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  1. Very much looking forward to it. I am bringing some newer shooters and they are very excited. We have been practicing on my home range. I know we aren't going to win but every new person I bring to the sport seems to wind up bringing 5 or 6 more as they get their friends into it!
  2. Vespid_Wasp

    Precision Lever Action?

    I don't think you are going to wind up in that position with a one-off custom lever action. It's like going water skiing with roller skates on your feet. There is a reason why it isn't done. You could go OLD school with a Sharps type buffalo rifle.
  3. Vespid_Wasp

    PRS Gas Gun light division barrel length question.

    I didn't have any match grade ammo on hand but I did get the rifle together. Went out and shot some 55 and 50 gr through it, just to get on paper with the optic and to tune the gas system a bit. Rifle shoots VERY nice. Didn't have a proper bench available so I was shooting standing, leaning on a wire spool with the front on a sandbag, and managed to shoot a 5 round group that measured .636 center to center. With some factory ammo, Federal loaded with a ballistic tip bullet. So preliminary indications are good that this rifle will be easy to load for. It also shot all of the ammo that I tried close enough to the same point of impact that I couldn't see a difference between them, but I was not setup at a proper bench or prone like I would have liked. Next range trip will be more properly structured. A friend of mine who had never shot an AR-15 stopped by. He went 4 for 4 on steel from 100 to 220 yards away, and then we drove back and he made a first round hit on an full size IPSC steel at 503 yards holding for wind and elevation. I was able to easily see my bullet holes in paper at 100, and easily see my hits on steel at 500 from where the paint was knocked off. Tracking appeared to be perfect but I didn't do any extensive testing.
  4. Vespid_Wasp

    Frankenstein has gas issues

    And this.
  5. Vespid_Wasp

    Frankenstein has gas issues

  6. Vespid_Wasp

    PRS Gas Gun light division barrel length question.

    I bought a PST Gen2 3-15x. I'm going to put this new upper on my 3-gun lower. I probably could have just used my 3-gun upper and swapped optics but that barrel is probably close to being toast.
  7. Vespid_Wasp

    PRS Gas Gun light division barrel length question.

    Wound up going with a LaRue Stealth, 20".
  8. Vespid_Wasp

    Low Mass BCG

    JP was the first. I think JP is the best. I bought a JP for my 3-gun rifle back before there were all these other options. I needed another carrier to go in a monolithic upper where I don't want to the carrier to chew up an expensive receiver. I went with the JP again because of the increased bearing surface, even with the multitude of less expensive options on the market today. I would be amazed if you can wear out a QPQ JP carrier. Plus I have never seen Aim Surplus sponsor a match or put stuff on a prize table at a match I have been to.
  9. For you guys who are shooting PRS Gas Gun in the light division with 223/5.56. What is the most common barrel length? I was thinking of a 22 or 24 inch barrel to squeeze all the velocity I reasonably could out of a 73 ELD, but I'm wondering where the trade off point is that the rifle becomes cumbersome. I am not put off by a rifle with some heft. I haven't weighed it but I suspect my 3-gun rifle is ballpark of 11lbs. My optic should arrive next week. I plan to initially put that optic on my 3-gun rifle to start learning the optic and making wind calls. I'm not in a hurry to finish this build. I am primarily a 3-gunner but I would like to hit a few of the PRS type matches down at RockCastle in 2018. I do not forsee a foray into real deal bolt gun PRS at ANY time in the near future. I would even be content attending my first match or two using the new optic, just placed on my 3-gun rifle. It's an 18" rifle gas. Shoots well enough but I have never had more then 6x magnification so I have spent very little time doing any kind of shooting for groups. 500-600 yard steel is doable with my 1-6 Razor, so long as it is on the large side. Question mark is I'm not sure how much life I have left on that barrel, it's been 3-gunning for a few years..... I was leaning towards JP for the new barrel but I am also considering Criterion and Larue. I would entertain suggestions for a maker as well as a length, so long as it is a turn-key solution. Additional plus if I can buy a matched barrel and bolt. Cost for a JP is about the upper end of what I am willing to spend.
  10. Vespid_Wasp

    224 Valkyrie...Long Range AR15!

    As always, thanks for the info and the good video format Pat.
  11. Well I just pulled the trigger on a Viper PST Gen2 3-15 MRAD FFP to go on my monolithic upper. I had totally ruled out 6.5 Grendel and 22 Nosler, and was leaning towards a JP barrel in 223, and now the 224 Valkyrie is making waves. If I stick with 223 my expense will be way lower as I have a ton of components and I'm already reloading for it, and it will keep me in the Gas Gun Light Tactical division. But the 224 Valkyrie (or the 22 Grendel or 6mm Grendel, argh, decisions), will give me trajectory that is near-peer with 6.5 Creedmoor out of a small frame gun. For the near term I plan to pull scope/mount from my 3-gun rifle and swap on the PST just to have fun and learn the optic a bit. I need to weigh cost/benefit on quality 223 components vs. 224V components. I do have a bunch of powder that is on the slow side for 223 that may work well for 224V. It was bought for 30-06 and a 200 Swift varmint rifle that just don't see enough range time to come close to using what I have. I am 100% certain that I will get a lot more range time with a 223 Wylde which is probably the prudent direction. As you guys have pointed out, it's the Indian, not the arrow. It's all for fun.
  12. Vespid_Wasp

    SLP Bolt Lock

    Order a couple carrier dog springs. When that spring gets tired you will start to see failures where the shell being fed will hang up on the extractor relief cut. My SLP was very good to me while I owned it.
  13. Vespid_Wasp

    Rem 1100, is it worth using for 3 gun?

    If I had a buddy in your position I would just urge him to borrow my shotgun for matches. Myself personally I wouldn't dump too much money into an 1100 for an infrequent 3-gun match. They work great for what they intended for but not an ideal platform for practical shotgun.
  14. I put a drop or two of kroil on the adjustment screw of my adjustable gas blocks, any time I put a significant number of rounds down range, before I put it back in the safe. Then I do it again on a rainy day, let it sit for an hour or two, and run the set screw in and then back out into position. I have the JP Syrac which have click detents so I can always go back to the same setting. Unfortunately they are no longer available. One is on a 3-gun build and the other is a suppressor host, so adjustable gas was important to me. IMHO adjustable gas is a nice feature especially if you plan to go with a lightweight carrier. I am a big fan of the Armalite handguards that they introduced a few years ago. I doubt they are the lightest but they are rock solid and I am a big fan of how they attach to the barrel nut, and of how beefy and overbuilt the anti-rotation tabs are. I have seen anti-rotation tabs broken off of some other brands. The clamping force on the barrel nut is more than sufficient to prevent movement, but I like redundancy. I also like how the cross bolts thread into a steel nut that is recessed in the aluminum handguards. Very difficult to strip, but if you manage to do so, you go to the hardware store and pick up a replacement nut for $.05. https://www.opticsplanet.com/armalite-m-15-3-gun-handguard-kit-15-inch-black-153gnhgd15.html JP makes great stuff, if I am in the market for a new adustable gas block it will probably be this one: http://jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPGS-9D Both of those are within your stated budget.