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  1. Until recently they were all AA's, Now I run Fiocchi. I was looking at the lifter and it has a rim on the right side and not on the left, its a TTI welded lifter. I wonder if that could be part of it? if so you'd think more guns would have this problem. I broke the Dremel out and some wet/dry sandpaper and it feels real smooth now.
  2. No more than 6000. I did the loading port, and it's not very aggressive.
  3. What would cause this excessive wear in my M2 receiver? What's happening is the shell is wearing a groove in the receiver deep enough to cause the bolt to stick to the rear and not close, I'm about to get in there and feather it out in hopes of fixing it. It's starting to look like a Roth XB3G might have to find its way to my house.
  4. kz45

    DVC Omni Comp

    I think the barrel and comp are one piece
  5. I just watched a vid of of a shotgunner from Japan showing off his M2 Mods. In it he does a open bolt reload, loading two from the bottom and then it auto loads one in like an A5. How is this done? I have mine so that i can load with the bolt out of battery but not bolt locked back. Do I need to just remove more material?
  6. Tasha, she's my avitar
  7. Loosen the screws that hold the primer assembly to the press, just a touch, see if that helps
  8. Alls good again, I think it was the breech bolt latch, you could visibly see a difference. Shot 50 rounds today with no hang ups, going shoot a match tomorrow
  9. kz45

    Mill depth CZ decocker

    Delta Point Pro,
  10. kz45

    Mag break for CZ SP01

    No problem with mag changes? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. kz45

    Mill depth CZ decocker

    How deep can the decocker model be milled? Using the bottom of the optic to keep the FP block retained? Has anyone done this if so I'd love to see pics and get an idea of depth of cut Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Thank you for the reply, Im sure thats what I did, I found a detailed thread on calguns,net that shows close up pics of my mistake
  13. I installed a CGW Pro Package a few days ago, the trigger is awesome! My concern is before i did the install the decocker had a lot of spring tension, now with the new trigger the spring tension is almost completely gone, over half the travel down is no tension and it won't spring back and stay. Is this normal? the gun functions fine other than that.
  14. I have a lifter spring coming along with a breech bolt latch and recoil spring, im going to install all those and see what happens.
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