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  1. IHMSA15151

    New Compensator ?

    That’s one sweet looking revolver!
  2. IHMSA15151

    Taylor Goliath +20 Glock Magazine Extension

    I pre-ordered one. If they are anything like Robin's other stuff they should be sweet.
  3. IHMSA15151

    PSA 1/2X36????

    Not to get too far off topic, but is there a significant difference in weight between the Feather Weight and ULW barrels? I'm assuming it stands for "ultra light weight".
  4. I waver back and forth between rim fire and center fire. Usually it comes down to an issue of time. It's super easy to just grab a box of 22's and head to the match. No holster, don't have to load ammo, etc. I love shooting my PCC and Open gun, but the 22's are just plan fun to do and easy.
  5. IHMSA15151

    Anybody here shoot Run n Gun?

    Oh Man...............if I was only 20 yrs. younger!!! Thanks for posting the videos. Looks like a blast.
  6. IHMSA15151

    Steel Challenge 80/20 Practice Techniques?

    Great stuff guys. Thanks for all the detail. I have made some gains this year doing a small scale version of this theory. I pretty much stumbled upon it. Most of my Steel shooting was with rimfire and when I tried to step my centerfire game up a bit I figured my weak link would be the draw from the holster. After a few weeks of just doing holster draw drills my centerfire times improved dramatically. The drills weren't just practice the whole draw and shoot thing. I broke them down into segments like reaction to the buzzer, grip position. finding the dot as I extended the pistol, etc.
  7. IHMSA15151

    Anybody here shoot Run n Gun?

    Wow, that is REALLY run and gun. At first I thought you were asking if any of the Steel Challenge folks shot USPSA or 3Gun in addition to Steel. That does look like a lot of fun though. Back in my younger days (when I could actually run) I use to shoot a local summer biathlon series during the summer with guys that were Biathlon shooters, training with no snow. It's amazing what being out of breath will do to your sight picture.
  8. IHMSA15151

    PSA 1/2X36????

    Are other manufactures 9mm barrels threaded 1/2-28? I'm only familiar with the PSA PCC's but thought all 9mm barrels where that thread size. Mainly so you didn't screw on a .223 brake by accident.
  9. IHMSA15151

    Primers choise

    I used WSP in my Steel gun and had a bunch, so when I started loading for my Open gun to make major I tried them. Maybe it's my load but they seemed to flatten way to much for my liking so I switched to Fed. small rifle for my major loads.
  10. IHMSA15151

    PSA 9mm PCC Glock Identification

    I have a Gen 2 lower and I bought the upper at the same time so I am assuming it's a Gen 2 as well. Is the Gen 3 bolt better than the Gen 2 in any way? Would there be any advantage to upgrading? Thanks, Steve
  11. IHMSA15151

    Pcc Muzzle break

    Yep, that's what mine is. I had originally bought a 10 inch "pistol upper" and then later decided to build it into a PCC. Didn't want to go the tax stamp and 6 month wait route to have a SBR so I bought one of the Taccom breaks that has an aluminum tube attached to get you to legal rifle length. They thread on, but to be legal they need to be permanently attached, pinned, welded, etc.
  12. IHMSA15151

    9mm PCC under 5 lbs?

    All this talk about weight got me curious so I pulled mine out and put it on the scale. Comes in at 6lbs & 9ozs. Wasn't really thinking about super light weight when I put it together as it's built from mostly PA pieces. It does have a 10" barrel with the Tacom break & tube on it, plus I used an Odin Zulu stock which seems fairly light. The majority of the weight seems to be in the barrel, lower and the bolt, so looking into lighter versions of those components would be a good start in weight reduction. Maybe going with a very skeletonized hand guard would help also.
  13. IHMSA15151

    PSA 9mm PCC Glock Identification

    Thanks for the info.
  14. IHMSA15151

    Budget or Fancy?

    This is sound advice. I moved from the central valley of California to Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound of Washington. My maintenance routine changed drastically.
  15. IHMSA15151

    Cleaning my compensator.

    I clean my 22LR comps by chipping away the big chunks with a pin punch and hammer. Then soak it in Break-Free cpl and run a couple of rounds through the gun. I have never tried pre-coating with Pam but I think I'll give it a try.