar that goes under the bowl - for WLP mine is snug, for WSP it's actually a hair loose Use mid speed, or low to mid... running it wide open or too slow can cause jams Sit it on a mouse pad or similar put a slight forward lean t
  7. Re the Starlights, I agree that rear mount is suspect. I have four Toolheads with them installed, and have actually lost one of the rear mounts,, so have a rubber band holding it up. Also, I checked all four last night, and two of the four have bad LED's now. I've emailed about any warranty, but they are over a year old so I suspect any warranty would likely be a year, at most. They are still usable, but both have 2 led diodes or whatever they are called that are dead. They still throw more light than other commonly available lights even with the dead diodes, but I will likely replace the
  8. Mine arrived today, the cable is not as stiff as my Whistler setup so it's hard to get it in the right position, and when I do it's easy to bump out of the way - but I am going to play around with it. But the core functions all work, linked it to an 8" Samsung Tablet. There is the briefest delay for my setup - not sure if due to older tablet, android version (7.something i think) or other. But it definitely takes up way less room that the Whistler setup. Also made me realize my starlight wafer has two dead led's :(. (not the one below) I know he's replaced one for me already b/
  9. I'm going to try this, the Whistler setup I am using and have posted about previously works ok, but the screen is small and the entire setup takes up a lot of room really. Which Tablet Mount are you using - I looked on Amazon there are so many - most seem to be desktop mount or screw into the wall type mounts... It looks like you found one that clamps to the case feeder upright?
  10. I have two orders in the mix, a few k of 38spl still from Blue Bullets from 7/15 that was 4-5 weeks when ordered, but got moved to 10-12 weeks. They said mid/late Sept a while back so maybe they will ship soon. Also have a few K of Gallant 9mm that were supposed to be 4 weeks from 8/12 but haven't heard anything.
  11. Yeah I can't say how likely or possible a primer det is on an RF-100 TBH - it may be more of a lawyer issue than anything. I've gotten used to them I guess, by holding it against the hopper it lines up and primers flow out pretty good. I guess I was more curious if it improved the process/drop of the primers from the RF-100 into the tube. Personally I don't have very many issues with mine, but I have two, one setup for LP one for SP, and they are dialed in for Win primers - so I never have to adjust them. But for those that have one and swap back and forth I know sometimes it ca
  12. Yeah from Dillon's webpage... "...the primers are inside the primer tube which is shielded inside a protective metal housing"
  13. The sole purpose of this is to be able to use the smaller tubes? Isn't the point of the larger/thicker tubes for safety/containing a primer det? Not sure how often that could occur with the RF I'll admit though.
  14. Looks good, I have the Wallboard setup as well. Nice job on the video, but your bench is much to clean :). I'd suggest an Inline Fab Ergo Handle, your elbow/shoulder will thank you - takes away some of the bottom of the stroke while keeping the top level the same. https://inlinefabrication.com/collections/dillon/products/dillon-1050-roller Also, with the 1050/1100 the MBF powder funnel isn't really needed, when the swage/backer die is setup in station 3 correctly, the standard Dillon funnel works fine. That's strait from DAA. And no more thump. I don't use MBF f
  15. Sounds like a Darwin Award winner waiting to happen...
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