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  1. I also bring one of the 5 rd. mags that come with the gun. They are handy for slugs or buckshot. If a stage requires either it's usual 5 or less rounds and you can easily swap mags.
  2. I run a Carlson light modified in mine for most stages. It's the Beretta/Benelli Mobil, threads in just fine.
  3. Just a word of caution. Always check what weight your press is throwing with a scale after switching to a new bushing. The bushing charts are a good reference but can throw a slightly different amount of powder. It's usually not enough to make things dangerous but it can effect your load performance.
  4. Sounds like some bad threads on the lock nut. It should thread on easily.
  5. I've shot slugs through a modified and light modified in mine with no problems.
  6. Is your sight mounted directly on the rail or is it on a riser? I put a Burris FF3 on a standard AR riser and didn't have any trouble getting slugs sighted in.
  7. Yes, let us know what they say. Also, do you have a 223 Wilde chamber. Some bullet styles will cause excessive pressures because of their ogive shape. I had some 55gr bullets that kept blowing primers until I had the throat re-cut.
  8. I'm wondering if the part about "no transfer of warranty" thing is something new or not. I bought a used Steelmaster many years ago and sent it back in for hammer follow last year. They fixed it with no issue. Maybe I got in just in time.
  9. So a follow up. I took my D-60 to the range today and tested it with my 3 Gun rifle, the wife's home defense rifle and a guy that just happened to be at the range who had an AR with him. It worked flawless in all three rifles. I tested it full to the max and with just 10 or so left in it. Not one issue. It wasn't freezing out but was on the cold side, in the low 40's first thing this morning. It takes a little getting use to as far as loading it up but once I found a technique that worked well for me it wasn't all that bad. Definitely something you want to do way before you're "on deck".
  10. Might be something to ask Robin Taylor about at Taylor Freelance. He makes some great mag bases with mounting attachment for regular style AR mags.
  11. Great info guys, thanks. Mine just arrived so I'll give it a test run after Christmas.
  12. Best deal I found was yesterday for $93 at Primary Arms. Not sure if it was a Cyber Monday thing or if they still have them at that price.
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