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  1. Well for what it's worth, that is one of the 100yd targets from load development. Even though it did that at 100, I am positive that I could not hold that same moa out to 1000. I'll just have to try to develop the load again because like you said, the barrel could have sped up in conjunction with the other issues.
  2. 190 rounds through it. I only tried factory ammo for the first 20 rounds before my dies came in. The name of the smith probably wouldn't be very recognizable, but he is a 4-time world champion benchrest shooter and builds his own rifles. He checked the gun over for about an hour and said everything else looked sound on it except for the chamber. We cleaned it and scoped it to make sure that everything was good to go in that respects. His main thing that he was telling me was that with the chamber out of concentricity, the bullet will get marred up on one side as soon as you chamber it and
  3. I have a Tac A1 that I LOVED when I first got it. Got a load developed quickly and was able to produce 1/4moa groups with it. Once the second loading came around, the groups opened up to about 1.5 moa.....same load as before. I took it to a local gunsmith and he told me that the chamber isn't concentric and is a bit oversized. I don't think Tikka would touch the issue at all because it is still a fully functioning firearm and probably is sub-moa all day long with factory ammo. My question is this, do you think I should try to send it back to tikka and have a new action put in on my dime,
  4. I'm thinking about doing a .223 bolt gun. It would mostly just be for range use out to 600+ yards. Do you think it is better to start off with something like a remington 700 sps tactical and then add a new stock and trigger as I go, or just buy something off the shelf that is already completed? I'd like to keep the rifle itself under about $1600, so I know that eliminates the possibility of anything custom. I had been considering a Bergara HMR Pro or just building up a rem 700/tikka t3x varmint and then upgrading the stock. Do you think it is just a matter of personal preference at that p
  5. And would you take the 3-18 or just wait and do the 4.5-27? BTW I appreciate the assistance from everyone that has commented on this post. I am mostly an IDPA guy but precision rifle is all new to me.
  6. The gen 1 razor was actually the scope I was looking at. I had also looked into the gen 2 3-18 razor. I work at a gun shop so vortex is by far the best value option for me because of their incentives. Would the gen 2 3-18 be able to handle a PRS match in the future and also have enough range to be comfortable at 1,000 yards?
  7. I ended up finding a Tikka for a steal so I ended up going with that for now. I have a feeling a John Hancock will be happening once I'm out of nursing school. What glass do you all suggest? I had been looking at a vortex razor gen 1 5-20, but I might possibly try to step up to the gen 2 4.5-27. Another option I had looked at was a steiner t series 5-25x56. I'm open to suggestions.
  8. Something to learn how to stretch out to 1000 yards. I know that is a lot easier said than done, but I love reloading and shooting so I think it will be fun to learn the ins and outs or reaching out that far. Down the road if I feel confident with it then I would consider trying matches.
  9. Oh I reload and that was what had me almost leaning towards the 308 because I have a healthy supply of lapua brass and 175 SMK's. But really if I am going to drop 2 grand on something I think 6.5 is the way to go.
  10. I had heard about the John Hancock before but had kinda forgotten about it. I'm thinking that might be the way that I go because Patriot Valley Arms is somewhat local to me. Now I just have to convince myself to go 6.5 instead of .308.
  11. I am looking at purchasing my first rifle for stretching out to 1,000 yards (eventually). With a budget of $2,000 for the rifle alone, what would you all suggest? I have been checking out the RPR, Bergara HMR, Tikka CTR/Tac A1, and the Seekins Havak. I'm not 100% sold on a folding stock, but I'm open to suggestions. I do know that I want it to have a threaded barrel for my suppressor...but aside from that I'm all ears.
  12. I am looking at purchasing my first rifle for 1,000yd shooting. I have it narrowed down between these two options, but really don't know if I can justify the jump in price to go to the LRP when they are both touted as being sub-MOA. Does anybody have any experience with either model?
  13. I just picked up a Hero5 session last week and got to take it out to a match. The picture looks great, but every time I fire a shot the audio clips horribly. It almost sounds like a musical note when the gun goes off. I have heard that the hero4 session doesn't have this problem, but I like the higher resolution and stabilization of the hero5. Has anybody found a workaround to fix this issue on the 5?
  14. Once this thing gets out of jail it will be my setup.
  15. I just put in for a Kriss Vector SBR gen 2 in 9mm. Hopefully sometime next season I can throw my aimpoint pro on it and try it for pcc.
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