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  1. My best guess would be either a 2 part epoxy or one of the stronger hot melt glue materials. Gluing anything in relation to firearms is a bit of a risk. Between the materials used, recoil, cleaning solvents, etc. Glue is not a great choice. Good luck with the project.
  2. I’ve been running the Atlas with rubber feet for a year now. I have a set of cleats to swap out, but I think I only did it once and that was mainly just to try them out on a tire prop. Also, like Tony said, most matches I’ve been to around here you use it about one of the ten stages. I’d just run what you have until you see a real need for something else, like if it cost you hits.
  3. I’ve never polished mine actually, but I do clean the outside with a silicone cloth after using them and every month or so clean the inside with a mag brush and solvent. Then a cloth with a little dry lube like moly.
  4. I’m running 1.155 with the Hornady 125 action pistol JHP.
  5. Great video, thanks for sharing. I love the "forgot the screws" segment, lol.
  6. I haven’t really thought much about weight reduction. Saving a few ounces here and there won’t make much difference when you hang a magazine off the bottom with almost a box of 12ga. Shot shells in it.
  7. One other thing you might want to try as part of your dry fire drills is movement, if you have the room to do so. A lot of the time you will be moving while reloading which saves time if done efficiently. You can practice that easily at home. Run from point A to point B while changing mags. Also there will be times when it is advantageous to actually shoot while moving. Some stages will be better shot by running to a specific position and then shooting, some will be better shooting as you move. Set up a few targets and practice walking parallel to them, or coming forward towards them while getting a good sight picture and dry firing.
  8. A few of mine had real heavy paint on them. After an extended period of use the paint wore off and they started dropping better. Now I just buff the paint off of new mags. If you shove them in and out a few times you will see where they are hanging up.
  9. They have worked well for me. They are reasonably priced (a plus when you need three) and have a great warranty that I’ve never had to use. They don’t have the auto shut off that some other makes have, so I shut them off between stages. I also carry extra batteries because it’s almost guaranteed that when one goes dead it will be at the worst possible time, lol.
  10. That’s what I do, except I run the Burris Fastfire on my shotgun, pistol and offset for the rifle. Having all three the same has some advantages. Same battery, same controls (so I usually remember to turn them all on) and just the consistency of the same sight picture.
  11. If you actually read the law it says “replace with foreign parts” most if not all of the aftermarket parts for my VR80 are made in the US which are not an issue. Here’s a helpful article: https://gununiversity.com/922r-compliance/
  12. Just go to Ergo grip website and click on the AR grip section. They only used to make one style when I bought mine, now they have colors, thumb rests, etc. Most all of them are variations of the original with the beaver tail and should fit the same.
  13. I put a Taccom safety lever on my VR80, it works great.
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