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  1. Looks good, mine is only so far back due to the PW motor, otherwise I would have it closer like yours is setup.
  2. There are pics of my setup on page 1... #14 wood screws as it turns out.
  3. Same here, just used some wood screws, #12 I think but it was whichever ones matched up to the flange the best. I mounted mine aprox 11am behind a 1050. I got the Range Panda Mount in this week, I'll probably swap it over next time I make a caliber change.
  4. looking forward to feedback - I tried the DAA brush and it was overkill, tried to trim it and eff'ed it all up wound up tossing it. I also tried a similar version to the RI one but solid black instead of the nubbed design, which again was too aggressive imo and tilted the case over. I figured I would try RI's at some point but have just been using zip ties.
  5. Same here, Wet was cool for a while, but reality set in and except for precision rifle stuff I'm back to the old reliable Dillon FL-2000.
  6. I'm 2" lower across the board - 6" tall but I do use an Inline Fab Ergo lever so it's not apples/apples comparison. I actually think I could go a bit lower, tbh.
  7. Yeah this is a good point. I went ahead and ordered one figure I will try it out and compare. He had a few other items I wanted to try like the DAA Brass Marker pen collars and the MBF Flipper gap piece so just placed an order.
  8. Yeah, but I got *two* springs with the Armanov kit . Seriously, I agree, while it seems to work great, I would expect this kit to be more like $9.99 or something along those lines. RangePanda makes a 3D printed lock ring with a closed loop where you can supply your own spring i just noticed - basically similar to using the Hornady Lock ring, but much easier to use a spring with than trying to hook around the adjuster screw in that little slot - and they are $5. Four of those and the HD spring kit same price as one Armanov :(. If I hadn't already bought the Armanov's I would give that one a try. Note I'm not knocking the function of the Armonov - it works great. It's just overpriced imo. Bah the things we buy for our Dillon's lol. https://rangepanda.com/collections/misc-products/products/mr-bullet-feeder-die-return
  9. I actually think the RangePanda is a bit nicer - it's a cleaner cut than my original one from Rick, and I like the groove to center it so that you always have the same angle. Rick's without the groove on 3/4" pipe there is some room for it to move around so the angle can vary every time you loosen/tighen the u bolt clamps as I think it was designed for 1" pipe. Some times I will have it setup perfect on the bench (see my tuning setup from page 1...) and then when I move it back up to the standard upright the angle will change just enough to throw it off and get some upside down bullets. My thinking is having that groove would alleviate that. Heck I may order one too.
  10. Arrived yesterday, installed two of them, definitely works better than the Hornady Ring/spring or the Rubber Band. It's a nice clean solution (once you get that damn spring/screw started lol)
  11. That one looks nice, larger screen and all, just fab up some kind of mount and good to go.
  12. Yeah, I broke down and ordered 4 today. Honestly they seem kinda spendy for what they are - a shim essentially, a spring, and threaded bolt, but it's a cleaner solution than the rubber band or the Hornady lock ring deal. That's the problem with the 1050 and having multiple toolhead setups, you have to order multiples of everything lol...
  13. Agreed - it drives me crazy having to load short for my M&P 2.0's vs my Dan Wesson 1911's, so have been searching for a better 124/125g range fodder bullet - may switch to some sort of truncated point with a JHP-like profile
  14. lol yeah, the nice thing it's all self contained, don't need to have a spare tablet laying around or chase down a camera, etc. And easy to remove if I actually needed to use it as an actual inspection camera/endoscope for something, just undo the velcro... The current model is about $35 now on Amazon, so cheaper even than when I bought mine a few years ago. https://www.amazon.com/Whistler-WIC-5200-Wireless-Inspection-Camera/dp/B00AKTY9A8/
  15. If you want a ready made setup look at the Whistler Inspection Cameras... I use an older version of this... https://www.amazon.com/Whistler-WIC-5200-Wireless-Inspection-Camera/dp/B00AKTY9A8/ I posted a few pics in various threads, but most recently in this thread. Just attach to the Case Feeder upright with Velco or zip ties etc and loop the cable over...
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