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  1. At the time I was setting this up I was told 6 coils off of a carbine spring. Function is fine, just a bit hard getting the bolt locked back.
  2. Ok, my new backplate arrived so I took everything apart. The carbine spring with the coils cut per Taccom recommendations comes out to 9" long. I'll most likely end up ordering one of their flat springs in hopes of making it easier to lock the bolt back.
  3. That's what mine was. It really was a noticeable difference. Still a bit of a long pull but smooth and light.
  4. It's this one: https://m3tacticaltech.com/collections/all/vr80-backplate#MainContent
  5. I have the cut carbine spring in mine. I just ordered a aftermarket backplate for my VR80. When it comes I'll take it apart and measure the spring if someone else doesn't chime in first.
  6. I'm one of the "unlucky ones" even with a good cleaning the choke tubes won't fit. It's only in one small area where a couple of the vent slots are, but it's enough to not let them through. I've heard reports of the newer ones having more clearance. I'm just going to wait for the Taccom comp to come out.
  7. They have a comp in the works, supposed to be about a month. I was told it will have a large enough inside diameter to actually allow the choke tubes to come through.
  8. It works to get the choke unscrewed but then the choke tube won't fit through the comp.
  9. I pre-ordered a trigger but haven't gotten anything yet. Did the get the email as to why the delay. I'd rather wait and get something that works well than get it quickly only to have to return it. As for comps. I have the short one and it helps noticeably. Problem is, it isn't open enough in the inside diameter to allow for choke tube removal. Taccom has one in the works that will solve all the issues of the one sold by Advanced Tactical.
  10. I did it because I already had a milspec stock I liked. Cheaper to get a new tube than a new stock.
  11. I swapped mine to a mil spec because I had a mil spec stock already that I wanted to use. It didn't fit the commercial size tube and a new tube was cheaper than a new stock. Plus like you said, a lot more options.
  12. I used the "heavy load" piston for breaking in. 80+ rounds of high base 6's and about 15 rds. of 3" magnum 4's. After that switched to the "light load" one and it runs great.
  13. Last time I looked Advanced Tactical had them in stock.
  14. Are they "in stock"? Website says pre-order only. Will they fit a VR80 with a Advanced Tactical mag well?
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