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  1. IHMSA15151

    Black Friday Deals

    LAX Ammunition is have a $15 lower receiver sale starting at noon Pacific Time today.
  2. The Hi-Viz magnetic one is a channel shape that goes over the rib. There's no way it's rotating. I've had it 3 yrs. and shot hundreds of rounds, birdshot, buckshot and slugs, hasn't come off yet.
  3. IHMSA15151

    Rimfire Rifle Build

    You are correct. The Brimstone and Kidd top end triggers are more geared to benchrest shooting or silhouettes shot offhand. For the steel game I believe they are a bit too light and could result in some AD's if you're not real careful.
  4. IHMSA15151

    Fastfire on open guns

    I run a FF3 on my Open Class 3Gun pistol. It has held up very well and as Kixx pointed out, the window size really becomes irrelevant if you practice enough with it and the dot is in the right place when you bring the gun up.
  5. I use the Hi-Viz magnetic sight. Attaches right over top your original bead. It stays in place and is really bright.
  6. IHMSA15151

    AR Mag Coupler Options

    Another shout out for Taylor Freelance. Simple, rigid, easy to switch out for different set ups.
  7. IHMSA15151

    Black Friday Deals

    Federal has a "Black Pack" bulk ammo special going. You get a $20 rebate per box up to $100. They have bulk 9mm, 223 and 22lr. Most ammo sellers have them, Palmeto, Target Sports, etc
  8. IHMSA15151

    Need a new sand bag

    Plus they have the funniest videos to promote their products. They make great gear but obviously don't take themselves too seriously.
  9. IHMSA15151

    Handguard Replacement Question??

    That's a great looking vise block. I might have to get one. Have you used it much, does it fit the uppers without a lot of slop?
  10. IHMSA15151

    Taylor Goliath +20 Glock Magazine Extension

    Does your PCC have a ramped barrel? A buddy has a Goliath and has had zero issues. He's running a Tacom ramped barrel. I think my issues might be the PSA barrel that just has a full diameter chamfer as a feed ramp. I'm doing some more testing this week.
  11. IHMSA15151

    Taylor Goliath +20 Glock Magazine Extension

    So, spent a lot more time at the range today playing with the Goliath. One issue I had was that with rounds loaded in the 1.125-1.300 range I was having some jams with a fully loaded mag. Not sure if it's the tolerances of the plastic Glock mag or the fact that I running them in a PSA lower or tolerance issues between the two. There is a lot of pressure on the mag catch with a fully sprung Goliath and my mag literally can move in and out about .03-.04 while locked in the lower. That with the short OAL was causing the round nose bullets to jam on the edge where the barrel is tapered to act as a feed ramp. Not sure if all barrels are cut the same and it may just be an issue with this style of barrel. I increased the OAL a bit to 1.150. The rounds still fit in the extension but I still experienced a few jamming of the nose into the edge, just not as often as before. I tried the same OAL rounds with about 25 rds. in the mag and had no issues. This leads me to believe that the spring pressure of the fully loaded mag is just forcing my mag down and with the tolerances it's sitting to low in the receiver to function reliably. I am going to find the maximum OAL that will fit in the extension and then try it again tomorrow. I need to look also, or get some input from others as to the configuration of the "feed ramp" area of different companies barrels. I am thinking maybe a slight modification of my barrel to remove the sharp edge a bit might help also.
  12. IHMSA15151

    Taylor Goliath +20 Glock Magazine Extension

    Robin said that because of the wall thickness of the 20 rd. extension he recommends the OAL. I have gone longer with no issues. I did more range time today with some issues and info, so read below.
  13. IHMSA15151

    Taylor Goliath +20 Glock Magazine Extension

    Nope, just a standard 31 rd. Glock mag. No trimming needed, you do need to press the sides in considerably to slide it on the extension but TF has a video that shows everything.
  14. IHMSA15151

    Taylor Goliath +20 Glock Magazine Extension

    Yes to both! Took all of 5 minutes tops to put together.