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  1. I reached out to SV last year about getting a barrel from them to replace a Scheumman barrel, and they said there were no replacement options at this time!! Not what someone wants to here who has an older SV.??
  2. I have several SVI open guns. A close friend ( Class A shooter ) bought an Atlas. He held and shot my SVI and wished he had dropped just a little more and got the SVI. SVI is a true Custom build. All SV parts, Great gun. My newest SV ran flawlessly in very first match, and has never had a hik-up!!! Kris
  3. I have my first DP Pro, and not real happy. I have the a couple of the older delta points and they have been bulletproof. this new one has been trouble. Had to go to back up gun on first match, dot was so dim could hardly pick-up on a cloudy day. then it would not turn on. Got home, turned on dim, put new battery in twice and seems to be working. Honestly I hate where the on/off switch is. When you do want turn off, you cannot see if dot is off until you move your finger, if not back in, frustrating.
  4. I would take the time to tune to my loads for $1,000 even, if your interested.  I am solid buyer ( and Seller ) on this forum.   

    Kris McGaughey

  5. you will never be disappointed with SVI. They are the best, last "forever" or at least it seems. I have one that has over 32k rounds, and frame/slide fit is still great. Still great. You can find ( if you stay aware ) Infinity guns used, for sale. If you are willing to spend up near $4,000 you will get a spectacular gun, without the 20 month wait. I have purchased many, and have never been disappointed. Kris
  6. Maybe research Dura-coat? It is surprising easy to apply ( 4-8 light coats) and looks good. Not like cera-coat, you can buy and paint yourself. Sand-blast, clean, and paint, if its your gun it does not have to be perfect, but It will be better than no coating at all. Kris
  7. I have several, both the SVI sight-tracker, and the STI Island Barrel ( like on the Apiero) one thing you are overlooking is the fact that the front sight is no longer mounted on the slide, but on the end of the barrel. It is not all about reciprocal mass ( which is important ) but the front sight does not rock back and forth with the slide, but sits fairly stationary ( rocks down and back slightly as barrel unlocks ) The SVI sight tracker is huge compared to the sti island barrel, but the front sight is the same. As far as weight is concerned it does move more weight out to end ( solid Steel mass on upper end of barrel -vs- a slot out of the slide, it is more. and it is more where you want it!!
  8. I was kinda surprised no bolt hold at all?? But doesn't really mater, just one less thing that can go wrong. Don't really feel a need for last round hold?
  9. where do they have practice stages at a match? WOW what a concept, I would love that. Work out kinks without destroying a whole day. Get a little extra work. I am going to suggest at the next match. I have never seen it done in Washington area.
  10. I have built a gibbz arms G-9. And although very nice, it has issues. Some have had trouble with cartridge ejecting, I have had no problems there, but loading a magazine was a totally different issue. Problem is the bottom of the bolt is not tapered at all, and when loading the left feed lip hits edge of bolt and will actually bend down after a couple of attempts to slam it home, then its worse. I had to mill a taper cut into the one side of the bolt. Not for the faint at heart. There is another post from a guy with pictures of what he did. This seems to have fixed that problem, loads smooth now. Ambi mag drop work great and right side charge is awesome. Hoping all my problems are over. Working on buffer systems now to soft recoil just a bit to improve follow-up shots.
  11. YES indeed. You are right about not having to mag change much, but any malfunction your hosed, any skills challenge your hosed, any mandatory mag change stage your hosed. It sucks. I have tried three different block system to convert a standard AR lower to a PCC lower and they are ok. But anything is better than having to drop magazine with support hand and then retrieve new mag. That's crazy if you think you can be competitive.
  12. Great pic., and funny, I noticed bent feed lips as well, I just took edge off bolt, but I like what you did. Did you just need to do on the one side? I also notice that the extractor had no real tension on the casing, it is pulling out but if you move slow it will just drop into mag well ( if no mag inserted ) typically extractor will have some " spring tension " on cartridge?? Have you removed extractor and tried to adjust like you would a 1911? Kris
  13. I have built mine and it does seem to run well, but I have a very difficult time getting a magazine to seat against closed bolt. ( and kinda weird, but no apparent way to hold the bolt open?) I saw your note about cutting a relief cut in bottom of bolt? Do you have pictures of what you did there as well? Kris
  14. Do you have a picture of what you did? I am not having any trouble with the system running ( have cycled 250 rounds through without a hic-up ) but I am having trouble getting a magazine to seat. With open bolt, mag seats no problem but not wanting to seat against closed bolt.
  15. I believe you need to carry what you shoot the most and the best. I shoot 2011/1911's in competition, thus I carry a 1911 for conceal carry and a 2011 for open carry. I know all the controls on the 1911 platform without thinking, thus in a life threatening incident, I feel confident in my ability to defend myself or my family without having to think about where is the safety or the mag button when under stress!!! Should not matter what it costs. We practice for competition" your time to first shot", this has practical application!! Whoever gets the first shot off will usually be the last man standing.
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