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  1. Can you elaborate on what you mean by angular offset?
  2. Zeiss 1.1-8x30 is the current top of the line go-to scope for IPSC Rifle. Having crystal clear glass, a small size daylight bright dot and locking BDC turret. It has the largest exit pupil. Swarovski 1-8x24 is also a very good option, only the dot is a little bigger and the exit pupil is of "normal" size. I like the Swaro turrets better. Most run a BDC turret only on the height adjustment. Buying a scope that does not start on 1x (or 1.1x) is buying yourself a handicap for IPSC Rifle, and also Multi-Gun for that matter. You usually shoot close targets with the scope set to 1x, and most shoot much better this way than using the 45 degree red dot. The red dot is however useful when transitioning back and fourth between close and far targets, because then it's nice to have some magnification on the scope and just use the red dot on close targets, so you don't have to turn the magnification up and down. (A little magnification (i.e. 3x) can be nice already on tight no-shoots at 50 meters). The extra red dot can also be nice if you choose to dial the scope turrets for very long range targets (i.e. 300 m) before the stage starts, then you can just use the red dot on close targets without having to "hold under". This is why, in my opinion, an LPVO scope starting on 1x + a red dot is the most "practical setup. I know several guys who have tried various "compromise setups" for IPSC and long range, i.e. 4-16x or 1.8-14x. The Zeiss 1.8-14 may one of the closest things to such a compromise right now, as you seldom need more than 14-15x for any "normal" long range competitions (except when milling). However, the guy who bought a 1.8-14 quickly changed it with a 1-8x30 after shooting some IPSC competitions...
  3. Eric Grauffel has 5 World Shoot titles in Open Overall, I believe all shooting Tanfoglio. It's good enough for him.
  4. Joe Farewell chronoed in at the World Shoot with a 77 grain bullet at 2630 ft/s (5.0 grams at 802 m/s). Would have liked to have a look at the chrono statistics for all the participants..
  5. Official results are not released yet, possibly because some are still shooting in Manual Standard.
  6. The Main Match should be over around this time. If I remember correctly, the score verify will last for one hour after the last shooter has finished, and then probably won't be long until the final scores are posted. Live scoring has seemed to not be accessible today, possibly due to a technical issue. Shoot-Off tomorrow! As you probably know, this is an audience friendly one-againt-one speed shoot in a cup format. The 8 to 16 best shooters from divisions and categories are invited. If you can live with Norwegian commentaries, the event will be broadcasted live on facebook by @riflelandslaget. The Shoot-Off event is scheduled to 11:00-14:00 local time (CEST or UTC+2). I think that will be: 05:00-08:00 (UTC-4) Eastern DST 04:00-07:00 (UTC-5) Central DST 03:00-06:00 (UTC-6) Mountain DST 02:00-05:00 (UTC-7) Pacific DST Hope I got that right. Stay tuned!
  7. Last day of the Main Match tomorrow on Friday 9th. The weather forecast looks quite good. Forecast for Friday 9th: Mostly partly cloudy, except for a short period of fair in the morning, and a short period of cloudy at noon. Wind: 1 m/s almost all day, except between 12:00-14:00 when it's 2 m/s. Mostly coming from north-ish during the whole day, except for the last hour of shooting when the wind comes from south. Temperature: Starts out with 14 Celsius at 8:00, and should be around 20-22 Celsius from 12:00 until the end of shooting. That's 57 °F and 68-72 °F respectively.
  8. Unofficially, it looks like we have a triple Swedish podium in Manual Open: Jiro Nihei (100.00) Stilianos Simeonidis (99.67%) Erik Bjalkvall (99.09%) I say unofficially since there still are a couple of Manual Open competitors shooting tomorrow. However, they will have to win all the stages left with a good margin for them to come past top 5, which I think is unlikely.
  9. For long it looked as if Manual Standard was not going to be recognized due to lack of participants, but today the number of division participants has increased to surpass limit of 20 participants.
  10. Santiago Labos got DQ-ed on Stage 13 due to breach of safety angles. Foreacst for today (Thursday 8th): Mostly partly cloudy, with some some periods being cloudy or fair. We might get some precipitation around 12:00. After that, no precipitation is forecasted for the rest of the day. Wind: 3 m/s from west-southwest from 12:00. Changes to 3 m/s from west during the last hour of shooting. Temperature: 18-20 Celsius from noon until the end of shooting.
  11. In a way, it's actually the opposite. The Standard shooters avoid any fog on leses. Anyway, what I meant was that without magnification, target visibility can easily become an issue unless the stage is built properly, even in nice weather and medium ranges. This also goes for any of those running non-magnified red dots. The rain and lighting conditions can deplete contrast. Fortunately the builders have used contrasting backgrounds where necessary.
  12. Forecast for Wednesday 7 August: Mostly partly cloudy. No rain expected today. Wind: There's a little more wind today than the previous days, with 4 m/s from west-southwest most of the day, decreasing down to 3 m/s towards the end of shooting between 16:00-19:00. Temperature: Start out at 16 Celcius in the morning, and then mostly around 19-20 Celcius all day. The Open Super Squads will shoot Stage 25-30 today afternoon, beginning in two hours from now (14:00-19:00). As said they will have their rest day tomorrow, before finishing with Stage 1-6 on Friday afternoon. The Standard Super Squads have their rest day today. Tomorrow on Thursday they will shoot Stage 1-6 in the afternoon, and then finish with Stage 7-12 on Friday morning. Most of the Manual shooters have their rest day on Friday, so there's a chance we will get a strong indication on who are the winners already on Thursday afternoon. That is if they release the scores, and of course, there are also some Manual shooters who will shoot on Friday, so we can't know for sure until it's all done.
  13. Thank you for appreciating it. Today's shooting finished a couple of hours ago, and the Open Super Squads now effectively only have two days of shooting left. After tomorrow, that is Wednesday 7 Aug, I think we will start to see the title contenders on top of the leaderboard, surpassing all pre-match scores. On Thursday 8th August the Open Super Squads will have a rest day. Then the title will be decided on the afternoon of Friday 9 August. Jerry Miculek is already leading the Open division Super Senior category having 1073 match points. That is 34 match points ahead of Örjan Magnusson and another 58 ahead of Pertti Karhunen. By the way, Jerry is competing individually in Super Senior, but is also part of the US National Open Senior Team.
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