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Found 20 results

  1. This winter I am going to try and work on building a set of match mags for my 2011 edge in 40sw. I plan on getting the dawson tuning kit to build them. I will use sti tubes, the 4g2 taran basepads, and the taran springs. My current mags are set up with grams guts and one with Taran guts. The taran guts already get 20 reloadable and a VERY tight 21 for a 22rd start. However, I want to use the MBX followers for a couple of reasons. 1.) They are already set up to not allow slide lock, so it will save me some work for only $1 more per follower. 2.) They are cut thinner which means I would have a little more extra tension to work with in the mag. I was planning to do this with a Taran follower, but this saves me the work and the possibility of trashing a follower. My question is how does the MBX follower work in STI tubes? Does it require any/much fitting or is just flat out the wrong dimension for the body? Does it work well with taran springs?
  2. Just got the new P10F and no spare made to be had anywhere in Canada. The P10 mags work in the P09, but not the other way around. But the P09 mags can be converted to work with the P10F with a little metalwork you can do at your bench.
  3. Been looking into getting some base pads for my shadow 2 production setup and have narrowed it to springer precision or shock bottle. I have never used aftermarket basepads before so was wondering others thoughts, opinions, and experiences with both brands. Which do you like and why or why not? It seems like most guys in my area are going for the shock bottle so I have been able to put my hands on those but no experience with the springers so any info you guys can provide will be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hi there guys, the the title says most of it, I'm relatively new to USPSA and having shot limited thus far am likely switching over to production. I have been looking for solutions to consolidate space for mag carriers, but I am unclear on the legality of the Comp-tac Beltfeed mag carrier system, which looks like a good use of space. I have read the USPSA rules, and I dont have the relevant measurements on the mag carrier system to verify legality. I have had a CRO essentially say it could be legal, but she was unable to provide a definite answer. I was curious if anyone out there is using it, and could confirm it was in fact legal.
  5. New PSA 16"upper and bolt carrier group,Black Creek Precision lower and PSA /magpul lower parts kit.PSA 32 round Colt pattern magazines.I have loaded 124 grain ball bullets over 4 grains of unique,1.1 "oal to start and am having very mixed results.Case extraction is 100% but I get intermittent double feeding where I'll get one mag that will shoot all 32 rounds and next magazine will give me 2 double feeds in 4 rounds (loaded in same mag).I have tried heavy buffer and standard buffer without difference.I put in material in tube to limit bolt over travel so that bolt locks back just behind bolt stop as suggested by others.I have 10 magazines and have not shot enough to see much difference between them ,all numbered of course.I am going to try some of the other powders that I have on hand (titegroup,bullseye and 231) to see if that will help.I ordered some 115 grain ball bullets to try.The pressure on the primers with the unique load is fine but I really hope that you experienced guys will offer suggestions so that I can have a gun that runs!!!!
  6. Have a Colt style magazine PCC incoming. Looking for suggestions for mag holders? Used for an emergency reloads and classifiers. Links or pictures would really help. TIA jon
  7. Anyone looking for a few more mags for their 40 caliber M&P ... I was shocked to see used LE turn-in magazines in stock at Natchez for $10 ... They have decent reviews. I was gonna put this in the "Gear" section for Black Friday deals but figured it would get buried. edit: (how about a link ... sigh ...) https://www.natchezss.com/m-p-40cal-357-sig-15rd-mag-l-e-used.html
  8. Anyone seen/used any of the new 9mm 170mm long STI magazines? Do they hold more 9mm rounds than the old SVI magazines? Hold more than an MBX magazine? Work good? Cost? Existing STI baseplates, springs and followers still fit?
  9. I'm seeking recommendations for 10-round 45 ACP mags for a S&W PC1911, and in 10 mm for a Kimber Stainless Target II. Thanks.
  10. Witch kind of magazines do you use or prefer for the CK Arms Open Gun 9mm, polymer gripp?
  11. Hey all, I recently picked up a used STI Apeiro as a back up to my SV limited gun. I already have SV magazines, but I am not confident they will work well in my Apeiro as it stands. If I drive the mags home, they get stuck and have to be pulled out the bottom of the magwell. Definitely not dropping free. I have done a good amount of research and have found the difference has to do with the wider taper at the top of SV magazines and the way that the underside of the frame (magwell area) is clearanced for the magazine. What I want to know is precisely what surfaces/edges (photos with arrows or circles would be great) need to be modified and how much. Either a specific dimension, or a guideline such as keep going slowly until X happens. What is actually supposed to constrain the upward movement of a magazine when inserting it? Is it this frame surface I need to modify or is it something else? I am comfortable with most gunsmithing practices, but do not have access to a mill or anything. Could this be done with files/sandpaper/a dremel (very carefully)??? Also, should STI magazines still be compatible with the gun after making these modifications? Thanks in advance, Eli
  12. What is the source for preferred replacement springs for STI 2011 stock 126 mm (9mm) magazines? Only using 17 rounds in the magazines, with no special needs, but they have quite a few miles on them. While replacing springs, is there anything else you would recommend be done? Thanks.
  13. I have a new Dan Wesson PM9. It shoots accurately and functions well (for a brand new gun on its first outing) with 135 coated and 125 plated bullets. The PM9 came with Metalform magazines with a spacer in the rear. It also came with a very long throat in the barrel. I can't reach the lands with this particular 135 and have any bullet in the case, but magazine length is the current constraint on cartridge length anyway. I was pretty surprised the 125s shot very well even with an even bigger jump to the lands. I see three different general possibilities for magazines - Metalform 10 rounders with the rear spacer (essentially what I have now but one more round), 38 Super mages without a spacer, or the "Springfield" type with the front ramp spacer built in. 1. I'm kinda thinking of a heavy blunt round nosed bullet loaded long in the 38 Super mags. What do y'all think? 2. And while I'm asking, what might be the intent behind a super long throat in a 9mm 1911? The finish on this barrel is just beautiful inside and out, it is a great piece of work. But the chamber is so different from SAAMI specifications or from a Kart 9mm barrel I compared to. Thanks in advance.
  14. I want to start shooting USPSA-inspired rimfire 2-gun (rifle/pistol) and I was thinking about buying a Remington 597. I prefer this firearm over the venerable Ruger 10/22 (which I already own) because the stock fits me a great deal better, because I appreciate the 20" barrel, I prefer the stock iron sights (which I would use), the balance of the 597 over the 10/22 and the 597 is considerably less expensive so it can be "used" without concern. But will the 597 feed reliably enough to be competitive? I know the 597's mags were a real issue from day 1 -- they are no match for the Ruger's rotary mags. But I have been reading on-line that newer mags (10 rounders), aftermarket mags from Keep Shooting and newer versions of the 597 are as reliable as the 10/22. Can anyone here shed some insight or any other 597 insights? Thanks much.
  15. I have a STI Spartan 9mm – purchased new, runs great. I recently picked up a used STI Trojan 9mm, seems to run great as well but too early to tell. I ordered (2) Dawson Precision 10 rd magazines. Both work well in the Spartan but are too tall for the slide to close on the Trojan. I’m not 1911 savy yet – any ideas?
  16. Does anybody know of any stores in the Reno/Sparks Nevada rea that sell or STI magazines? Particularrly 9mm 140mm magazines and parts? Thank you.
  17. Trying to get pros and cons on different 9mm 1911 single stack magazines
  18. Hi forum! I am looking to upgrade to an STI Edge but I was talking to Dawson Precision and they said it would be a few months wait....Bummer. My question is this, "Are all 2011 magazines interchangeable?" The guy I talked to said as far as he knew STI was way, way behind (as in, no expected shipping date behind) manufacturing magazines and if I order a gun it only come with 1 mag. I know with all the mess going on with the hoarders stuff is hard to come by.. Are aftermarket mags a possibility? Should I start looking for aftermarket mags or just pony up and order the STI mags and wait for them to show up? If I have to wait for STI mags I may not be using this pistol for competition this year..... that would suck considering the investment...... Any help or guidance would be great! Also, if you have an opinion on weather you would go .40 or 9mm if you feel chatty...... I have all the gear for reloading 9mm or .40...... I'm leaning 9mm since that is what I shoot most of now...... Thanks.
  19. Wonder if any of you have encountered this problem. This is a new Ruger 22/45 MKIII pistol with 5 new MKIII Magazines for the 22/45. They are very close to inserting but not locking up all the time. I removed the barrel, disconnect etc. and the problems remains the same. The mag release does not return full to the left all the time. Possible the mag release needs polishing. Anyone know how it is removed in this pistol?
  20. This is definitely an IDPA wonk question, but I would appreciate any input into the subject matter. Rule 3.14 states all firearms and magazines must always be loaded to the shooter's division capacity, unless otherwise specified by the stage description. Rule states all magazines must be loaded to division capacity at the start signal throughout the match. In this case the 1911 (CDP) requires 8 rounds per magazine. Rule states that In SSP, ESP and CDP the shooter will also start with one round in the chamber, unless the CoF description requires otherwise. This is where it begins to get a little tricky. In most cases SSP and ESP divisions have magazines that will carry more than the division load requirement; therefore, 10+1 is not an issue. The magazine that has been loaded in the pistol meets the requirements simply by loading 11 rounds in the first magazine. However, an 8 round magazine can not carry the extra round required for 8+1. Under the current rules you are allowed to carry 2 additional magazines and they must be loaded to division capacity, which in this case is 8 rounds. This is where the problem begins. If a shooter does not begin with 1 round in the chamber and 8 rounds in the magazine, then they will be assessed a PE. However, if the shooter chooses to load 1 round in the chamber and then replaces that magazine with one of his magazines that has 8 rounds he will then comply with the 8+1 rule and will not be assessed a PE. However, now one of his magazines has 7 rounds and his magazine division capacity would not be met. So, in both cases the shooter should be assessed a PE. It appears that to comply with one rule, then you must violate another. Would it not be more simple, then to utilize the SSR and ESR rules for the CDP division. Load three magazines of 8 and go get'em?
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