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  1. vnboileau

    DIY polish and trigger job?

    Oh, well that's encouraging. I don't know why, but I got the impression they were more complicated.
  2. Would polishing and installing a trigger (and possibly hammer, etc) be similar to the same job on a CZ Shadow? More/less difficult?
  3. vnboileau

    I know where the Stock ll's are.....

    My FFL finally got me one, should be here this afternoon
  4. Would there be any difference between a new "Accu Shadow" versus sending a Shadow to CZ Custom to be fit with the bushing?
  5. vnboileau

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    I haven't done much to mine; Cajun 13# hammer spring Cajun Ext FP 12# Recoil Spring (although cases are burping out about 2', I'll try an 11# next) Lok grips Cajun 10x Bushing I shot 12 groups from a rest yesterday, then installed the Cajun 10x bushing and shot 12 more groups today. No difference in group size at all. I'm pretty happy with it as is, but when I have some extra time I'll take it apart and polish everything.
  6. vnboileau

    CGW Disco vs the CZC short reset?

    What would already having a short reset mean? Basically I'm just trying to understand the difference between my "standard" Shadow custom and the 91030 with the short reset.
  7. vnboileau

    CGW Disco vs the CZC short reset?

    Not sure, but the reset on my 91030 is much shorter than my other Shadow custom...
  8. vnboileau

    CGW Disco vs the CZC short reset?

    I have a 91030 Shadow that came from CZ Custom with the pre-B short reset disconnector. I have another SP01 Shadow that came from the Custom Shop, but with the standard disco. I'd like to set them up similarly, but I wanted to hear from someone who's tried the CGW disconnectors and how they feel compared to the CZC setup...
  9. vnboileau

    What's everyones favorite aftermarket glock trigger?

    I think it's the best feeling, and at the lowest price
  10. Thanks, I think I found a used one
  11. vnboileau

    Max capacity 140mm

    Is there an ideal solution for CO mag set-up, or is still hit or miss?
  12. vnboileau

    Sport Pistol powder

    How's the accuracy compared to 124/125 bullets?
  13. vnboileau

    What's everyones favorite aftermarket glock trigger?

    I have a Zev, Vanek, Johnny Glock and DK...and I've tried others And the DK is the one I would purchase again
  14. vnboileau

    When you're working on a new load...

    Yeah, I bit off more than I could chew starting with six bullets. I made sure I had a working oal with each first, that they would all pass the plunk test in my Shadow barrels. Then I ran a few rounds at a time through a chrono to get approx the same velocity from each bullet. These were 124/125gr bullets at ~1050fps., or 130 pf. I loaded enough to shoot three, ten round groups with each bullet. That gave me two bullets that shot the best groups. Both were the conical bullets FWIW. One of the two, the oal was as short as I'd want to go. The other I could load a little shorter. And I could play with the powder charge a little. I guess that would be the next step? Load some at say, 1050 and 1080 and shoot groups again? Does three groups each sound like enough for each load?
  15. And trying different combinations of powder, bullet, oal, etc How many and what size groups are you shooting to determine which load is better? I'm loading 9mm minor, and I've settled on a powder I like. But now I have five or six bullets I'd like to try out. Just wondering how extensively I need to shoot each to get a sense of which is more accurate in a particular gun.