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  1. Add in Fuel, Food, etc. and you're way past $300 a month for four locals a month.
  2. Thanks Jack, I took a look at the USPSA site and did a search in Practiscore as well. I'm mainly looking for clubs that I may have missed like Outlaw matches and UML rules 3-gun.
  3. I'll be moving to the Prosper (North DFW) area this Summer and I'll be looking for a home range to get some practice in and looking for info on matches in the area. I shoot USPSA and 3-Gun. I'm coming from SE Louisiana so I'm very new to the area. Thanks in advance.
  4. I’ll be in Prosper this weekend visiting family and was looking for a local USPSA or 3-gun match. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Welcome, You'll regret not going with the 40 if your going to be shooting limited for sure. You can always load 40 to minor PF for shooting 3-gun or steel matches. Shooting 40 minor actually feels as good or better than shooting 9mm at minor PF. What matches have you shot so far? I live just South of New Orleans and have been at this close to two years now. Like you I started with a Glock and moved to a STI DVC Limited within 6 months of starting out. I shot that gun for another 6-8 months before getting bit by the open gun bug... I haven't shot limited in uspsa since. I still have my DVC limited 40 and have been tossing around the idea of selling it here lately. Hope this helps.
  6. You cant go wrong with the CK. Keep your eyes open for a used gun on here. Lots of good guns to be had for the 3k range usually.
  7. Is mounting hardware included? If not what did you use?
  8. So I signed up to shoot the Walking Dead Match in Cresson, Tx at the end of October. This will be my first time shooting a match at night. I decided to keep it simple and shoot the PCC division rather than go through setting up 3 guns with lights and getting a new holster, etc. I could use some advise on selecting a rail mounted light for my PCC and any other lights or gadgets that may prove useful. If anyone has any experience to share about this match from previous years, I'll take any advise I can get. As always, Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anyone have a lead to a working link to sign up for this match? The match is listed in Practiscore but there is no place to sign up for it and if you go to the lonestar multigun page there is a link to another site for sign up and its not working. Is the match full? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. 50yd x 50yd bay can only shoot the back berm.
  11. So you have two hours to practice live fire and all the ammo you need. What drills are you doing? Go
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